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Конкурс "Законы экологии"

Открытый урок по английскому язык на тему "When is your bithday?" (8 класс)


The theme of the lesson: When is your birthday?
The aims of the lesson:
: to present new words and expressions concerning on the theme and practice them in pupils’ speech
Developing: to develop pupils’ oral and written communication skills and habits, to improve pronunciation and translation skills and abilities.
Bringing up: to teach children to be attentive, kind and polite, to bring up feelings of friendship and respect to each other.
The resources: An interactive board, books, pictures.
The type of the lesson: demonstrative lesson
The methods of teaching: presentation, explanation, question-answer, individual work, pair and group work
The procedure of the lesson:
I. Organization moment.

1. Greeting.

Good morning dear pupils and teachers! I am glad to see you! How are you? Today we have unusual lesson and the theme of our lesson is: "When is your birthday? " so we are going to speak about seasons, month, days of the week and so on. Now, I would like to give you some interesting questions.

II. Brainstorm.

Teacher: When is your birthday?

Pupil: It is in winter.

Teacher: In which month is it?

Pupil: It is on 12th of February

Teacher. Do you like your birthday?

Pupil: Yes, I like my birthday so much.

Teacher: Do you celebrate your birthday every year?

Pupil: Yes, of course.

Teacher: What do you do when you have your birthday?

Pupil: decorate the house, cook special dishes, invite guests, get presents.

III. Explanation moment.

Teacher: They are four seasons in the year. They are: autumn, winter, spring, summer. Please look at the picture so each of pupil should take one season that they like and explain it.

Pupil: It is autumn.


I like autumn very much. The autumn month are: September, October, November. In autumn the days become shorter and the nights become longer. The sun rays are not so bright and warm. The fruit trees that not long ago bloomed with flowers are heavy with juicy apples and pears.


It is winter.


Winter is a wonderful time of the year. I can even say that it’s my favorite season. The month are: December, January February. Many people don’t like snow, whereas I love it. Moreover, I’m a fan of winter sports. Another reason why I love winter that, we have a "Happy New Year" Traditionally, we make a snowman in the street.


It is spring.


I love spring. It is a wonderful season. The month are: March, April, May. Spring comes and nature awakens from its winter sleep. The days become longer and the nights become shorter.

The ground is covered with fresh green grass and the first spring flowers. How lovely the white snowdrops are in spring.


It is summer


Summer is a beautiful season with the long sunny days and short warm nights. The month are: June, July, August. The weather is mostly fine and the clear blue sky is above our heads. The trees are green and fresh grass grows everywhere. I love summertime very much because it’s warm and comfortable outside.

IV. Presentation new words.

season [‘si: zn] жыл мезгілі

month [ mΛnθ] ай

autumn [‘о: tәm] күз
winter [‘wintә] қыс

spring [spriη] көктем
summer [‘sΛmә] жаз

birthday [ ˈbɜːθdeɪ ] туылған күн

wish [ wɪʃ ] тілек

postcard[ ˈpəʊst.kɑːd ] ашық хат

present [ ˈpreznt ] силық

celebrate [ ˈselɪbreɪt ] мерекелеу

invite [ ɪnˈvaɪt ] шақыру

guest [ ɡest ] қонақ

cake[ keɪk ] торт

V. Work with chorus. Sing a song


Today is my birthday,
So let us celebrate,
Let us decorate the flat,
And let's phone our mates.
Let them bring me presents,
Let them sing a song,
And let us play computer games all day long.
Let's go out for dinner,
Let us watch TV,
Let us phone my Granny,
And let her come to me.
Let us have a big cake,
Let us say "Hooray!"
Let it be my birthday every day!

VI. Write correct form of word (Days of week)
ydnusa- Sunday

daynom- Monday

ydaseut- Tuesday

srudahty- Thurday

dyawdesen- Wednesday

ifryad- Friday

daruatsy- Saturday

VII. Dramatization.

(voice excerpt from the cartoon "Madagascar" where everybody congratulates Marty Happy Birthday)

And now dear boys and girls we are going to celebrate Martin’s birthday. Let's start!

(So the author presents part of the passage , explains its essence)

Glory: Here is your present!

Martin: Oh, thank you very much! I like it.

Melmon: Take my present, please.

Martin: Oh, it’s great! Thank you!

Melmon: Happy birthday! Happiness, lucky, everything!

Alex: I wish you good luck!

Song “Happy birthday”.

Monkeys: Oh, no.

Alex: Let’s have some meat.

Glory: Let’s have a cake.

Martin: Ok, it’s very tasty! I love you very much my dear friends! Thanks a lot!

Teacher: Thank you very much! Sit down, please.

VIII. Conclusion

Dear boys and girls thank you for your work and so many thanks to our teachers and guests that watching our lesson. Today we have learned the most interesting theme about our birthday, and which season is it that. Also new vocabulary.

Now, open your diaries and write down your home task. Your home task is: Learn new words and write best wishes to your best friend.

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