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Открытый урок по английскому языку "Education in Kazakhstan"

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The opened lesson

Lesson1. Module 3. Education in Kazakhstan

The date 14.11

The form: 10a

The theme: Lesson 1. Module 3. Education in Kazakhstan.

The aim: Introduction of new words, text and work with them. Development students speaking, writing and reading skills.

Bringing up students to talk about the role of education in our life.

The type of Lesson: Introduction of new material.

The aids: White board, cards.

The procedure of the lesson.

Warm up.

Presentation of new material



Checking the home task

Assessment of the students.


Warm up. We’ll play the word games.

I’ll say the names of disease and the student say of the specialist who deals with this disease.

Eye doctor- oculist,

Heart doctor – cardiologist

Deals with skin problems – dermatologist

We’ll work with the vocabulary.

Exercise 1. Divide the words into two group: related to man or to technique.

We’ll write this task on the blackboard.

Related to man

Related to technique














Exercise 2. I’ll give one minute to remember active and topical vocabulary and ask students to give synonyms of these words.

Elaborate – devise. Faint –weak tedious – boring yield – give to go through – sift.

Exercise 3. Choose the right word to complete the sentences to their exercise book then I’ll check up their words.

Before reading exercise 7 we’ll do exercises then I’ll give cards with the new words and their translations from exercise 6.

We’ll repeat new words for several time then the students read them with translations. After this I’ll give three minutes to read the text themselves then we’ll read the text. Then I’ll give these schemes.

  1. Прямая со стрелкой 1TПрямая со стрелкой 2Прямая со стрелкой 3Прямая со стрелкой 4Прямая со стрелкой 5Прямая со стрелкой 6Прямая со стрелкой 7Прямая со стрелкой 8Прямая со стрелкой 9Прямая со стрелкой 10he history of education in Kazakhstan.

20th 1916 20000 10 1935 1943 1942-1945

1932 8 March 1942

b) Find out the sentences from the text.

1. Five sentences in the Past Perfect Passive

2. Four sentences in the Past Continuous Tense.

Answer the questions

1 .What kind of schools were there on the eve of 1916 on the Kazakhstan territory?

2. What events are connected with the date of March 8, 1932?

3. What world – famous science were popular at that time?

4. What spheres of science were popular at that time?

5. What spheres of science are popular now a days.


Home task to read abd be ready do retell the text.

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