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Открытый урок на тему "Профессия"


ткрытый урок по английскому языку в 8-м классе по теме "Профессии"

Разделы: Иностранные языки

 Ход урока

I. Организационный момент. Постановка темы и цели урока.

Good morning! Sit down, please! How are you today? Let’s start our lesson with a riddle. What am I?

Pupils: “You are a teacher”.

What are you, Ann?

I’m a pupil.

What’s your mother, Alex?

She is a housewife.

What’s your aunt, Natasha?

She is a dentist.

What other jobs do you know?


  • A businessman

  • A lawyer

  • A doctor

  • An interpreter

  • A driver

  • A sailor

  • A musician

  • A designer

  • A сook

II. Развитие полученных навыков – говорение, групповая работа.

So, did you guess what we shall speak about today?

Pupils: “We’ll speak about jobs”.

You know some of them, and I’ll help you with the names of the other jobs. They are easy to remember.

Look at the blackboard:

  • An accountant

  • An architect

  • An editor

  • A translator

  • A vet

  • A police officer

  • A nurse

  • A surgeon

  • A librarian

  • An air hostess

  • A secretary

А сейчас мы разделимся на группы и будем обсуждать следующие вопросы. Now I’d like you to split into groups and discuss the following questions:

  • What job would you like to do in the future? Why?

  • Which is more important, money or job satisfaction?

  • Would you like to do the same job as your parents? Why? Why not?

См. Рисунок 1.

III. Развитие навыков аудирования. Работа по видеофильму. Парная и групповая работа.

Now I’d like you to watch a video and match each person to their jobs.

It should be done like this:

Pic. 1

  • What is he?

  • He is a schoolteacher.

  • How many hours a week does he work?

  • About 60.

  • What do you like about your job?

  • The long holidays.

  • What don’t you like about it?

  • Working at weekends.

После просмотра и заполнения карточек, учащиеся задают вопросы друг другу и отвечают на них. When the cards are filled in, the teacher checks up the information.

What have you learned about the person on card 1? 2? 3? 4? 5? 6? 7?

См. Рисунок 2.

IV. Развитие навыков поискового чтения.

What’s the title of the Unit?

To work wonders?

Do you understand what it means? It means to do somebody a lot of good, eg. Regular exercise does good for your health. Here it suggests that work can be enjoyable and productive.

Please scan the first lines of the text and predict what jobs the advertisements can be about:

(Pupils: a babysitter, somebody working from home, a chef, a salesman….)

Now read the advertisements to get detailed information. Which job would you rather do and why?

(Pupil 1 – I’d rather be a babysitter. I’ve got a little brother and I adore him. We spend much time together.)

(Pupil 2 – I’d be a chef. My mum cooks perfectly and teaches me. It’s not easy being a chef, but I’ll try. My favourite dish is pancakes.)

Контроль понимания текста. To check up your understanding of the text tell me please which job:

  • Requires to travel abroad?

  • Might be interesting for someone who wants to meet famous people?

  • Would be suitable for someone who wanted to work with old people?

  • Requires you to wear special clothes?

  • Would suit someone who could only work in the evening?

You should look for key words and justify your choice.

V. Оценка учебной деятельности. Оценки ставятся каждому ученику.

Thank you. Did you like our lesson today? What have you learned?

Домашнее задание – you’ll continue working with the text we’ve read and develop your vocabulary. P. 33 exercise 3, 4. You’ll get pleasure doing this task. СмРисунок 3.


нглийский язык 8 класс.Урок первый

Тема: Лондон- столица Великобритании.

Цели урока:

Обучающие:  Совершенствовать речевую деятельность учащихся, 

                          ознакомление с новой лексикой.

Развивающие: Развивать у учащихся коммуникативные, познавательные,

                           ассоциативные и поисковые навыки.

Воспитательные: Прививать уважение к культуре, истории, традициям

                                 изучаемого  языка. Воспитывать любовь к родному


Оснащение урока: карта мира, карта Лондона, интерактивная доска.

Стратегии: групповая работа, мозговой штурм, Инсерт, ассоциация, тест, эссе.

Тип урока: усвоение новых знаний

Межпредметная связь: география, история, информатика.

Эпиграф: “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.”


Ход урока.

І. Организационный этап.

1. Приветствие.

 Good morning, dear friends! I’m very glad to see you happy and healthy at our English lesson.

Please answer my questions. Who is on duty today? Who is absent today? What date is it today?




-Guess the word: N –is the third letter.

                            –is one letter before N.

                            –is the letter after N.

                            O –is the letter between L and N.

                            –is at the end.

                            O –is the letter after D.

-So, well done. I think you are ready to name the theme of our lesson. – London.

We are going to speak about one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the capital of Great Britain.

I want to read for you the quotation written by Samuel Johnson. I completely agree with him. And I wish you to visit London if only for once in your life.

 (Цели урока)

3. Ассоциативная  стратегия.

    - What do you know about London?

         beautiful                        city                     is situated








4. Достопримечательности Лондона.

        - I propose you to work with the map. Can you name the places in London in the diagram below? Go to your active board and pull the right name under the photos. Use the words from the box:

  St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, the Tower of London.


- I want to know how well your Geography is. Look at the board. Here you can see the map of the world. You have to complete this map with the capital cities of some countries. I name the capital and you put it to the right place.

Use the words below: Ankara, Tokyo, Madrid, Peking, Paris, Cairo, Sydney, Washington D.C., Astana, Moscow, London.

6. Аудирование.

Now I’m going to read the text “London” only once. Listen to me attentively and read it.

-Now, pupils, there are some new words in the text.  Have you found them?

Good, look at the board:

 To lie on – (is situated) -расположен

The Romans – римляне

Attraction – аттракцион

Sights -  достопримечательности

Wheel – (колесо обозрения)

Double-deckers – двухярусный  автобус

Tube (syn. underground)– метро (название метро в Лондоне)

А) Групповая работа учащихся.  (Работа по методике «INSERT»).

 Б) Заполнение таблицы:




- I think you are ready to answer some questions about this text.

  1.What is the population of London?

  2.Where is London situated?

  3.What famous historic buildings do you know in London?

  4.What parts in London traditionally divided into? What are they?

  5.What is “Hamleys”?

  6.Where does the Queen of England live?

7. ПисьмоТест.

- Now it’s time to do a short quiz on Britain’s capital. You have to name the right variant and to circle it.

1) Which is the most popular attraction in London?

a) the British museum  b)Buckingham Palace  c)Covent garden

2) Which is the busiest shopping street in London?

a) Regent Street  b) Oxford Street  c) Piccadilly Circus

3) London Underground is the … in the world.

a) fastest  b) busiest  c) oldest

4) How many bridges are there over the river Thames in London?

a) 17  b) 29  c) 11

-I give you the keys to this quiz. Look at the board and correct your answers.

keys: 1b,2b,3c,4b.

8. Написание эссе.

 - I want you to write a short composition about London.

9. Заключение.

 a)Домашнее задание: а) ex.6, p.128;

                         в) ex.7, p.129;

                         с) ex.9, p.129

 b) Оценочный лист.

Имя: ______________










 c) Рефлексия.

 Now, please, give your own opinion about London. What sightseeing do you want to see if you are in London? Make sentences using the example.

Example: I’d like to go to London because I want to see (visit) Big Ben (Tower of London, etc.)   The lesson is over. Good bye! 

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