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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Олимпиадные задания по английскому языку для 7 класса (школьный этап).
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  • Иностранные языки

Олимпиадные задания по английскому языку для 7 класса (школьный этап).



Time: 10 minutes

Listen to the text and choose the correct variant.

  1. How old is Mary?

A) Forty; B) Fourteen; C) Twenty- four;

  1. What time is it?

A) Twelve; B) Ten; C) One;

  1. How many students are there in the class? … - three.

A) Twenty; B) Thirty; C) Forty;

  1. The next bus to London is at … p.m.

A) one; B) two; C) three;

  1. She wants … biscuits.

A) any; B) one; C) some;

  1. Mr. Rossi is invited to go to the … desk.

A) sports; B) check-in; C) information;

  1. Flight AZ677 to Toronto is boarding at gate … .

A) Eight; B) Eighteen; C) Five;

  1. Passengers must go to the gate for … .

A) contro; B) boarding; C) information;

  1. Kate has a broken … .

A) foot; B) arm; C) leg;

  1. The pupils … to study English.

A) want; B) wants; C) don’t want.



Time: 10 minutes

Task 1. Choose the correct variant.

1. It’s…..colder today than yesterday.
a) Most
b) More
c) Very
d) Super
e) Much

2. Andrew…..for this company.
a) Works
b) Work
c) has worked
d) am working
e) will works

3. Who’s that girl? … .
a) Is Betty
b) It’s Jane
c) She’s a pupil

4. In his free time he likes … with his friend.
a) playing
b) play
c) plays

5. I … my homework because I left my book in school.
a) can’t to do
b) can’t do
c) don’t make

6. … the room!
a) Not to go into
b) Don’t going to
c) Don’t go into

7. … these three girls do you know?
a) How many
b) Which of
c) What of

8. Last week John … his leg.
a) fell and broke
b) felt and broke
c) fallen and broken

9. Her eyes were as … as the sky.
a) blue
b) blew
c) blow

10. You can’t … jeans to the opera.
a) where
b) wore
c) wear

11. The Volga is …river in the territory of Russia.
a) long

b) longer

c) the longest

12. … birthday is it next week?
a) Whose

b) Whom

c) Who

13. Perhaps they …a new house next year.
a) will buy

b) buy

c) shall buy

14. Two years … Derry bought a car.
a) ago

b) for

c) since

15. My favourite subject at school is … Biology.
a) the

b) a

c) –

16. Do you get … letters every day?
a) much

b) many

c) a many

17. George plays …the violin rather well.
a) –

b) on

c) in

18. My elder sister is afraid … height.
a) –

b) of

c) with

19. Jean always stays in fashion. People like ….
a) hers

b) she

c) her

20. When a student, Mike spent two years in … Germany.
a) a

b) the

c) –



(15 minutes)

Read the text and find correct variant.

Christmas is a home and family celebration in Britain. Those who live away try to get back home. Christmas is the biggest holiday of the year.
As Christmas nears, everyone buys Christmas presents for friends and relatives. Christmas people try to give children everything they want. Children count the weeks, then the days to Christmas.
On Christmas Eve, families and friends gather for the festivities. Housewives are busy preparing food, and children are sent to bed. They are told that if they don’t go to sleep, Father Christmas will not bring them any presents. Then, when they are asleep, the parents come into their bedrooms and leave the presents near their beds, or under the Christmas tree, or in a stocking hanging up somewhere in the room.

1. This text is about…
A) Christmas presents
B) Father Christmas
C) Christmas celebrations
D) the Christmas tree

2. When Christmas comes, the children are given presents…
A) at the Christmas table
B) in the streets
C) at schools
D) at home

3. Which sentence is wrong (неверно)?
A) Christmas is a family holiday
B) Presents are usually given at Christmas
C) At Christmas, children usually don’t go to sleep
D) Children find their presents near their beds, under the Christmas tree or in a stocking

4. Choose a title
A) British Children
B) British Christmas
C) Christmas parties
D) British Homes

5. Find the word which is not in the text.
A) Christmas
B) Presents
C) Easter
D) Eve



Time : 15 minutes

You are having rest at the seaside. Write a postcard to your pen friend Ann and tell her about: 1) where you are; 2) what kind of weather is there; 3) what you did yesterday; 4) what plans you have got for tomorrow.


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