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Открытый урок "Миссия "Студент" по английскому языку

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Ахмет Байтұрсынұлы атындағы гимназия

Сыныптан тыс жұмыс

Тақырыбы: Миссия «Студент»

Сыныбы: 9

Мұғалімі: Н. Талипова


Theme of the lesson: Mission “Student”

Aims of the lesson: A) educational: to practice the English tenses;

B) developing: to enrich the students’ reading, speaking,

writing and listening habits;

C) up-bringing: to bring up students to
love and respect their native land, famous people

Type of the lesson: combined

Methods: visual, conversational

Aids: slides, pictures, cards

Procedure of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment:

  1. Greeting;

  2. Introducing the participants;

3. Introducing the members of jury;

  1. The main part: Mission “Student”

I round: Intelligent fight

1. The height of Baiterek is… (97 metres)

2. Almaty was the capital of Kazakhstan…(until December, 1997)

3. The oldest part of London is called … (the City)

4. What is the name of British flag? (Union Jack)

5. What is the name of the American flag? (Stars and stripes)

6. What beautiful waterfall is situated in the USA? (Niagara)

7. British Parliament consists of two houses: … (the House of Lords and the House of Commons)

8. The 1st colonists in America started the tradition of “Thanksgiving Day”. When do they celebrate this day? (the last Sunday of November)

9. The highest mountain of the UK Ben Nevis is situated in… (Scotland)

10. Hollywood is situated in… (Los Angeles)

11. Who is the producer of the film “The sky of my childhood” which is about our president? (R. Abdirashov)

12. The national and public figure, the leader of “Alash” party, who sacrificed his life on the way of the idea independent Kazakh people is … (A.Bokeikhanov)

II round: Special theme: Subjects

1. Favourite sport of our president, which he plays in his spare time (Golf)

2. When was the first modern Olympic Games organized? (in 1896)

3. The reason of the situation of the aluminium factory in Pavlodar.

(it’s closer to the sources of water and energy)

4. The resort “Burabay” is situated in… (Kokshetau)

5. Name the author of the monument to A. S. Pushkin in Moscow.

(A. M. Opekushin)

6. What was Pushkin’s nurse’s name? (Arina)

7. How many parts does our brain consist of? (5)

8. What part of our brain is responsible for moving? (back brain)

9. When was the song “My Kazakhstan” adopted as our anthem? (2006)

10. What is our president’s mother’s name? (

III round: Great people

1. The woman prime minister of the UK (Margaret Thatcher)

2. The legendary hero of England (Robin Hood)

3. The first man walked on the moon (Neil Armstrong)

4. A venetian adventure (Marco Polo)

5. The great Kazakh poet and writer (Abai Kunanbaev)

6. The first president of Kazakhstan (Nursultan Nazarbaev)

IV round: Duel: Funny questions

1. What is white when it’s dirty and black when it’s clean? (a blackboard)

2. What always keeps both hands in front of it’s face? (a clock)

3. Where do the world’s finest apples grow? (on trees)

4. What word has five letters, yet if you take two away there is one left? (alone)

5. What has two arms and four legs? (armchair)

6. What do you usually see people eat their soup with? (spoon)

7. What can run all day without getting hot? (cold water)

8. What can fly without wings? (time)

9. Some months have 31 days. Some have 30 days, but how many have 28 days? ( all of them)

10. What can speak every language in the world? (echo)

11. What goes up and down at the same time? (stairs)

12. What word is always pronounced wrong? (wrong)

III. The conclusion of the lesson

(The songs “I just called” and “Hands up” are sung by the students of the 10th form. And then the members of jury award the participants)

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