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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Открытый урок "English tea party"
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Открытый урок "English tea party"



Крымский федеральный университет имени В.И. Вернадского

Форма мероприятия – внеклассное

Тема мероприятия – Aftenoon Tea or Five- o-clock Tea.

Группа, в которой проводится мероприятие – 154

Место проведения мероприятия – Институт иностранной филологии ТА, ауд. 15

Время проведения мероприятия – октября 2016 г., 13.00 час.

Методист кафедры педагогики –

Мероприятие подготовлено –

Лукиной Анастасией

Симферополь, 2016


1. To broaden horizons of students through an acquaintance with the history of the origin and characteristics of tea drinking tea in England and Russia, and tea etiquette.

2. To improve listening skills, develop the ability to read to retrieve detailed information, develop skills to understand the cultural aspects of the text, develop the ability to translate and use the vocabulary, improve vocabulary skills of speaking.

3. To develop the creative abilities of students.

4. To develop the abilities to distribution and switching attention to the involuntary memory when listening.

5. To form the needs and capabilities for cooperation and mutual assistance in the work of the group.

6. To respect the way of other people's life, understand their culture deeper.


1. To create conditions for the development of logical thinking of students the ability to analyze, to express their thoughts, to argue.

2. To promote the strengthening of knowledge about the traditions and customs of the countries of English language.


Presentation, video about tea, tea exhibition, presentation of students

Tea ceremony plan

1. Вступительное слово учителя: Good afternoon. Glad to see you. Today we all have an unusual party. It is connected with one of the English traditions: English Drinking Tea. Today you’ll have a chance to feel like real Englishmen feel yourself real Englishmen. And learn more information about tea and traditions connected with this popular drink.

Ведущий - Good afternoon dear friends! Welcome to our tea party! It’s common knowledge that the English are very fond of tea. They like to have a nice cup of tea from 6 to 8 times a day, sometimes even more.

(1) Чай… это короткое созвучие впитало в себя смысл легенд и научных работ, народной молвы и государственных документов. Историческую жизнь чая регламентировали императоры, врачи, гурманы, поэты, купцы, философы и художники. Чай многогранен и многолик.

(2) В Англии культура чаепития играет примерно такую же роль, что и кодекс самурая в Японии. Чай сопровождает англичанина на протяжении всей жизни, неизменно присутствуя в каждом английском доме и офисе.

(3) То, что англичане в пять вечера садятся пить чай, и время это для них священно, знает, наверное, каждый, кто хоть раз в жизни посмотрел «Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона» или прочел один из романов Диккенса.

Хорошо ли вы знакомы с чаем? Надеюсь, что сегодняшний вечер расширит границы вашего знакомства с чаем.

Ведущий - Millions of people in factories and offices look forward to their tea breaks in the morning and afternoon. They are called «11es» and «5 o’clock tea». And what do the English think of tea themselves?

Учитель - The Russians as well as English are fond of tea .They used to make herbal and flower tea. They picked up different flowers in the fields and forests and this tea was called medicinal tea. It was an effective for different diseases and a good way to quench thirsty.

What Englishmen think about the tea

(4)• The English know how to make tea and what it does for you.

(5) • Seven cups of it make you up in the morning; nine cups will put you to sleep at night.

(6)• If you are hot, tea will cool you off, and if you are cold, it will warm you up.

(7)• If you take it in the middle of the morning, it will stimulate you for further work; if you drink it in the afternoon, it will relax you for further thought. Тогда, конечно, Then, of course, you should drink lots of it in off hours.

(8)• The test of good tea is simple. If a spoon stands up in it, then it is strong enough; if the spoon starts to wobble, it is a feeble makeshift.

(9)Another task is to find Russian equivalents to the English proverbs.

  • Don't miss have tea as much as you can.

  • No tea, no life.

  • You can't go away while boiling samovar.

  • Tea must be strong, hot and sweet like a woman's kiss.


  • За чаем не скучаем по семь чашек выпиваем.

  • Чай не пить, так на свете не жить.

  • Самовар кипит, уходить не велит.

  • Чай должен быть как женский поцелуй - крепкий, горячий и сладкий.

Ведущий: I think that all of you like to drink tea but I also think that you know too little about this magnificent beverage. Let’s have a very short quiz and see what you know.


    1. When did people first begin to drink tea?

  1. in the VI century BC, in China. Firstly, it was used only as a medicine. It took the Chinese about three centuries to make tea their national drink.

  2. in VI century BC, in India. When Prince Badhidharma found it in mountains.

  3. in VI century BC, in Japan. The legend told that Prince Daruma meditated and cut his eyelids, in that place tea grew.

2.Which region is considered to be the motherland of tea?

