Открытый интегрированный урок "Иностранный язык – хобби или необходимость?"
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Инфоурок Иностранные языки КонспектыОткрытый интегрированный урок "Иностранный язык – хобби или необходимость?" (7 класс)

Открытый интегрированный урок "Иностранный язык – хобби или необходимость?" (7 класс)


Открытый урок на тему: «Иностранный язык – хобби или необходимость?»

«Скажи мне – и я забуду,
покажи мне – и я запомню,
вовлеки меня – и я научусь».

(Китайская мудрость)

Тип урока – урок закрепления знаний и навыков

Цели урока:

Обучающие – обобщение и систематизация лексики, грамматики и лингвострановедческого материала раздела “English-speaking countries”,

Развивающие – развитие умения и навыков практического владения английским языком в рамках данной темы, развитие навыков письма путем заполнения регистрационной карты, развитие навыков восприятия на слух информации, развитие диалогического общения, развитие креативных способностей учащихся.

Воспитательные – повышение интереса к изучению английского языка, способствование расширению кругозора учащихся, воспитание толерантности, уважения к чужой культуре; воспитание языковой культуры речи, общения и поведения.

Оснащение урока:

Учебник: М.З. Биболетова, Н.Н. Трубанёва Английский язык Enjoy English для 7 класса общеобразовательных учреждений, 2012 год.

Презентация, проектор, раздаточный материал,

флажки Российской Федерации, Великобритании и Германии

Ход урока

1. Организационный момент

Good morning. Nice to meet you. Sit down, please. I see that all are present today. Let’s begin our lesson.

2. Речевая зарядка.

Tell me, please, what day is it today? What day was yesterday? What’s the weather like today? Is it sunny? Do you like such weather?

In which country do we live? In Russia. What language do we speak? Russian. As you know, people from different countries speak different language. Now look at the screen and let’s remember countries and languages people speak in these countries. You should match them.

Страны и языки, сопоставление (7-8 штук, вывод на слайд, детям – раздаточный материал)

3. Проверка домашнего задания

Ex.20, p. 38

Now let’s check your homework. Open your books, please, page 38. Exercise number 20. Here you should have matched the questions with the answers. Ksusha, read the first question, please.

4. Постановка цели урока

OK. Well done.

Now look at the screen again, please.

Фильм с видами Нью-Йорка, Лондона, Берлина, Сиднея и т.д. (2.30)

What is this on the pictures? Ok, New York, London, Berlin.

Would you like to visit them?

What do we need to feel comfortable in these cities? What should we know?

What do we need to communicate with people from these cities? Of course, language.

So guess what we are going to speak about. Yes, about foreign languages.

The theme of our lesson is “Is learning foreign language a hobby or a necessity?”

But before we answer this question, let’s imagine that you are the winners of the International Teenagers’ Competition. And you are coming to London to take part in the conference.

You will take part in 5 different situations during this trip.

Go to the blackboard and pick up, please, one of the little flags. Every flag has its own number of the situation you’ll act out.

Does everybody get his number? Well, ok.

Пожалуйста, поднимите руки, у кого ситуация номер один (раздается раздаточный материал с описанием ситуаций), да, три и т.д.

Join each other and prepare to the task.

You have 5 minutes. (включить музыку)

The situation number 1. (2 человека)


You are at the airport. One of you would like to buy a ticket to London. And another is an airport worker.

- Hello. Can I help you?

- I would like to buy airplane tickets for me and my friends for the 18th of December.

- Where are you going?

- We are going to London.

- Well. There are 2 flights: in the morning and at night. Which one do you prefer?

- In the morning.

- Ok, so you leave at 8 a.m. and arrive in London at 11 a.m. May I have you passport?

- Here you are. Thank you.

Very good. But before we start the situation number 2, please look at the screen and let’s imagine that we are flying to one of the most beautiful cities in the world – London. Look at the screen and see what is waiting for you.

Видео о Лондоне (3.08)

Situation number 2. (2 человека)


You’ve just arrived in London and you need a taxi to get to the centre of the city. The driver is __________. The passenger is ____________.

The passenger:

- You need to get to the centre of the city

- You want to ask a driver where you can go out in London

- You need to pay for the taxi

The driver:

- You should answer your passenger’s question

- You should recommend your passenger the places to visit

- Hello.

- Hello. Could you drive me to the centre of the city?

- Yes, of course.

- Excuse me, could you recommend me some places to visit in London?

I strongly recommend you, first of all, to take a ride on the London eye, the world’s third largest observation wheel. The views when riding the Eye are magnificent. You can see the Palace of Westminster and Big Ben.

Also you should visit the Tower, the oldest London’s building. Buckingham Palace, the official residence of the Queen, is a very beautiful building and it is also worth visiting. If you will have enough time, you should go to British Museum and National Gallery.

If you like the nature I would recommend you to visit Regent’s Park or Hyde Park. They are very beautiful and there are a lot of entertainments there.

- Oh, thanks for your advices. Here we are. How much does it cost?

- That’s 45 pounds, please.

- Here you are. Thank you.

- You’re welcome! Good luck!

Situation number 3. (2 человека)


You are at the centre of the city. You should find your hotel and you have to ask somebody, because you are lost. Act it out.

- Excuse me, can you speak English? Maybe Russian?

- идет диалог на немецком языке

5. Физкультминутка

Ok, thank you. I see you’re tired. Let’s have a rest and do some exercises. Stand up! ________________________ come here, please, and show us what we should do.

Let’s continue our lesson.

Situation 4. (2 человека)


You’ve found the hotel and now you need rooms for the participants.

The quest is ___________The receptionist is ___________

The quest:

- You need single rooms for you and your friends.

- You should ask for the price of the rooms

The receptionist:

- You should give your guests the registration card

- Hello. Welcome to our hotel! How can I help you?

- I need rooms for me and my friends. We are the winners of the International Teenagers Competition.

- Oh, congratulations. How many rooms do you need?

- Three single rooms, please. What’s the price of the room?

- 75 pounds per night. Please, fill out the registration card.

Всем раздается регистрационная карта. Учащиеся заполняют ее.

(2 минуты)

Ok, and the last situation. (4 человека)


Next day you’ve come to the conference. There you’ve met the group of participants from other country.

- Hello, do you speak English?

- идет диалог на немецком языке.

Very good. I would say excellent. You know languages quite well to visit England and Germany. But now look at the screen and let’s watch what happens if people don’t know foreign languages.

Видеоролик (2.05)

Which variant you would like the most? The situations that you’ve acted out or the situations from the video? Of course, yours.

Because you know languages and you can communicate with different people from different countries.

What else you can do, if you know foreign language?

Ответы учащихся.

So, let’s answer the question from the beginning of the lesson. Is learning foreign languages a hobby or a necessity?

6. Рефлексия деятельности

Say what you have just done on the lesson.

I have just…

*repeated the names of the countries and languages

*made the dialogues

*acted out the dialogues

*watched the videos

*answered the questions

Tell me, please, what you can do now, after our lesson.

Now I can…

*use the names of countries and languages in my speech

*communicate with people speaking English and German




Ваза с цветами

Do you like the lesson? If you do, put, please, the red flower in the vase. If you don’t, put the blue one.

7. Подведение итогов урока. Домашнее задание.

I see that the lesson was interesting for you. Your work was excellent. You all get the excellent marks.

Your home task is to write a short essay about the importance of learning foreign languages. Is it important for you personally to learn foreign languages?

дать план эссе на распечатках

Is everything clear? Thank you for the lesson. Good-bye.

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