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Открытый урок 7 класс "Health problems"

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Theme: Health problems

Цель: Формирование знаний учащихся по теме HEALTH AND ILNESSES


Ознакомитьвторение НЛЕ по теме.

Закрепить изученный ранее лексический и грамматический материал в речи учащихся. Развивать монологическую и диалогическую речь по теме Health problems.

Совершенствовать“Spoken Etiquette”по теме “At the doctors

Тип урока: комбинированный.

Оборудование: слайды, интерактивная доска, карточки, таблицы.


«Health is not everything, but our life without health is nothing».


Teacher: Good morning, children! I’m glad to see you. Let’s begin our lesson. But first of all I want to know how you are today. Ask each other about it, please.

II.Pupil 1: How are you?

Pupil 2: We are fine, thank you. And you?

Pupil 1: We are too. Thank you

Pupil 1,2: And you, dear teacher. How are you?

Teacher: I’m also fine, thank you. Let’s think a little and say when we are fine.

Pupil 1: I’m fine when I have a good mark.

Pupil 2: I’m fine when I have a present from my parents.

Pupil 3: I’m fine when I have the sun is bright.

Pupil 4: I’m fine when I have a lot of money.

Pupil 5: I’m fine when I have a tasty food.

Pupil 6: I’m fine when I have a good mood.

Pupil 7: I’m fine when I’m well.

Pupil 8: I’m fine when I’m not ill.

III.There can be no doubt that health is very important for any person. There are many proverbs about health. Please, look at the screen again (Слайд 3). There are some proverbs. Let’s read them and try to translate.

Health is better than wealth.

A sound mind in a sound body.

An apple a day keeps a doctor away.

Early to bed and early to rise- makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

A merry heart is a good medicine.

You are what you eat.

Eat to live, not live to eat.

IV.Teacher: OK. You are right, children. All of us are fine when we have a good health. “To be well” means to have allparts of the body in a good state. Let’s check up your homework and name all the parts of body.


Teacher: Can you name these parts of the body in Kazakh?

Class: Yes, of course.

Arm- қол

Ear – құлақ

Chest - кеуде

Toe - саусақ

Knee- тізе

Foot- табақ

Finger - саусақ

Head- бас

Shoulder- ыиқ

Mouth- ауыз

Stomach- асқазан

Nose– мұрын

Eye – көз

Lips - ерін

Leg- аяқ

Hair- шаш

Face- бет, жүз

Neck- мойын


Hand –қол

V. Let’s revise the words about the health.

A cold-




Sore throat-



Now listen the new vocabulary.

VI. Find the sentences



VII.Grammar/ model verb Should

VIII.Teacher: But sometimes we are not well. We have problems. Let’s talk a little about problems.

Pupil 1,2,3: a cold, stress, insomnia, tried eyes, the flu, a sore, throat, a bad headache, a cough, a toothache.

Teacher: Let’s compose short conversations with these problems. Imagine that you tell your friend about you problem and he or she gives you advice. You can use the sentences from Ex. 2 p. 101

Pupil 1: Hi! How are you?

Pupil 2: Oh, not so good.

Pupil 1: What’s the matter?

Pupil 1: Really?! That’s too bad! Have you taken anything for it?

Pupil 2: No, not yet.

Pupil 1: Well, do you know what you should do?

Take some garlic and cook it in chicken stock. Then drink a cup every half an hour.

Take a glass of sweet tea and a pill.

Drink a cup of warm milk with honey.

Shut your eyes and put the packets on tea on them for 10 minutes.

Go to the doctor for help or get some medicine from chemistry.

Take a hot shower and have a rest.

Rub oil on the chest and drink a mixture of red pepper, hot water, sugar, lemon juice and milk.

Take a painless pill or go to the doctor for help.

IX. Физкульт-минутка

(1 мин.)

I see you are tired. Let’s relax.

Stand up, please. Clap your hands when you hear words about good habits.

No waiting, no parking,

Don’t smile, stop laughing.

Turn it on, turn it off,

Open your mouth, try to cough.

No smoking, no drinking,

No running, stop thinking.

Work all day, play all night,

Do what I say – that’s right.

Turn left, turn right,

Always love, never fight.

Come early, don’t be late,

Try to be good, don’t hate.

ОК. Thanks a lot. Sit down, please.

X.Teacher: when you have a minor health problem you can use remedy. Let’s read the text “Home remedy”

XI.Teacher: Take card #2. There are some advice for problems in your cards. Write True (T) or False (F)

Card #2

  1. Ice is good for a burn.

  2. Warm milk helps you to go to sleep.

  3. Honey helps a cough.

  4. Hot chicken soup is good for a cold.

  5. Hot chocolate helps for a toothache.

  6. Ice-cream is good for a sore throat.

  7. Aspirin helps you to go to sleep.

  8. Lemon juice with honey is good for a cold.

  9. Hot chicken stock helps a cough.

  10. Candies and biscuits are good for your teeth.

XII. Let’s read and complete the text.

What Should or Shouldn't I Do to Be Fit & Healthy?

Staying fit and healthy will help you feel good and protect your health. Exercises helps you burn calories . Eat Healthy Foods. Eat a variety of healthy foods including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean poultry, meat and fish, and low-fat milk and cheese and restrict your intake of fast food, sweets and soda. Stop Smoking and Limit Alcohol. Smoking is one of the worst things you can do for your health.

XIII. Now children I divide you in two groups. The 1st team is Healthy and 2nd is Unhealthy. You must write what we should or shouldn’t do to be healthy.Дети представляют свои проекты.

XIV. Summarizing

Let’s make the conclusion to our work. You have shown you knowledge, you know some proverbs, some medical definitions, you can have a talk with a doctor. And I hope that you will take care of your health not only at the lesson but also in everyday life.

Do you know if you are really healthy?

To help you to learn if it is so, answer this questionnaire

Tick “Yes” or “No”




1. Do you begin your day with morning exercises, do it regularly and with a great pleasure?

2. Do you spend a lot of time out of doors every day?

3. Do you refuse from bad habits (smoking, drinking, snacking between meals or eating after 6 p.m.)?

4. Do you limit your time you spend in front of the television and the computer?

5. Are you sporty? Do you go in for sport or join a sports club?

6. Do you keep to a healthy balanced diet?

7. Do you have a hobby?

Count your points. One point for each answer “Yes”.

7 points: You are quite healthy.

3–6 points: Not bad, but be attentive to your health.

0–2 points: Oh, dear! Change your lifestyle. You should think about your future!

XV. Homework Project “Sport in our life”

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