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ИнфоурокИностранные языкиКонспектыОткрытый урок по английскому языку на тему "Celebrating holidays"(6 класс)

Открытый урок по английскому языку на тему "Celebrating holidays"(6 класс)


Урок на тему: «Celebrating holidays»

Teacher: Yanguy Aida Shisyrovna

Grade: 6G

The aims of the lesson:

  • To talk about The British and Kazakh holidays;

  • To develop speaking skills and reading abilities;

  • To bring up knowledge about customs and traditions of the English speaking countries.

Type of lesson: Presenting new topic “Celebrating holidays”

Material: English 6, unit 6, step 4 page 118.

Equipment: handouts, Interactive board, pictures, cards, sweets

(Presentation from Power Point program), etc.

Procedures of the lesson:

  1. Open class greeting/ Building up situation

  • Good morning, boys & girls! ...

  • How are you today? …

  • Which season is it now? …

  • What date is it today? ….

  1. Checking home tasks:

  • Boys and girls, please tell me what was your homework?...

  • Homework: to learn the song “Jingle Bells”

  • Let’s check it! (Teacher with pupils sing a song “Jingle Bells”)

III. Presenting new theme:

  • Pre-reading task:

Teacher shows pictures and asks the questions,

Make predictions, pair work:

  • Boys and girls, could you tell me please, what is this?

  • A sweet, eggs, New Year, drinks, etc….

  • Ok, tell me what will we talk about today?...

  • Holidays …..

  • Exactly !Today we will talk about “Celebrating holidays”

  • And also we will know about British holidays and traditions, and customs of the English Speaking countries…

  • Boys and girls please open your notebook and write down the date of today and the new theme.

Pre-teach vocabulary:

  • Let’s work with pronunciations! Listen and repeat.

Decorate [‘decә,reit], v – to make something look more attractive by putting things on it (украшать)

Chimney [‘tʃimni], n – a structure through which smoke or steam is carried up away from a fire (дымовая труба)

Celebrate [‘selibreite], v –to show a day or an event is important by doing something special on it (праздновать)

Celebration [selibreiʃən], n- a special event that people organize in order to celebrate something (празднование)

Neighbour [neibə], n – a person who lives next to you or near you (сосед)

Costume [‘kəstju:m], n- the clothes worn by people from a particular place or during a particular historical period (костюм)

Guest [gest], n- a person that you have invited to your house (гость)

Knock [ nɔk], v – to hit a door (стучать)

Trick [trik], n – something that you do to make somebody believe something which is not true (трюк, хитрость)

Treat [tri:t], n- a thing that somebody enjoyed or is likely to enjoy very much (угощение)

Roast [rəust], adj- cooked in an oven or over a fire (жаренный)

Turkey [‘tə:ki], n – a large bird that is often kept for its meat, eaten especially at Christmas in Britain and at Thanksgiving in the USA(индюк)

Pie [pai], n- fruit or vegetables baked in a dish with pastry on the bottom (пирог)

Sock [sɔk], n- a piece of clothing that is worn over the foot (носок)

Stocking [‘stɔkiɳ], n- either of a pair of thin pieces of clothing that fit closely over a woman’s legs and feet (чулок)

Traditional [trədiʃnəl], adj- being part of the beliefs, customs or way of life of a particular group of people that have not changed for a long time (традиционный)

  • Boys and girls, open your dictionary book, and write down the new words:

IV. Listening. Teacher presents new topic “British and American holidays”

After presenting topic teacher divides pupils into 3groups, is treating children with sweets which have a different colors (3 colors)

  • While-reading task: read 1st, time. Text from exercise 2A, ">Read 2nd, time: to match the holidays with the information, exercise 2A,page -118

  • It’s very good! Now, boys and girls please open your book on the page and make the next task:

  • Post-reading task:

Exercise 3E, page – 120 read the text again complete the sentences.

  1. Children dressed ____costumes knock ____the neighbours doors…

  2. It you don’t give them sweets or money they play a trick ___ you.

  1. They dress ____ costumes and cover their faces ___masks.

  2. They hope that Santa Claus will come ____ the chimney during the night.

  3. They gather together ____a home _______ a traditional dinner.

  • An excellent! And stand up let’s limber up!

V. Limbering up.

Head and shoulders, knees and toes”

VI. Practice activities:

  • Boys and girls, please tell me what holiday do you like? Why?

Teacher gives pupils paper and markers, and asks

- Boys and girls please write down and draw the information of your holiday. I’ll give you 7minutes to do it.

Pupils presenting their work

And, now, the last game. Look at the blackboard, please, and find the right date for every holiday:

January, 1


April – May

New Year

March, 22

Thanksgiving Day

December, 25

St. Valentine's Day





February, 14


VII. Reflection. Teacher gives to children cards, and asks pupils write down the wishes from the lesson and to stick the wishes with the picture on the board.

VIII. Home task:

Reading: Exercise 5B to read the text about “Bonfire Night”, page – 121.

VIII. Lesson result: Students assessments.

Each groups give marks each other.

The lesson is over! Good bye!

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