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Олимпиадные задания по английскому языку (7 класс)

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Olympiad Form 7

1 .Open the brackets and put the verbs into the proper tense form.

The children stopped chattering as Miss Hughes 1---- (enter) the classroom. Then they 2----(stand) up as one body and 3----(say) in a loud chorus ,” Good morning, teacher.” Miss Hughes 4------(smile), 5----(say) good morning and 6---(tell) the class 7---(sit ) down . At a glance there 8-----(seem) 9---- (be) about twenty pupils in the class . The majority 10---(be) girls. She 11----(notice) several intelligent faces . All the pupis 12---(watch) her intently, 13----(wait) 14---(find) out what sort of person she 15---(be). “I 16----(suppose) you 17---(want) 18----(know) my name,” she 19---(say) .

2.Complete these sentences with a question tag.

1 .They often meet her at the museum,-----?

2. She never speaks English in class,------?

3. He became famous ,-------?

4. The boys travelled a lot of,--------?

5. You aren’t angry with me ,-------?

6. She doesn’t swim in the river,------?

7. You’ll write a letter,-------?

8. You have cleaned the room ,-------?

3.Correct the mistakes!

1. Much people go to the South in August.

2. He isn’t never hungry in the morning.

3. He is right or wrong ?- He is right.

4. I often go for a walk in evening.

5.There is some tea in the cup, isn’t it?

6. Why is she criing ?

7. Do you usually many exercises?

8. I have washed the floor an hour ago.

4.Chose the correct item.

1. I am your teacher,---?

a ) am I b )isn’t it с ) aren’t I

2. The test was not easy. Paul--- a lot of mistakes in it.

a) was made b) is made с ) made

3. Who -----the text?

a ) did translate b) does translate с ) has translated

4. Where were you last Saturday?—I ---at home.

a) stay b) stayed с )have stayed

5Nobody -----such weather.

a) likes b) like с ) doesn’t like

6. They visit the museum four times---year .

a) a b ) an с )the

7. Helen had lunch at home, ----?

A )hadn’t she и )had she с ) didn’t she

8The kitchen is------ every day.

a)cleans b)cleaning с )сleaned

9. ------some food in the bag.

a)There is b)There are с )It is

10.Excuse me, but this is -----chair .

a)me b)my с ) mine

5.Make up sentences !

1. We/ are using/ new/ in the classroom /now/ computers /.

2. She /sings/ on Saturday evenings /always /very well /Folk songs /at the Youth Club /.

3. She wears / to work/ always /a jacket/ in winter/ bright red/.

4. She goes/ to the cinema/ with her friend/often / on Saturday /best/.

5He/ listens/ in his room/ to music/ loud/ every evening/ rock/.

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