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Открытый урок "Famous actors and actresses"

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Избаева Балқадиша Жарықызы. ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі.

Theme of the lesson ``Famous actors and actresses``

Aims of the lesson To educate the sense of love and interest to learning English introducing and practicing new words. To develop listening and writing skills. To create a relaxed, non threatening atmosphere in the classroom promoting interest in the culture.

Visual aids: Blackboard, interactive-board, books, cards, pictures.

The procedure of the lesson

1,Organization moment: Who is on duty?

Who is absent?

What date is it today?

What day of the week is it today?

What is your homework?

2.Phonetic drill.

This is Jack

And that is Jill

This is Ann

And that is Bell

This is Ted

And that is Pot

This is Rex

And that is Spot

3.Today the theme of the lesson is ``Famous actors and actresses``. Do you line to watch films? To discuss the films? And you know different types of films?

4.Checking up the homework?

Answer the questions.

Do Londoners go to cinema regularly?

Do people like theatres more than cinemas?

Where can you buy tickets?

How do people know which films are on?

Cinemas show a lot of continental films?

Cinema going is a regularly habit for many people?

There are more cinema goers than theatre goers?

Cinema is an entertainment in London. Newspaper give a list films and their hours. There are from afternoon till late evening. You can buy tickets in a large stores and hotels.



Fill in the blanks with the words below ; Frightening, boring, western, cartoon, comedy, action, exciting.

  1. An---------movie is a movie with a lot of fightening and it can be violent.

  2. A------------is a movie which is funny and it can be violent.

  3. Ghost movies are----------------

  4. Adventure movies----------------

  5. Romantic movies are sometimes

  6. -----------is a movie about American cowboys usually riding horses quickly and wearing hats.

  7. ------------is a movie with animations Like Tom and Jerry.

7.These are famous actors and actresses talk to your partner about your favorite film star?

P1 Who is your favorite film star?

Where does she come from?

When did she start acting?

What is the best film she acted in?

What kind of film does she acted in?

What do you think she is like as a person?

What does she look like?

8.Look at the photo cover the text swap information with your partner about her and him.

9.Write questions then answer them with your partner.

1)When was she born?

2)How long has she lived?

3)Which film did she become famous for?

4)Why did she have problems at school?

5)what is the most famous films?

What`s his name?

Where does he come from?

What is he famous for?

What film did he play first?

Are you fan of him?

10)Compare the actors. Find similarities and differences.

11)Talk about Jackie Chan. Swap information with partner. Which of these adjectives can describe him? Sad, brave, funny, tall, creative, moody, calm, quite.

Homework: write summary about your favorite actor.

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