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Конкурс "Законы экологии"

Открытый урок "My ideal school"




The theme: My ideal school

The aim: to teach pupils to speak about the schools of their dream

The tasks:

  1. To develop pupils’ skills of communication

  2. To increase pupils’ vocabulary

  3. To evoke interest to learn English

Type of the lesson: Combined

Equipment: computer, active board, projector, cards

Procedure of the lesson

  1. Org.moment

Good morning dear pupils and guests of our lesson. How are you today? What is the day today? What is the date?

The theme of our lesson today is “My ideal school”

The aim of our lesson today is to learn how to speak and describe your ideal schools.

  1. Phonetic drill

We are going to sing a song about the school. Do you remember the words?

This is an important matter,

How we should behave at school,

We will get along when we obey the rules

Put your hand up, don’t call out,

Sit up straight and please, don’t shout

We’re learning, we’re learning

Please stop talking all the time,

Don’t go pushing in the line

We’re learning, we’re learning

This is an important matter

How we should behave at school

We will get along much better,

When we can obey the rules.

  1. Checking the homework

Your home task was to make a project about your ideal school. Of course, we can’t listen to everyone today, but you can show us them.

  1. Class work

  1. Watching the presentation “Guess the classroom”

  2. Answer my questions

  1. What kind of school do you go to? Describe it, please. 

  2. What is an ideal school for you? 

  3. Will it be a single-sex school or a mixed one? 

  4. Where will it be situated? 

  5. What kind of teachers will you have? 

  6. What subjects would you like to study at your ideal school? 

  1. Watching the video “Schools in Great Britain”

* Are there any differences between British schools and our schools?

* What school do you like more?

  1. Reading

There is a file with the text on your desk. This text is divided into several parts. Your task is to put all parts together into one text. Then you have to choose a speaker from your group who will retell us the text in short. The first speaker will tell the first part. The second one will retell the second part and the third group will tell us the last part of the text.

My ideal school

My ideal school won’t be situated in the center of the city because air pollution is bad and it is too noisy. It would be in the park so pupils can walk after lunch to relax.

There would be a large coffee bar where we could have a cup of tea or coffee during the breaks. My school would also have computers in all classrooms. There would be a music studio where we could play and record music.

Nowadays we have to study a lot of subjects at school. In my school we will have compulsory and optional subjects. English will be compulsory, of course. We need English for our future profession.

Information technology is another important subject. It should be taught because everyone will need to use computers in the future.

Also we would study driving lessons, cookery or self-defense. There would be after-school clubs, such as chess, drama, photography and sports.

To sum up, I think my school would have a good variety of activities – something for everyone.

It’s certainly a place I would like to go to!

  1. Break minute (Dancing)

  2. Listening

Tim wants to the go to the Brit school. Listen to his interview. What does he want to study at the Brit school? Listen again and complete the dialogue. (Hot spot 3 p.49)

Teacher: So, Tim, why do you want to come to the school?

Tim: Well, I really love ______ and I think that this school is a great place to learn. I want to study_______ here.

Teacher: Hmm. I see. What job do you think you’ll have in future?

Tim: I hope I’ll ________a professional singer. I think I’ll be in a band and we’ll _______ and ________our own songs.

Teacher: Do you ______your music at home?

Tim: Yes, I do. I sing every day, even in the holidays. And I’m also _____ to play the guitar.

Teacher: Who is your favourite singer?

Tim: I really love Justin Timberlake. I think he’s got an amazing voice and he is a great _____ too.

  1. Project work

In front of you there is a big sheet of paper. You’ve heard a lot today about the schools. Your task is to sum up the information and to draw a school where you would like to study. Then you should present it.

  1. Reflection

There is a vase on the board. But there are no flowers in it. You have flowers on your table. Draw your smile. It can be happy or unhappy. If you liked the lesson draw a happy smile, if the lesson was not interesting or very difficult to you draw a sad smile.

  1. Pupils’ results

  2. Home work: ex 1 p.48 Hot Spot (to read and translate)

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