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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Открытый урок на тему "Место ,где мы живем"
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Открытый урок на тему "Место ,где мы живем"


The Topic of the lesson:”The Place Where We Live In”

The main aims: the developing of the skills in monologue speech; auding; practicing vocabulary, using there is ,there are structures; developing writing skills.

Basic Course

An Organized Minute

-Good morning, dear children!

-Good morning, dear teacher!

-I am glad to see you!

-We are glad to see you!

-How do you do ,children?

-How do you do!

-I hope you are well!

- We hope you are well too!

Speech drills

-Thank you. Sit down!

-Who is on duty today?

-I am on duty today,

-Who is absent?

-What is the matter with him, her?

-Who knows? Thank you!

Dear children, tell me ,please

-What date is it today?

-Today is… .

Good! And I am happy that usually on Friday we have English.

Phonetic drills

Let’s start our lesson with phonetic exercises. Repeat after me [hello_html_m6c6930cb.gif] - [hello_html_5371d8ab.gif] (3 times) Let’s do it! [hello_html_m6c6930cb.gif]-[hello_html_5371d8ab.gif]twice.

This is my house

This is my flat

This is my sofa

This is my bed.

This is my bookshelf.

This is my desk

Here I work,

And here I rest.

Fine, thank you! And now repeat after me [t]-[d].

I suppose you know the rhyme: ‘Go to bed ,Tom’.

Go to bed ,Tom

Go to bed, Tom

Tired or not ,Tom

Go to bed, Tom.(twice)


Our next sound [ә]- certainly, sir! (twice)

Thank you very much!

Basic Course.

T. Dear children (friends)! I believe that today we shall have an interesting lesson. Look at the blackboard. Let us read these proverbs. :

East or West – home is best”

There is no place like home” One, Two……..

Thank you. Can you guess? What is the topic of our lesson? …Yes. How clever you are . Home, I think, is the most pleasant thing for every person. There is no place more delightful than home. As you know we recall many pleasant things with our home? Can you name them? What associations come up to your mind when you hear the word “HOME”.

-I associate home with my parents.

-I associate home with my friends.

-I associate home with my first book.

-When I hear the word HOME I think about the beautiful nature, first books, my native language.

Thank you very much.

At the lesson we shall have to develop our skills in monologue and dialogue

speech, in auding; to practice vocabulary, using there is ,there are structures; to develop writing skills.

Today, we shall speak about our houses, flats, rooms – all things which complete the notion “MY HOME”. That’s why I want you to work with the words.

Here I have cards with ‘HOUSE’ words. Find the ‘HOUSE’ words and circle them.

(CARD № 1) I’ll give one minute to do it. Please! So. Thank you! Let’s check it up. Read, please your words! Right you are!

Good job!

Children, look through the words again and find out only one which is compound (arm- chair). Great ! You see, children, there are a lot of compound words in our house. (A compound word is formed by joining two words together).

Let’s find them. Try to do it. (CARD №2)

Who is ready?

Are you through with the task?

Read them, please.

Good job! Thank you!

And now, dear children, guess. What kind of room is it? Listen to me, carefully.(CARD №3)


The next task will be very interesting. You will listen to the texts about the bedroom and the living- room . Please , be attentive and try to remember all words. (TEXTS).Take your cards and fill them in. Are you ready? Yes, we are ready. Let’s check. Great!

Children, let’s have a MUSIC BREAK and sing our song.


I ‘ve got two eyes

And I can see

A very nice room in front of me.

I see a window and a door.

I see the ceiling and the floor.

I see a table and a bed.

I see a carpet, it is red.

I see a wardrobe and a shelf.

I like to clean the room myself.

Thank you, sit down!

We continue our lesson. We come to your home task. Your home task was to draw your place of living and describe it. I know some of you live in houses some of you in flats.

Please, tell us your opinions! Thank you! Go back to your seat.

Children, who likes to live in a flat?

-I like to live in a flat, because it is very comfortable.

-Who likes to live in a house?

-I like to live in a house because we have a garden.

- I like to live in a flat because we have a balcony.

O.K. To my mind we like the place to which we got used.

And now let us see how you remember the names of the room? Can you write them? I’ll give you an exercise and you are to complete the sentences with the names of the rooms.

Are you ready?

Let us see what you have done!



And now listen to the text and try to understand it we are going to have some tasks after it. But first listen to the question: What pieces of furniture are mentioned in the text?

I am handing out the tasks. Let’s start.

O.K. and now do your tasks. So ,thank you very much.!!!

Please , hand in your tasks.

Children, do you like to create , to be designers? Let’s design our house. I need 3 volunteers. Choose any card you want. What do you have?(DISK.)

Thank you, dear designers. Go and take your seats. Well done!

And now , dear friends let’s listen to the dialogue of two pupils.”AT THE SHOP "You are welcome!

Good job! Thank you!

Your home task will be very interesting: You must write about your future house. Look through the tasks and if you have some questions come to me and ask but after the lesson.

Today you were brilliant.

Your work is excellent at the lesson.

I like your phonetics. Your monologues and dialogue were good! So , your mark is…….

But , dear children, today we discussed the topic of our lesson. Do you know that our real home is our MOTHERLAND? We live in Ukraine. We live in Berdyansk . Berdyansk is our native town. We must take care of our homeland. That’s why children ,let’s sing a beautiful song.

Stand up!

So, thank you! Good buy! You are free!

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