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Открытый урок по англ. языку по теме "Культурный шок"






Teacher: Golubeva N. A.

T. – Nowadays people use every opportunity to travel and to learn more about different cities and countries. They get culture shock when they turn up in unknown surroundings. So the topic of our lesson is CULTURE SHOCK.

By the way, what is culture shock? How do you understand it?

(Pupils answer in chain)

P1 – people are shocked because they see something really unknown or amazing.

P2 - some people experience difficulties in using money in another country as they don’t know it. The banknotes are not familiar to them.

P3 – They feel confused because there are a lot of things they haven’t seen before.

P4 – They can lose their way in the town they are visiting because they haven’t been there before, especially if they face the problem of the language barrier.

T. – Have a look at the screen and read the definition of culture shock.


T. – So you are right. And now look at different things that can cause culture shock. Comment on them:



Children’s answered: -When you go to another country you may be shocked because it often rains and you are not ready for it you don’t have an umbrella or a raincoat and it’s drizzling all the time. Your holiday is spoilt unfortunately.

  • If you go to an African or Asian country you may come across very hot weather. It’s not pleasant either. You should always learn some facts about the country you are going to and of course you should know the weather forecast, if you want to avoid “Culture Shock”.


Children’s answers: Clothes and appearance can also cause “Culture Shock”. You are very surprised when you see women dressed in long grey or black raincoats in summer when it’s very hot. The women’s heads are covered with scarves and I think they do not feel comfortable. In our country we put on shorts and T-shirts when it’s hot. Furthermore our women and girls wear very short skirts in summer. You can also be shocked when you see young people whose face, ears, lips and brows are all pierced. They look ugly.


T.- Imagine, you are in different countries for different reasons. Discuss the situation in pairs. Each pair gets a card.

CARD #1 – You are in another country travelling for pleasure. What sights impressed you most of all?

Were you at a loss because you don’t understand the language?

CARD #2 – You have immigrated to another country. Do you know the laws or rules of the country?

Do you get a culture shock observing different festivals and traditions?

CARD #3 - You have come to another country on business. Are people cheerful, helpful and polite?

Can you use your money properly?

CARD #4 – You are studying in another country. Do you experience the language barrier at the lessons?

Are you satisfied with food?

T. – Thank you. Open your books (New Opportunities SB, page 108) Living Abroad. Describe the photos of Ireland and Cuba. Then answer the questions:

1. What differences do you think there are between the two countries?

2. Which place would you like to visit on holiday?

T.- Before reading the text I’d like to attract your attention to the new words:

ASYLUM- protection given to someone by a government because they have escaped from fighting or political trouble in their own country.

TO GRANT – to give someone something or allow them to have something they have asked for.

REFUGEE – someone who has been forced to leave their country especially during a war, or for political or religious reasons.

T. – Read the text “Cuban Escape on a Tide of Guinness” and complete the gaps, then report the interview. Say how Jose Luis suffered from “culture shock” when he first arrived in Island.

T. – Now I’d like to invite you to watch 2 extracts from films about festivals in Great Britain. Discuss in groups and answer the question:

Are the festivals shocking? Why?

T.- Get the cards for more information:



Glossary: risk life and limb; steep slope; date back to; sprained ankle; venue; fire up; cracked rib; scrapes and bruises; live up to; put sb off; stick to.


FULL TITLE: The Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake

WHAT : One of the strangest and most spectacular of all Britain’s weird and wonderful traditions. People risk life and limb in a 200- yard race down a steep slope, trying to catch a seven-pound, round Double Gloucester cheese!

WHEN: every year on Spring Bank Holiday Monday

WHERE: on Cooper’s Hill near Gloucester

ORIGINS: The tradition is at least 200 years old but may date back to an ancient pagan ritual at the return of Spring .


  • There are five downhill and four uphill races

  • From 3-4000 spectators from far and wide attend the event

  • Competitors rarely catch the cheese since it reaches speeds of up to 70 mph

  • Paramedics attend the event since there are usually a number of injuries, ranging from sprained ankles to broken bones


It was madness. Cheese was won, shoes were lost, people were knocked out – but no deaths. What more could you want!?”



FULL TITLE: The Glastonbury Festival for Contemporary Performing Arts

WHAT: The largest outdoor performing arts festival in the UK, legendary for its 17 stages, mud, sea of tents and mass of humanity in search of an “alternative” experience.

WHEN: a three-day event at the end of June

WHERE: on Michael Eavis’s farm in Somerset

ORIGINS: First held in 1970 in reaction to other over-commercialised music festivals.


In 2005

  • 153,00 people attended

  • Pounds - 125 for three-day ticket; sold out in under three hours

  • Over 300 bands, including the White Stripes and Coldplay

  • Pounds -1,350,00 raised for charities

  • Glastonbury came top in a Ben and Jerry survey on what people most associated with British summer – and an entirely new ice cream was created: Glastonbury

IN A NUTSHELL: “Come rain or shine, Glastonbury is undoubtedly the place to spend the best time of your life!”

T.- Now, work in groups. Find more information and one of you will speak on behalf of your group.

(Pupils answers)

The end of the lesson.

Marks and their comments.

H/t ex.4 p.108 Have you ever got “culture shock”?

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