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  • Иностранные языки

Олимпиадные задания 5 - 6 классы

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Use of English



Use of English

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Use of English

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Олимпиада по английскому языку

5 – 6 класс


Task 1. Listen to the four speakers. Match each speaker (1-4) with the sentences (A-D).

1. Patrick______ A. This person can play the guitar.

2. Sharon______ B. This person can use a computer.

3. Mary_______ C. This person likes to watch tennis on TV.

4. Carl_______ D. This person doesn’t like pop music.

Task 2. Listen to the four speakers, talking about school and school subjects. Match each speaker (1-4) with the sentences (A-D).

5. Speaker 1 ____ A. This person likes Music best of all.

6. Speaker 2 ____ B. This person’s friend is good at Art.

7. Speaker 3 ____ C. This person finds it difficult to write in English.

8. Speaker 4 ____ D. This person likes to spend time with his friends.


Read the text about the USA and match the tittles to the paragraphs. One title is extra.

  1. FOOD





  6. SIZE

1. Hello. My name is Collin. I am from California, the USA. I live with my parents and two younger sisters in the suburbs of LA (the short name for Los Angeles).

2. The United States of America is the world’s third largest country in size and almost the third largest in population. It is more than twice the size of the European Union. Spain is about 5 % of the size of the US. There are 50 states and lots of things to see here.

3. In the US you will find a lot of nationalities, people come here from all around the world. So you can eat any type of food you want. You can have Chinese, Mexican, Indian, Italian, Russian food and many others. It’s all there. Yummy!

4. You can visit the mountains, the desert, the ocean, and the forests. But watch out for grizzly bears! They are one of the largest carnivores, or animals that eat meat, in the US.

5. The Statue of Liberty is one of the national symbols in my country. It’s the symbol of freedom. This 93-meter monument is located in New York City. It was a gift from France to the Americans in 1886. So you are welcome to visit!

Use of English

Task 1. Read the text and choose the right option.

Malta is a small (1) _____ in the Mediterranean. It is south of Sicily. It is an island country (2) _____ no lakes or rivers. About four hundred (3) _____ people live in Malta. The country has two (4) _____, Maltese and English, but many people also speak (5) _____. The capital city Valletta is on the east (6) _____. Malta is (7) _____ and dry in the summer, and the winters are also quite warm. A large number of tourists (8) _____ Malta every year.

  1. a) country b) city c) village

  2. a) and b) with c) without

  3. a) thousand b) thousands c) million

  4. a) languages b) countries c) islands

  5. a) Italy b) Italian c) Italic

  6. a) coast b) beach c) sea

  7. a) hot b) cold c) wet

  8. a) go b) come c) visit

Task 2. Choose the correct answer.

1. “What’s that?” “_____ my new calculator.”

a. It’s b. There’s c. These is.

2. I’m sorry – John can’t come to the telephone. He _____ lunch.

a. is having b. has c. have.

3. My father _____ me a bicycle for my birthday last year.

a. was given b. gave c. gived.

4. Bill _____ TV when Ann came in.

a. watched b. watches c. was watching.

5. _____ you ever _____ to Wales?

a. Did … be b. Have … been c. Did … go.

6. We’re _____ than the Browns.

a. carefuller b. careful c. more careful.

7. I think it _____ tomorrow.

a. was rain b. will rain c. is raining

8. When he was a child he _____ swim, but _____ play basketball.

a. must, mustn’t b. can, can’t c. could, couldn’t.

9. We _____ hurry – we are early.

a. can’t b. needn’t c. mustn’t.

10. – Have we got _____ sugar? – Yes, but not _____.

a. some, much b. any, many c. any, much.

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