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Опорные вопросы по теме " Русский характер "

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Russian Character

1.Is the national character influenced by geography?

2.How can you describe your nation?

3.What are the main traits of Russian character?

4.In what season is there much to be done in our country?

5.Why are the Russians inactive for long periods of time?

6.What factor has made the Russians strong and cautious ?

7.Are the Russians open and friendly people?

8.Are they hospitable? What Russian traditions do you know?

9.Can you say that we are reserved and reticent as the British?

10.What is the symbol of life in our country?(giving bread and salt)

11.Why do Russian people often gather around the samovar on holidays or when guests come to their places?

12.The British are said to be polite. And what about the Russians?

13.Russian people are clever and talented, aren’t they?

14.Can you prove it? Name some outstanding Russians who are well-known all over the world?

15.Has our nation done a lot for the world civilization?

16.Do the Russians have a sense of humour?

17.Do Russian people love their Motherland.And what about you?

18.What do foreign guests usually say about Russia and its people?

19.Are you proud of our country and its people?

20.What negative sides do we have?

21.What are traditional Russian dishes?

22.Do the Russians like the countryside as the British?

23.Do we keep everything in order?

24.Can you describe the Russians using 3 adjectives?

25.What is your personal attitude towards the Russians?


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