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Открытый урок “Buckingham Palace and Royal Family”.

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Учитель английского языка Бандура Нина Владимировна.

Theme: “Buckingham Palace and Royal Family”.

The aim: To revise knowledge about Royal family and develop the skills of speaking, writing.

Tasks: To enrich students’ knowledge about the Royal Family and Buckingham Palace. To practice students in reading, speaking, writing. To present new words.

Form – 8а:

Equipment: texts, cards, pictures, video.


  1. Organization moment:

Dear students! Dear guests!

Today we’ll have a very interesting lesson. Will speak about the British Queen Elizabeth her family and her home. You can see the Queen, her family and their home at these pictures.

  1. Warm-up

But at the beginning of our lesson let’s revise some words. Look at the board. There are some words from the text about the Queen and her family. Please, match words wild definitions.

  • A woman from a royal family who rules a country – Queen

  • It’s a large house where a king or queen lives – Palace

  • The first part of the day – Morning

  • A machine that shows the time –Clock

  • A very large place in the ground or floor that is full of water where you can swim – A swimming pool

  • A group that includes a mother, a father and their children – Family

  • A building where you can watch films – Cinema

  • Bread that is heated so that it is brown toast.

  1. Presentation new words:

There are some new words and propernames.


  1. growup [grǝu] – (расти), вырастать, становиться взрослым.

  2. to be like – быть похожим

  3. tolookafter – заботиться о ком-либо, присматривать за кем-либо

  4. to feed [fi:d] – кормить

  5. piper [paipǝ] – волынщик. It is a traditional Scottish musical instruments.

b) Reading of the proper names.

  1. Reading . Work in groups.

Now, let’s make 3 groups. Please, read the text during 5 minutes. There are three parts in this text. And on the board you can see 5 titles. Choose the right title for each part.


  1. The Queen’s Family.

  2. The Queen’s Room.

  3. The Queen’s Morning

  4. The Palace.

  5. The Queen’s Day.

Read the first part, the second and the third part of the text.

  1. Make the Family tree.

Please, take this paper and try to draw the Queen’s Family tree according to the text and then tell about the Queen’s family.

  1. Speaking.

Tell about the queen’s family, using your family tree.

  1. True and False statements.

Read the whole text again and say if these sentences are true or false. Choose any card and discuss in your groups. Don’t look into your texts.

  1. Queen Elizabeth II has got 7 grandchildren (True).

  2. William is Andrew’ son (False).

  3. William is the eldest grandson (True).

  4. Every morning Queen Elizabeth II drinks tea (False).

  5. 300 people work in Buckingham Palace (False).

  6. The Queen likes to listen to the Scottish music.

  7. Buckingham Palace is more than 300 years old (True).

  8. There are two sports clubs and a swimming pool in Buckingham Palace (True).

  9. On Sundays evening the Queen meets the Prime Minister (False).

  1. Make up the cluster. Write down the most important facts about Buckingham Palace. (work in groups).

Buckingham Palace

  1. Speaking

Tell about Buckingham Palace using your cluster.

  1. Home-task: At the second lesson you will write an essay about the British Queen, her family, her home and finish it at home if you need.

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