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Открытый урок на тему "Ukraine is our Motherland"


Тема: hello_html_31481dc.gif
Цели:- повторить пройденный материал на прошлом уроке;
- научить новым ЛЕ по этой теме;
-углубить знания учеников о своей стране;
- практиковать в образовании вопросительных предложений;
- научить учеников работать в группах;
-уметь вести диалог с учителем по теме;
-развить технику чтения;
-воспитать любовь к своей стране;

Оборудование: учебник, рабочая тетрадь, мультимедийное оборудование, карта Украины, фотокарточки.

Тип урока: комбинированный

Ход урока

I.Вступительная часть урока
T.- Good morning children! I’m glad to see you!
Ps.- Good morning! We are glad to see you, too!
T.- We have some guests at our lesson today! Let’s greet them!
Ps.- Good morning dear guests!
T.- Well, sit down, please! How are you doing today?

2. Aim
Today we are going to have a very interesting lesson. We’ll learn about our country and we’ll do a lot of task. But now write down the day and date. The theme of our lesson is: Ukraine is our Motherland!

3. Warming up
Беседа в режиме Т-P1-P2-P3
1. How many seasons do we have?
2. What season is it now?
3. What is the weather like in spring?
4. What else can you say about spring?

5. Do you like to travel in spring?
6. Where have you traveled before?
7. Did you have any journey in Ukraine?
4. What city did you visit?

II. Основная часть урока

1.Check on home work
What was your home work?
Have you done your homework?
Have you got any questions?

2.Pre-reading activity
T. Before we start reading the text let’s see if you know something about Ukraine

T. What is the capital of Ukraine?
P. Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine.
T. What are the national symbols of Ukraine?
P. The national symbols of Ukraine are: national flag, national hymn and coat of arms.
T. What are the colours of the national flag?
P. The colours of the national flag are blue and yellow.
T. What these colours mean?
P. It means the yellow fills of grain under blue sky.
T. What is the national hymn?
P. The national hymn is “ Shche ne vmerla Ukraina”
T. What mountains are there in Ukraine?
P. There are Carpathian and Crimea Mountains.
T. What seas are there in Ukraine?
P. There are Black and Azov seas.

T. You know very well the geography of our country. Now, listen to the text!

2. Vocabulary practice
But first look on the black board there are some new words let’s write them into your vocabulary:
Awaiting (
ожидающий)- it’s when you wait something for a long time.
Pancakes (
блинчики)- a thin flat cake made from batter and fried on both sides
Chicken a la Kyiv (
котлета по киевски)- it’s a Ukrainian plate from meat
Treatment (
лечение)- it’s something after what you’ll become healthy
Resort (
курорт)- it’s a place where you can have a rest and treatment

3. Reading
упр.1, стр.114- учитель читает выразительно текст, ученики следят
-чтение лучшими учениками

4. Post-reading activity
Find in the text the passage where is describing:
- historical monuments in Ukraine;
-the remarkable place;
-finest Ukrainian dishes.

4. Project work
T. Your home work was to choose one big Ukrainian city and prepare a mini-project. Who want to start?

Igroup. Our group has chosen a big Ukrainian city- LVIV. It is a city in western Ukraine. It has its own flag and coat of arms. Lviv was founded by Danylo Halytsky and named after his son Lev, which means lion. Now the lion is the historic city’s symbol. Lviv is also famous for its places of interest such as
1. House of scientists which was built in 1897 and in 2008 was added to Ukraine’s list of culture monuments.
2. St. George’s cathedral –was constructed about 17 years. It is an example of Rococo architecture.
3. St Andrew’s church –was built in the Baroque style.
4. Lviv opera House is a classical building with great architecture.
We can say that in our country there is the same things as in other city as London for example:
5. Potocki Palace and Kornyakt’s Tower may be they are not so famous and big but they are here in our country.
As we are the future students may be we shall study in such big university as Ivan Franco National University of Lviv.

IIgroup. We have prepared a project about Kyiv. It is the capital and the largest city of Ukraine which is situated in the north central part of the country, on the Dniper River.
According to the legend Kyiv was founded by 3 brothers Kyi, Shchek and Khoriv and their sister Lybid. Here you can see the symbols of Kyiv: the flag and coat of arms. As you know one more symbol of Kyiv is the chestnut.
Kyiv is an important industrial, educational and culture centre. It is the home to many world-famous historical monuments.
One of these monuments is St. Sophia’s Cathedral built by Prince Yaroslav the Wise in 1037.
Kiev Pechersk Lavra which was named one of the seven wonders of Ukraine in 2007.
You can also see the Golden Gate, The House with Chimeras, Park and Monument to Taras Shevchenko where are a beautiful garden with nice flowers.
Prince Volodymyr the Great Monument, Kyiv Mohyla Academy which was built at the hetman Ivan Mazepa. If you want to learn more visit this wonderful city.

IIIgroup. Attention because we started our project about Odessa. We have choosed Odessa because it is our area. Odessa it is the sea, it is lots of beautiful places, it is our native place. It is the third largest city in Ukraine situated on the south of the country, on the coast of the Black Sea. As each big city Odessa has its own flag and coat of arms. As you see the anchor is present everywhere that why the anchor becomes a symbol of the city, a tourist symbol. Odessa is full of places of interest. We chose 7 which the most famous- 7 wonders of Odessa.
1.Opera Theatre –was constructed over 3 years. It is a wonderful treasure of Odessa.
2.The Duke appeared in 1828.
3.In Odessa there is a wonder created by nature- Kuyalnik Liman or salt lake. The similar thing can be founded only in Israel..
4.Potemkin Stairs which has more then 200 stairs. It is only in Odessa.
5.Wall-house- is the most unusual and even say the mystical home of the city.
6. Vorontsov Colonnade
7.Catacombs –the result of stone mining.
So we can say that Odessa is very interesting city and we would like to have a journey around it.

T. Thank you! You have prepared good projects. And now let do some writing exercises.

5. Writing
1.cathedral/ the/ Which/ is/ famous/ Kyiv/ in?
(Which cathedral is the most famous in Kyiv?)
2. historic/ What/ of/ Lviv/ is/ the/ symbol?
(What is the historic symbol of Lvov?)
3.is/ liman/ Odessa/ Which/ in/there?
(Which liman is there in Odessa?)
4.has/ Potemkin Stairs/ many/ stairs/ How?
(How many stairs has Potemkin Stairs?)
5.sea/ Which/ situated/ Odessa/ is/ in?
(Which sea is situated in Odessa?)

III. Заключительная часть урок
1. Homework
to answer the questions
to retell the text

2. Summarizing
1. What was the lesson about?
2. What new words did we learn today?
3. Do you like our today’s lesson?

T. My dear children! May be in future you’ll leave our country. May be you’ll go to another city. I would like you remember that you are Ukrainian children and here in your country, in your village your family will be waiting for you forever. Remember “there is no place like home”

Thank you for this lesson. You may be free. Good bye!


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