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Открытый урок по английскому языку на тему "Ancient Egypt"

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Открытый урок в 10 классе

на тему:

"Ancient Egypt"


Кибизов А. Ю.

г. Владикавказ

2016 г.

Subject: Ancient Egypt

Objectives: By the end of the lesson students will be able

  • to speak about Ancient Egypt.

  • learn the difference between the words "for" and "during",

"on time"-"in time", "at the end- in the end", "after"-"afterwards".

  • To use synonyms in their speech.

1 Warming Up

Teacher -Good afternoon boys and girls. Let's begin our lesson. Look at the smartboard. You can see some pictures. Can you guess what country they are from?






2 Pre-Watching

Student 1 -It's Egypt!

Teacher -You are right, it's Egypt. What do you think about when Ancient Egypt is mentioned.

Student 2 - I think about Pyramids, the Sahara desert, the Nile, Pharaoh, treasures.

Teacher -Do you know on what continent it is situated?

Student 1 -It is situated in Africa.

Teacher - There are so many historic monuments and artifacts in Egypt. Do you know why they preserved?

Student 2 They preserved because of dry climate.

Teacher -Do you know any other civilizations?

Student 1 -I know Ancient Greece, Rome, China, India

Teacher -As you have already understood the subject of our lesson is Ancient Egypt. We will watch a documentary about Ancient Egypt. But first let us read the questions. You will have to answer them.

3 Watching the documentary

Student's Hand Out

Answer the following questions:

  1. What do people think about when Egypt is mentioned?

  2. Why were lands near the Nile ideal for farming?

  3. What allowed them to grow good crops?

  4. Why was trade so developed? What did the Ancient Egyptians use as trade route?

  5. What protected Ancient Egypt from attacks from the South?

  6. How was the social life of Ancient Egyptians organised? Who was at the top? At the bottom?

  7. Why were the pyramids built?

  8. What happened to the people who opened the tomb of Tutankamon?

  9. Who created the modern calendar?

  10. What sciences were developed in Ancient Egypt?

  11. What did Napoleon want to find in Egypt in 1799?

  12. What helped Europeans to read Egyptian hieroglyphs?

  13. Why did the power of pharaoh decrease?


Pupils watch the documentary, answer the questions.

4 Grammar Practice

Teacher - Today we'll learn the difference between the function words expressing time. Open your textbooks at page 25. Let's read the rule.

5 Grammar Drill

Teacher - Let us do ex. 23 at page26

6 Writing Practice

Now make up your own sentences using Function words

8 Conclusion

Teacher- Pupils, did you like the lesson?

Student 1 - As for me I liked the lesson very much. I liked the documentary film so much. I didn't know that Egyptians could make operations 2000 years ago.

Student 2- So did I, I liked making up sentences.

Teacher- Today our lesson was dedicated to the Ancient Egypt. Thank you for the lesson

9 Homework

Now put down your homework ex. 15 p. 17. in your Activity Books. You will have to translate the sentences from Russian into English. There's the bell. See you tomorrow. Goodbye.

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