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Открытый урок на тему "Pollution"

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Урок английского языка .

Тема: Pollution.

Цели и задачи:

1. Обучающая.

Практиковать учащихся в устной речи, в аудировании, повторить и закрепить

2. Развивающая.

Развивать у учащихся навыки восприятия иностранной речи на слух, логическое мышление, умение критически мыслить.

3. Воспитывающая.

Воспитывать бережное отношение к природе.

Готовить экологически грамотного гражданина РК.

Оборудование: Плакаты

Карточки для индивидуальной работы

Карточки с опорными предложениями..

Стенд «what must we do to prevent the danger of such catastrophers».

1 Организационный момент. Questions about the date, the day, the weather the season.

Do you feel Spring in the air?

What are the signs of spring? (fresh air, sunny days, brightness, day becomes longer and longer.)

In conclusion I can say that the Nature is awaking.

Today at our lesson we’ll speak about the Nature, different kinds of pollution.

2. Фонетическая зарядка.

Let’s remember some words, you may use them during our lesson. Repeat after me: nature, forest, flower, tree, land, river, lake, ocean, sea, water, Earth, animals, domestic, wild, Flora, Fauna, people. (эти слова записаны на обратной стороне доски, «слабый» ученик переводит их.)

3. Now write down the words associated with the word NATURE.

I think that we come to different conclusions: “I’m the part of the world and the world is a part of me” and “A man is a King of Nature”. Do you agree? Why?

4. Контроль домашнего задания. ex. 27 p 61.

Keep our environment clean” – третий абзац контрольное чтение, опросить 3х учеников, которые опрашивают остальных.

- What is the main idea of the 1st paragraph of the text? (It is about water pollution, air pollution and land pollution).

- Найти предложения, которые можно использовать как лозунги.

(“The Earth is our Home.” Do everything possible to keep the land, air, water clean” or “Keep our environment”)

5. Оpen your books at page 63 ex. 32. WATER POLLUTION.

Read the text once and answer the questions:

  • Why couldn’t people catch eatable fish in rivers like the Thames and the Clyde.

  • Why are the Great Lakes of North America useless for shipping?

  • Why can nothing live or grow in the Yarra River in Australia?

  • (ответы записать на прозрачной пленке)

6. Повторение грамматического материала.

a) Вызвать к доске 1го ученика с опорным конспектом по теме «The Participle»

  • Определите синтаксическую роль:

  • Now factories and homes are putting waste materials which are poisons into the these rivers. (часть сказуемого)

  • Large cities on the Great lakes of North America are lеtting different wastes flow into the water. (часть сказуемого)

  • These wastes added to the mud brought down by the rivers are speeding up the process by which a lake becomes useless for shipping. (определение, определение, часть сказуемого)

  • Factories are appeared on each side of the river and people sitting beside the river now throw their endless tins and papers into it. (часть сказуемого , обстоятельство)

  • Написать синквейн по теме.

b) Test: find the sentences.

1. Present Simple, Present Progressive, Present Perfect.

2. Past Simple, Future Simple, Present simple.

3. Present Perfect Progressive, Present Simple, Present Progressive.

4. Future Simple, Present Perfect, Present Progressive.

5 Past Simple, Past Perfect, Past Progressive.

6. Present Perfect, Past Perfect, Present Perfect Progressive.

7. Simple, Perfect, Progressive.

1 b, 2 c, 3 c, 4 c, 5 , 6 a, 7 a.

7. a) We have spoken about water pollution in England, The USA, Australia.

- Is there water pollution in Kazakhstan? (the Caspian Sea, the Aral Sea etc.)

- Is there any pollution in Berezovka?

Yes, and many people connect it with Karachaganak.

b) Аудирование текста “Karachaganak at a glance”

- вызвать 1го ученика записать интернациональные слова (located, region, gas, condensate, kilometers, billion, tones, trillion, cubic, metres, investment, internationally, projects, factor, social, oblast, role, economic, cultural, local, operation, focus, infrastructure, sponsorship, groups, institutions, culture, sports, business.), 2го перевести незнакомые слова.

- чтение текста учителем, класс по ходу записывает интернациональные слова.

- второе чтение учителем текста, класс использует слова с переводом.

c) As you know KPO plays an important role in all spheres of our life, of our village. Find the sentences about it.

(Oil and Gas industry is very important for the future of Kazakhstan.

They give jobs for people.

The country becomes rich.)

I quite agree with you, but Atomic station in Chernobyl, the testing area in Semipalatinsk were also very important and useful.

But! But! Look at these pictures. These are the results!

What must we do to prevent the danger of such catastrophes.

What must you do because the Future of our country in your hands?

  • Everybody must have ecological education.

  • - Any company must use only equipments suitable to international environmental standards, equipment of high quality.

8 Объяснение домашнего задания

9. Подведение итогов.

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