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Открытый урок 7 класс

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Бекітілді: күні: 3.02.16 6 сынып

The theme of the lesson: Health problem
The aim of the lesson:
a) To expand the knowledge of the theme “Health problem”.
b) To develop students’ speaking abilities and critical thinking on the theme, to explain the importance of health in our life.
c) To learn to look after SS life.
The type of the lesson: a trip lesson
The method of the lesson: a tour of trip, creative work
The visual aids of the lesson: pictures of London, pictures on theme, diagrams.
The procedure of the lesson:

I. Organization moment
a) Greeting
b) Class expressions

II. Checking home task.
a) The dialog learning by heart.
b) Proverbs about health
1. Health is above the wealth.
2. Early to bed and early to rise make people healthy, wealthy and wise.

III. Presentation.
Now children today we’ll make a trip to London. We’ll see the sights of London. Before starting our trip to London we choose the transport. Now I want to put you one question. What is the famous transport of Great Britain? It’s adouble decker bus.
Our first station is Tower of London. It was a fortress and a royal place and later a prison. Now it is a museum. But getting to the next station we have to do task. And our first task is to complete the diagram.
Good food Bad food
Ok, you are right. We” ll goon our trip. Our second station is River Thames. London is located on it. Our task is to read ex. 4 You must read the sentences about things in food and decide if it is good or bad. ( Then I” ll introduce with the sentences on the table.
OK, very good. And now our next station is Trafalgar Square. Here is situated Admiral Nelson’s monument. Your task at this station is reading the text “Health Farm”.
That’s good. Out 4th station is The Houses of Parliament. It is the seat of British Government. The task of this station is to describe the picture.
Our 5th station is Big Ben. It is the clock Tower of the Houses of Parliament. At this station you must to fill the diagram about Karen.
Karen's old habits Karen's new habits
Our 6th task is St. Paul’s Cathedral. It is a church and it is a greatest work of England’s greatest architect Christopher Wren. The task of this station is to work with diagrams “Cinquian” and “Pyramid Story”
1. a noun – Karen
2. adj. – fat, lazy
3. verbs – eats more, watches TV, sleeps more
4. a sentence – Karen is 13 years old.
5. another word – a teenager
“Pyramid Story”
1. character – Karen
2. to describe – fat
3. place – Health farm
4. problem – overweight
5. the cause of problem – to eat unhealthy food, to watch TV.
Our last station is Hyde Park. It is a very democratic park. The task of this station is to answer questions and remember rules.
1. Do you go in for sport?
2. Do you make exercises in the morning?
3. Do you eat fruits and vegetables?
4. What kind of Kazakhstan’s sportsmen’s do you know?
5. Do you proud of them? And why?
Remember the rules.
1. Go in for sports.
2. Get fresh air.
3. Eat healthy food.
4. Take regular exercises.
5. Wash your hands before you eat.
6. Never smoke.
7. Keep a diet.
8. Don’t drink alcohol.

IV. Conclusion. Now children, our trip to London is ended. I want to thank you that you have been very active.
V. Evaluation.
VI. Home task. to draw Karen’s portraits.

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