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Открытый урок на тему "Keep warm" 7 класс


The theme: Keep warm!

The aims: 1. to teach students how to ask each other questions

2. be able to properly asked questions on the topic of health

3. vocabulary work.

Reference: English textbook the 6th form, Internet resource.

Learning outcomes for students:

know how to ask questions, know how to composes proposals, know how to work with the dictionary.

Sources and equipment: warm-up, textbook, smileys, count, stickers, pictures, markers, glue, scotch tape.

Form work: Group work, work in pairs, individual work.

Out line

Welcome and success to children.

-Good afternoon children!

-Good afternoon teacher!

-What date is it today?

-Today is The 24th of January!

Warm up: warm-up for the song

Division into groups with help count one to two

The objective of creating a collaborative environment.

Working with exercise: Ex1p97.

First group Second group

A tube of toothpaste A can of oil

A packet of milk A glass of water

A jar of juice A package of tissues

Ex 2p97

First group Second group

Tired cold

Angry ill

Happy unhappy

Worried bored


First group Second group

When I’m unhappy I go to the doctor

When I’m happy I don’t talk

When I’m tired I listen to music

When I’m angry I drink hot tea

When I’m cold I sing

When I’m ill I bite my nails

When I’m worried I go to bed

Work with group: Ex5p95 read Asel’s diary and answer the questions below.

Tuesday 14th

I feel better today. Yesterday was terrible. I left fine all morning, but in the afternoon I began to feel really ill. I was hot, then cold. I had a headache. I felt tired and I felt sick. I finally decided to go home. I arrived home at two o’clock and went straight to bed. I took 2 aspirins and had a hot drink. I slept until this morning -18 hours in all. May be it was flu. Today I feel better, but I’m staying in bed. I’m enjoying the rest and this book’s very good.

1)When did she begin to feel ill?

2)What was the matter?

3)Did she have a headache in the morning?

4)How long did she sleep?

5)How does she feel today?

6)Why is she staying in bed?

Work with pairs:

Where were you last ill?

How did you feel?

What did you do?

Ex 7p98.

Asel: Hello, Carol. How are you?

Carol: I feel terrible!

Asel: Oh, no! What’s wrong?

Carol: I’ve got a cold. A really bad cold. I sneeze all the time and my temperature is 39 degrees. I can’t sleep and I can’t read. I just feel terrible.

Asel: Poor you. Did you aspirin?

Carol: Yes. I take four aspirins a day. But still feel terrible.

Asel: I can tell you what to do. Take a lemon, and some honey, and some hot water. Mix it together. Drink it when it is very hot. Do that six times a day and you will feel better. And keep warm!

Individual work

Ex 8p99

  1. Asel is well.

  2. Carol feel very bad.

  3. Carol has a high temperature.

  4. Carol takes pills for her cold.

  5. Asel thinks Carol should keep warm.

  6. Honey and lemon is good for a cold.

  7. Asel thinks Carol should take some cold water.

Ex 10p99

Problems Advice

1)a had headache a)Don’t lift anything heavy

2)a sore throat b)Take tablets to bring down


3)a backache c)Slowly pour on cold water

4)a cough d)Drink lots of liquids and stay

In bed

5)a toothache e)Take some aspirin.

6)a fever f)Get some medicine from the


7)a burn g)Gargle with herbs

8)the flu h)See the dentist

Estimation: summative evaluation exhibited

Home work: Ex 11p99


-I know well

-Do Error

-Need Help

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