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Открытый урок на тему"Adjectives"(4класс)

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The teacher of English: KudiyrovaZh.M

Form: 4

Theme: “Superlatives”

Language focus: Superlative degree of adjectives.

New language: My mask is bigger than yours. Whose mask is the biggest?

New words: mask, ugly, smallest, biggest, oldest, youngest, prettiest, ugliest,

saddest, happiest.

Teaching aids: a textbook, an interactive board, a tape.

The Plan

  1. Organization moment.

  2. Warm up.

  3. Checking up the home task.

  4. Introduction of superlative

  5. Fulfillment of some exercises

  6. Conclusion

I.Organization moment. Good morning pupils. How are you? As for as I can see

everything is OK with you. Today, we have some guests at

our English lesson, teachers and parents.

II. Warm up. First of all let`s play a guessing game. I shall bring a group

of children of different shapes and sizes. I`ll write these

words on the board: tall- short, big-small, old-young,

heavy- light, pretty- ugly. I shall point to adjectives on the

board and give clues. She/he is smaller than Zhomart, but

she/he is taller than Mukhtar. Children guess who it is.

Then I`ll give them a chance to make their own clues.

III. Checking up the home task. Thanks pupils, let`s finish our guessing game.

I think it was an interesting game. What about

your home task? Are you ready with your home

task? Laura,please. What was your home task?

Laura: Our home task was to describe the picture

using: why, because, wants, do not/does not.

  1. Emma wants to go to the library, because she likes books.

  2. Ned doesn`t want to go to the swimming pool, because he is afraid of water.

  3. Sue doesn`t want to go to the park, because he doesn`t like ball games.

  4. Dan wants to go to the swimming pool, because he likes to look at the stars.

  5. Jill wants to go to the zoo, because he likes animals.

  6. Jill doesn`t want to go to the cave, because he is afraid of spiders.

  7. Sam wants to go to the funfair, because he likes rides.

IV. Introduction of superlative form.

  1. Today we shall continue working on adjectives. There are three degrees of adjectives: positive, comparative, superlative. You were introduced with two degrees. They are: positive, comparative. And today I shall introduce you with superlatives. To the comparative form we shall add suffix er

in order to compare different things. And to make a superlative form we shall add suffix est to the adjective and before adjective we shall put definite article the I shall explain with two examples and pictures on the interactive board.

  1. Jim is tall

Sammy is taller than Jim.

Edward is the tallest.

  1. The red bag is heavy.

The green bag is heavier

The yellow bag is the heaviest.

Children help me to form the sentences and write them on the board.

  1. The next task will be to write superlative form of adjectives.

Small-smaller-the smallest

Big-bigger-the biggest

Tall-taller-the tallest

Short-shorter-the shortest

Old-older-the oldest

Young-younger-the youngest

Pretty-prettier-the prettiest

Ugly-uglier-the ugliest

Pupils will go to the blackboard and form the superlatives.

V. Thanks pupils! You were right and faster.

a) And now let`s work with a textbook on page 78. First of all we`ll listen to the tape 36 and read ourselves.

Tape 36.

The children are having an art lesson. They are making masks. They are painting faces and paper plates. Some faces are pretty and some faces are ugly. Some faces are happy and some faces are sad.

Let`s look at the sad masks.

My mask is sad.

My mask is sadder than yours.

Look at the mask.

Mine is the saddest.

Let`s look at the happy masks.

My mask is happy.

My mask is happier than yours.

Look at my mask.

Mine is the happiest.

b)We shall continue working with active board. Look at these masks and describe using given adjectives.

Mask number 1 is the youngest.

Mask number 2 is the biggest.

Mask number 3 is the oldest.

Mask number 4 is the smallest.

Mask number 5 is the prettiest.

Mask number 6 is the ugliest.

c)The next task is to make up sentences from words which are given in the envelope. The words will be shown on the active board. Pupils must put the words in the right form and make up sentences according to our theme.


animalsare the elephants biggest

planet on the


smallest room house the in the

It is


tallest in the boy class he is the

Thank you pupils, you were clever and have made up sentences on superlative form of adjectives.

VI. a) The last task will be to solve a crossword in order to revise our vocabulary. Do you remember our topical vocabulary? Now, let`s guess some words. The tasks are written on the active board.

The tasks are: 1) You can eat this.

2) You can live in this.

3) You can live in this too.

4) You put this on a bed.

5) This is smaller than a town.

6) You can hunt with this.

7) The 1st people were here.

8) You can cook with this.

9) You can wear this round your neck.





b) Conclusion. Thanks, you were right. You remember our topical vocabulary. This is the end of our lesson. You were active and clever. Thanks to our guests. I shall give excellent and good marks all of you. Your home task will be Unit 15. Lesson 1. Good bye!

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