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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Открытый урок на тему "Famous actors and actresses"
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Открытый урок на тему "Famous actors and actresses"


The plan of the lesson

The theme of the lesson: Famous actors and actresses

The aim of the lesson: 1. To enlarge students’ knowledge on the theme. Talking about movies, famous actors and actresses. To enrich vocabulary and to pay attention to pronunciation. Revising the grammar material: Present Perfect Tense.

2. To develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

To improve speaking skills on the texts.

3. To educate a comprehensive person. To teach them to share their own opinion.

Visual aids: textbooks, pictures, slides.

The procedure of the lesson

1. Organization moment

a) Greeting.

b) Checking the absentees, home work.

c) Introducing the pupils with the aim.

2. Warming-up.

3. Speaking skills.

4. Writing section.

5. Revising the grammar material.

6. Listening skills.

7. Conclusion.

8. Evaluation. Homework.

T: Good day, students!

S: Good day, teacher!
T: I am glad to see you. Sit down, please. Who is on duty today? Who is absent?

S1: I am on duty today. All are present.

T: Thank you, sit down.

T: Dear, students, today we have an unusual lesson. Our work will be interesting and useful. Please, be active and attentive. Now, if you are ready let’s begin our lesson. What was your home work?

S1: Our home work was Ex: 6, telling each other what the following films are about or speak about any film which is popular now.

T: You already know a lot about movies. Let us brush up our knowledge of the new words.

  • What is the English for:

  • Көңіл көтеру- having a fun

  • Атыс-шабыс- fire

  • Атақты, табысты- famous, successful

  • Тебірентерлік- exciting

  • Басты рөлде ойнау- play in main role

  • Алдын-ала- at first

  • Answer my questions, please:

  • What types of films do you know?

  • What kind of films do you like? Why?

  • What is your favourite film?

  • Let’s check your home work. Ex: 2, retelling the text. P1, P2.

T: Now, students look at the active board and match the names of these films with their types.

1. A funny film with a happy ending. A) A western

2. A film about cowboys and life in the Wild West. B) A soap-opera

3. A film with lots of music and dance. C) A thriller

4. A film about crime and police. D) A horror

5. A film in which mysterious and frightening

things happen. E) A musical

6. Story of the daily life of a family. F) A comedy

T: Look at the active board and group them into three .

Classical jazz horror films science fiction

Western pop game-shows soap operas

Thrillers news comedy talks shows


1)music 2) TV programme 3) films

T: Let’s begin our new lesson. Today we’re going to talk about famous actors and actresses. Open your books on page 140. Step 2 Famous actors and actresses.

Now, students look at these questions from the exercise 1 on page 140

  • Who is your favourite film star?

  • Where does she come from?

  • When does he/she start acting?

  • What do you know about him/her?

  • What do you know about his/her family?

  • What is the best film he/she acted in?


T: Thanks, you are bright.

So, look at this photo.

1) What is her name?

2) Do you remember any films where she acted?

Ex: 3 p140. Read and translate the text about Keira Knightley.

Ex: 4 p 141. Write questions.

  • When was she born?

  • How long has she lived in London?

  • Which film did she become famous for?

  • Why did she have problems at school?

  • What is one of the most famous films where she acted in?

T: Let’s revise our grammar.

What can you say about Present Perfect Tense?

S1: Present Perfect Tense (Аяқталған осы шақ)

Present Perfect Tense шағы болған оқиғаның, іс-әрекеттің нәтижесі туралы айтқанда қолданылады., яғни іс-әрекеттің бұрында басталып, сөйлеу уақытында жалғасатынын білдіреді. Since, for сөздерімен қолданылады.

Жаласу жолы: have+ Past Participle (V3)(V+ ed) has

Мысалы: My father has worked as a teacher since 1993.

T: According to this grammar rule let’s do ex: 6p141

Read the text about Orlando Bloom and choose the correct verb form.


Ex: 8p142. Compare the two actors. Find similarities and differences.

Keira Knightley

1. She was born in 1983.

2. She has an older brother.

3. She left school when she was 15.


1. They are both actors.

2. They both live in England.

3. They were both dyslexic.

4. They have made 11 films since then.

5. They are both famous actors in Hollywood.


1. He was born in 1977.

2. He has a sister.

3. He left school when he was 16.

T: Let’s do the grammar exercise. Look at the active board and put the verbs in the Present Perfect or the Past Simple.

a) I ___(not read) his latest book. (haven’t read)

b) My great grandmother ___ (live) in Italy. (lived)

c) (You visit) ___ India?

d) Amazing news! Scientists ___ (discover) a new planet. ( have discovered)

e) I ___ (never enjoy) a holiday as much as this one. (have never enjoyed)

T: Look at the active board

Ex: 9p142. Which of these adjectives can describe him?

Sad, brave, funny, tall, creative, moody, talkative, calm, quiet.

S1: Jackie Chan is funny, brave, creative actor.

T: Now, students listen to the texts from a tape-recorder and match the names of these actors with the information about them.

Jackie Chan

Johnny Depp

Leonardo Di Caprio

Brad Pitt

Jim Carrey

1.He was born on April 7, 1954, in British Hong Kong. He was nicknamed Pao-Pao Chinese, because the high-energy child was always rolling around. He is Hong Kong actor, action choreographer, comedian, director, producer, martial artist, screenwriter and singer. He played in these movies: All in Family, Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow, The Young Master and Dragon Lord and other. Who is he?

2. He was born in June 9, 1963. He is an American actor, film producer, and musician. He was won the Golden Globe Award and Screen actors Guild Award for Best actor. He played in Pirates of the Caribbean, The Curse of the Black Pearl, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and other. What is his name?

3. He was born in December 18.1963. He is an American actor and film producer. He has received five Academy Award nominations and five Golden Globe Award nominations. He played in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Interview with the Vampire, Ocean’s eleven6 and other. Who is he?

4. He was born in November 11, 1974 in Los Angeles, California. He has five times nominee for Oscar Awards, twice awarded the Golden Globe. He played in Romeo + Juliet, Titanic, Beach, Catch me if you can, and other. What is his name?

5. He was born in New market, Ontario, in January 17, 1962. He is a Canadian American actor, comedian, and producer. He has received four Golden Globe Award nominations. He played in Ace Venture, The Mask, and other. Guess what is his name?

T: Thank you. You are bright.

Look at the fragments of different films.

And say the titles, types of these films.

  • Titanic’ –(drama, love story)

  • Harry Potter’-(adventure and mysterious)

  • Twilight’- (mysterious and horror)

  • Madagascar’- (a cartoon)

T: Write down your home task is Step3 ex:13p143, retelling the text.

I think you have enjoyed the lesson. You were very active and bright. I’ll give you good marks.

Giving marks.

The lesson is over. Good bye!

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