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Открытый урок "My talented family" 8 класс

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Gymnasium named after Akhmet Baitursynuly

An open lesson

Theme: My talented family

Form: 8

Teacher: N. Talipova

Karatau – 2013

Theme of the lesson: My talented family

Aims of the lesson: A) educational: to introduce the students
with the use of the structure “wish + Past

B) developing: to practice the students
to use the structure “wish + Past Simple”; to
develop students’ reading, speaking, writing
and listening habits;

C) up-bringing: to bring up students to
love and to respect all members of the
family; to help them in choosing the future

Type of the lesson: combined

Methods: visual, conversational

Aids: slides, pictures, cards

Procedure of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment:

  1. Greeting;

  2. Conversation with the student on duty.

  1. Phonetic drill (A rhyme “My family” ):

This is my father,

This is my mother,

This is my brother Paul.

This is my sister,

This is my uncle.

How I love them all.

  1. Checking of the home task: (Exercises 6, 7 on page 39)

  1. New theme: The structure “wish + Past Simple”

  • You have got a new book. My book is old. I wish I had a new one.

  • I know that S1 can play the guitar. I wish I could play the guitar.

  • You are young and joyful. I wish I were you.

We use “wish + Past Simple” to express regret about the present and say we would like things to be different. And we often use “were” instead of “was” after “wish”.

  1. Reading: “My talented family”

(Students should read the next “My talented family” and find the sentences with “wish + Past Simple”):

  1. I wish I could draw as well as her.

  2. I wish I played computer games as well as they do.

  3. I wish I had a talent for invention.

  4. I wish I was musical.

  5. I wish I knew more about the world.

  6. I wish I weren’t such a bad cook.

  1. Speaking: 1) Question- answer work:

  1. Who is a good artist?

  2. Who is good at computer games?

  3. Who is an inventor?

  4. Who is a good pianist?

  5. Who sings like an angel?

  6. Who knows a lot about the world?

  7. Who are good cooks?

  8. Who is a writer?

2) Exercise 1 (Students should complete Mandy’s sentences beginning them with I wish…):


  1. (be) musical.

  2. (have) a talent for invention.

  3. (know) more about the world.

  4. (not be)such a bad cook.

  5. (can) draw well.

  6. (play) computer games well.

  1. Sum up of the lesson:

-Now students, read these sentences and turn them into wishes.


  1. I haven’t got a mobile phone.

  2. I don’t know how to play chess.

  3. I can’t ski.

  4. I have to tidy my room every week.

  5. I’m hungry.

  6. I’m not musical.

  1. Home task:

Your home task for the next lesson will be exercises 1, 2, 3 on page 40.

  1. Giving marks.

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