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«Workshop of Santa Claus»

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Theme: «Workshop of Santa Claus»

Aims: formation of regional geographic knowledge and interest in the countries of the learned language.

Methodical tasks: development of skills of search reading for use in oral speech, development of ability to work with foreign- language sources of information, to teach to reveal cultural features of the countries of the learned language.

Expected results of submission of the project of Presentation – Christmas in Russia, Christmas in Great Britain, and the Christmas kaleidoscope. The project – "Christmas imaginations in the modern world" the interesting facts on a research subject.

Fundamental question: What do we know about Christmas?

Problematic issue of an educational subject: How celebrate Christmas in Russia, Germany, Great Britain, the United States of America and other countries of Europe?

* * * * * *

Zhanibek: Good morning, dear guests, girls and boys!

Nazerke: We are glad to see you. We hope you are fine today. Today we shall have the English party and have a talk about winter, Christmas and New Year!

Zhanibek: The theme of our party is “Workshop of Santa Claus”. But from the beginning of our party I would like to start with the song “Jingle Bells”. Will you sing all together? (Singing the song.)

I. Dividing into 3 groups: At first, we divide the students into three groups bySnow, Snowman and mistletoes. Choose the attributes of Christmas and take places.



II. Project work: Your home tasks were making video project, karaoke and presentation.

(Each group will present their project work: 1. Making a project, 2. Making a karaoke, 3. Making a presentation)

1. Students’ project work:

  1. With whom do you compare Santa Claus in Kazakh and Russian traditions?

  1. I compare Santa Claus with Kyzyr Baba in Kazakh tradition and with Ded Moroz in Russian tradition because I believe they fulfill all the desire which we think.

  2. I know they exist in different holidays and traditions. And in what holidays and traditions they come?

  1. So let’s say Santa Claus comes on Christmas Night on December 25, Ded Moroz comes in New Year Night on December 31 and Kyzyr Baba comes on the Holly Night on 22nd of Nayryz.

3. What wishes will you make this year of course if it is no secret?

  1. First of all I wish peace on Earth and people throughout the world live in peace and harmony , I also wish everyone be healthy, happy, respect and love each other. So that people can understand and help each other.

  2. Where did Santa Claus get his name from?

4. Santa Claus got his name from a man known as St. Nicolas, who lived in the fourth century.

  1. Where the name «Christmas» does comes from?

5. The word Christmas comes from Christies masse, an early English phrase that means Mass of Christ.

2. Students’ project work (karaoke):

They had made the karaoke-song “Christmas tree” with slides-shows.


3.Students’ presentation:

They had made a presentation about Christmas and retold it with slides-shows.

Zhanibek: III. Warming up: It is a very good tradition to decorate a fir- tree on the eve of the holidays. So today, you are going to decorate your own the fir- tree quickly by singing the song “Last Christmas” with Fariza, the student from 11th grade.



IV. Work with the text: (Jigsaw reading, insert the sentences and making posters.)

The next task: every group must read the text and insert the main sentences individually and discuss in groups, then make posters and present them.


V.Christmas quiz: (Dialogue teaching.) Listen to the questions and everyone can answer the questions individually.

F:\City seminar\IMG_7300.JPG

  1. What does Christmas celebrate?

(Christmas is Christian holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ.)

  1. Where the name «Christmas» does comes from?

  2. (Santa Claus got his name from a man known as St.Nicolas, who lived in the fourth century.)

  3. How do people in the US and Canada celebrates Christmas?

(People in the US and Canada decorate their homes with Christmas trees, wreaths and ornaments.)

  1. What do the children do on Christmas?

(Usually Children come around in the evening to the front doors and start singing carols and people who live in these houses give children candies, nuts, pies and so on, to thank them for carol singing.)

  1. What is the main symbol of Christmas?

(A Christmas tree is one of the main symbols of Christmas in most homes. On Christmas Eve or Christmas morning, families open their presents.)

  1. What does a traditional Christmas dinner consist of?

(A traditional Christmas dinner consists of stuffed turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and a variety of other dishes.)

F:\City seminar\IMG_7302.JPG

And so our party is over. We thank you for activity and attention! Good bye!

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