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Open door lesson (6 класс)

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6th grade “A” Open door lesson

The theme: Spending holidays abroad

The aims of the lesson: 1. To introduce children with the Past Simple. Questions/negatives 2. Develop pupils’ reading, speaking, pronouncing thinking habits. 3.To bring up children to be polite, friendly and interest them to travel abroad.

Inter-subject connection: kasakh language, geography

The type of the lesson: combined, typical.

Methods of teaching: matching, studying, listening interviewing, INSERT, true false, going to the guests.

The equipment of the lesson: pictures, cards, interactive board, poster, markers.

The procedure of the lesson

I . 1.Organisation moment. Greeting, interview with the pupil of duty. Devide children into three groups Positives Negatives Questions

2. Interview the children: What day is it today? Name the days of the week.

What is the date today? Name the months of the year. What season is it now?

How many seasons are there in a year? What are they? What season do you like? Why?

II. 3. Checking up the home-task. Ex7 p. 25 Exercises in the Workbook Step 2

Pupils will go to each other to the guests and check their home task. Then will check up their work on the active board.

III. 5. Group work. I’ll give children sentences on the active board they will find what sentences they are: Question negative or positive

Gulnar spent two weeks in Russia. Did she had a good holiday? Yes, she did.

IV. 6. I’ll give children verbs in cards they will give the second form ( Past simple form) be-

Come- do- watch-

Fly- stay- make-

Go- is- sell-

Spend - buy- see-

Take- give- drive-

V. 7. Open your books at page 26 exercise 2 Read about Dauren’s and Nina’s holiday.

8. Read the text again and compare Nina’s and Dauren’s holiday.

I group writes: Nina’s holiday II group writes: Dauren’s holiday III group writes: Past forms of the verbs.

9. Read the grammar reference and explains I group: positive form of the Past simple II group: negative form of the past simple III group: yes/no question form of the past simple.

10. Doing exercises.

11. Exercise 5 p.27 Listen and read.

VI 12. Are the sentences True or False? Correct the false sentences.

13. .Exercise 7 p.27 Interview 2 or 3 students about their holidays.

14. Complete the chart. I group: Where/go How/travel?

What/see What/do Food weather

15. Write one of the student’s holiday. Read it to your partner.

16.Exercise 9. Look at the pictures. Discuss the pictures with your partner.

Use given words.

VII. 17. Giving marks.

VIII. 18. Home task. 1) Write about your summer holidays.

2) Do the exercises in the

Workbook. Step Tree.

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