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Открытый урок на тему ''Asking the way''

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Theme: Asking the way

Goals : To learn words

to answer the questions

to make up dialogues

to find the way

to work in pairs

to develop speaking skills

Materials: Chart, cards, pictures,


I. Organization moment

- Greeting

- Congratulation

T : Good morning students!

S : Good morning teacher!

T: How are you to day ?

S: We are fine thank you . And how are you ?

T: I am fine thank you .

II. 1. Asking the way

I want to start my lesson from a one poem .

This is a key of the Kingdom

In the Kingdom there is a park

In the park there is a street

In the street there is a castle

So town is a great place where you can be lost.

So you must ask right questions walking about town( city)

So read and remember this words:

Up/ down

Turn left, turn right







For ex : Go up this street, then turn left. There are flowers all along the road round.

2. Answer the questions :

1. This is a place where we can go and buy tickets and popcorn?

2. There are many animals here?

3. This is a pleace where we seat on the bench and breathe air

4. This is a where childrens and parents are happy?

5. There are many shelves?

6. This is a place where we get knowledge?

7. This is a place where we buy stamps and sent letters?

8. You go to a place and persone takes care of you?

3. Make up dialogues. I will give you an example and then you should make up your own . Use modal verbs : May , can, should, must.

Use prepositions of a place : at , in , on,

First group:

  • Excuse me !

  • Yes!

  • Where is Post Office, please?

  • Go straight ahead and turn left. It is over there!

  • Thank you very much!

  • That’s all right!

  • Second group: Put in order the dialogue

4. Find the way Now. I will give you a marker and one of you will mach the line to a place , and one of you will describe a place. Use prepositions : next to , in front of, between…

III. Pace work

VI. Clean up

T: Take your goal card and set your goals for Monday. Count your pages a week . Put every thing in order.

V. Dismissal

T: Stand up push in your chair and say how many pages have you done to day.

S: I have done…. Pages!

T: Thank you for your working , the lesson is over good-bye!

S: Thank you for your lessons good-bye ! Have nice weekend!

T: Have a nice weekend!

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