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"Оrigin of corn" (текст и вопросы к нему)

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Origin of corn

For western civilization, the story of corn began in 1492 when Columbus's men discovered this new grain in Cuba. An American native, it was exported to Europe rather than being imported, as were other major grains. The word "corn" has many different meanings depending on what country you are in. Corn in the United States is also called maize or Indian corn. In some countries, corn means the leading crop grown in a certain district. Corn in England means wheat; in Scotland and Ireland, it refers to oats. Corn mentioned in the Bible probably refers to wheat or barley. At first, corn was only a garden curiosity in Europe, but it soon began to be recognized as a valuable food crop. Within a few years, it spread throughout France, Italy, and all of southeastern Europe and northern Africa. By 1575, it was making its way into western China, and had become important in the Philippines and the East Indies. The great variability of the corn plant led to the selection of numerous widely adapted varieties which hardly resembled one another. The plant may have ranged from no more than a couple of feet tall to over 20 feet. It was not like the uniform sized plant that most people know today. For the Aztecs, Mayas, Incas and various Pueblo dwellers of the southwestern United States, corn growing took precedence over all other activities. It was not until the vast technological advances in the early 1940s that corn yields started to show significant yield increases. Prior to this time, the highest U.S. average yield was recorded in 1906 at 31.7 bushels per acre. More than 40% of the world's corn is produced in the United States. Corn and soybeans form a major base of the Iowa economy. The combination of favorable soils, weather, and management know-how for the production of these two crops is rivaled by few other places in the world. During the mid 1960s, about 75 percent of the corn was fed to livestock, 13 percent was exported, and the remainder went into human food and industrial products. Corn is a component of canned corn, baby food, hominy, mush, puddings, tamales, and many more human foods. Some industrial uses of corn include filler for plastics, packing materials, insulating materials, adhesives, chemicals, explosives, paint, paste, abrasives, dyes, insecticides, pharmaceuticals, organic acids, solvents, rayon, antifreeze, soaps, and many more. Corn also is used as the major study plant for many academic disciplines such as genetics, physiology, soil fertility and biochemistry. It is doubtful that any other plant has been studied as extensively as has the corn plant.

Give full answers to the questions.

  1. Where was corn discovered by Columbus?


  1. Does the word “corn” have only one meaning?


  1. What does “corn” mean in Scotland and Ireland?


  1. When did corn started its way to China?


  1. What is the height range for corn?


  1. When was the highest yield of corn registered in the USA?


  1. How much corn was given fed to livestock in the mid 1960s?


  1. What is industrial usage of corn?


  1. What disciplines does corn help to study?


  1. What products can you find corn in?


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