  1. North Vietnam

  2. South-West of China

  3. Province Assam, India

  1. When did tea come to Britain? How did it happen?

  1. Thomas Garaway who owned a small coffeehouse not far from London was the first one who bought some kilos of tea from Portuguese sellers. He advertised it as a drink that was able to cure any disease

  2. Lord McCartney exported tea seeds to the London Botanic Garden and was tempted by his mistress to try it as drink.

  3. Merchants used tea as token money. Some years later they made a present for Queen Victoria bringing two pounds of tea. She liked it so much that widespread this drink among all Englishmen.

  1. What is the peculiarity of drinking tea in England?

  1. tea is drunk from earthenware. There is only one sort of tea. Tablecloth is often dark.

  2. All cups should be from one service. 8 or 10 sorts of tea should be presented. Tablecloth is preferable to be white or blue

  3. Tea is presented in samovar and it’s drunk from wooden drinking-cup.

  1. What does “Russian tea” mean?

  1. tea with herbs

  2. tea with lemon

  3. tea with gingerbread

  1. What does the word “teatester” mean?

  1. a person who defines a sort and quality of the tea

  2. a cup of tea that is given to person to define if tea is good or not

  3. a tea bag that is given to a key customer as a bonus

  1. When and where was iced tea created?

  1. in China

  2. in the USA

  3. in India

  1. What is the background of 5 o’clock tea tradition?

  1. In 1840 Duchess Bedford was bored and asked her maid to bring tea service. Next day she invited her friends to spend time with a cup of tea. It was repeated so many times that became a tradition.

  2. Queen Victoria was bored between dinner and supper, invited her friends to have a cup of tea. And that’s why it became a tradition/

  3. This event was mentioned in Luis Carol’s book about Alisa. The English liked this episode and as a result it became a tradition.

  1. Who invented tea in bags?

  1. Thomas Sallivan decided to sell tea in small silk bags coz he thought that it would be more profitable. His customers found out that it was possible to brew it just in bags. Later silk was changed to gauze.

  2. Chinese Wise Men invented those bags to save tea flavor.

  3. Once a ship of unknown sailor was flooded. in the hold there were bags full of tea. Although all bags were wet people bought bags and the sailor invented the production of tea bags.

Ведущий 1 - The life of each of us is full of highdays: exciting days which we look forward to - like school trips, birthday, visits to the cinema or the theatre. There are days on which people have been having a «high old time» for many years, sometimes for centuries. People keep customs and traditions. A lot of them have very long histories. Some are funny and some are strange. But they are all interesting.Some British customs and traditions are famous all over the world: Bowler hats, talking about the weather and drinking tea, for example.

(Группа (10, 11) показывает презентацию "История чая").

Учитель: Do you know how to make tea? Let's listen to the main recipe of making tea.

( Группа (12, 13) представляет презентацию заваривания чая).

Ведущий  Here are some manners for the English Tea drinking. During drinking tea you must follow the next rules:

  • You must put sugar in the tea carefully.

  • You must eat the pie with the help of spoon but not hands.

  • You mustn’t tap the spoon for a cup stiring tea.

  • And one more: during drinking tea Englishmen speak only about pleasant things

Manners for the English Tea Drinking

Ведущий  - There are four kinds of tea which are popular all over the world. They are green tea, red tea, yellow tea and black tea. They can be in large and small leaves and in granules. But Englishman most of all prefer black and green tea. In cold weather they like to drink tea with milk. Besides, milk helps to determine the quality of tea. (Продемонстрировать): How to do it? We take two cups of tea and add some milk. If the colour is red or orange it’s a good tea. But if the colour is grey its bad tea.

Ведущий 1 -- When Englishmen get together for drinking tea on their table you can see a lot of different dishes. For example, jam, biscuits, sweets, fruits, cheese, cakes, and of course an apple pie. It is the main dish of drinking tea.

Ведущий 1 - But I think it is interesting for us to know how to prepare аn apple pie. May be you know its recipe.

Ведущий 1 - Yes, I know. For preparing such pie you need:

- two big apples (2 больших яблока)

- three eggs (3 яйца)

- some butter (немного масла)

- a glass of cream (стакан сливок)

- one hundred grammas of sugar (100 г сахара)

- a glass or two of flour (стакан или два муки)

And your pie is ready. Bon appety! Now you can make such a pie at home according to this recipe.

Учитель: Every country has its own tea – drinking habits. When tea was first brought to England people didn’t know how it ought to be used. They boiled the leaves and put them on a piece of bacon, and than ate them. Can you imagine how tasty it was?

Ведущий: And now we invite everybody to Tea Drinking. You are welcome!


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