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Открытый урок по английскому языку на тему: What do you know about famous travellers?

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hello_html_m2a7690f7.gifhello_html_m2a7690f7.gifhello_html_m2a7690f7.gifhello_html_m2a7690f7.gifhello_html_68465324.gifhello_html_ad8d15b.gifhello_html_m57d2bec1.gifThe theme of lesson: What do you know about famous travelers?

 The objectives of the lesson:


summarize the received knowledge about explorers.


broaden the horizons of the students, develop memory, attention.

development of creative abilities.

 Bringing up:

ability to work in a team (in groups).


the portraits of the travelers;

the cards with the names of travelers;

lists of the texts


communicative methodology;

group method of training.

 Lesson progress

I. Organizational point (greeting message, the subject of the lesson).

II. Checking up the hometask.

Good afternoon, children. At this lesson we are going to repeat everything we have learnt about travelers, explorers and their discoveries, work with words, grammar, and do different activities that you have learnt.  The theme of our lesson “What do you know about famous travelers?”

III. The Main part of the lesson.

1. Why do people travel?

We all like to travel, but what are reasons we leave home? What is the most popular reason for travelling? Education, getting away from problems, curiosity, health problems, job, holiday making, broaden our mind.

But today we are going to talk about people whom do we call explorers. Can you name me Great or Famous Explorers or Travelers? Yes, Nikolai Przhewalski, James  Cook, Christopher Columbus, Chokan Valikhanov and others.

Before talking on travelers, let’s see if you know the information on the topic.  Let’s try to guess the names of travelers. Yes, this is Chokan Valikhanov, and Christopher Columbus.

1. Look at the slides and remember all the information about these famous travelers.

2. Let’s divide the class into two groups: “Chokan”,  “Christopher”.

3. The next pages will be devoted to Chokan Valikhanov and Christopher Columbus. You’ve read so much about them. And now let’s remember their biographies.

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus was born in  Italy in 1451. Living by the Mediterranean Sea he longed to be a sailor. He began sailing on Italian ships at the age of 14. When Columbus was 25 he was sailing on a ship headed for England. Columbus opened a shop that sold maps and books for sailors. There he became a map maker and began reading books. He read a book written by Marco Polo. Columbus went to the king and queen of Spain: King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella to ask them for three ships to try out his idea of traveling west to reach the East. In March 1493 Columbus sailed back to Spain with a few Indians. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella named him Admiral of the Ocean Sea.

Columbus sailed to America three more times in 1493, 1498, and 1502. He found San Salvador and then Cuba which he called Juana, but he found few riches on his voyages. He died a man of average wealth on May 20, 1506 in Spain.

The first task for every team is “Answer the questions”.

1.Who discovered America?

2.Whose book did he read?

3.When did he sail to England?

4.How did King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella name him?

5.What countries did he find?

Shokan Ualikhanov

Shokan Ualikhanov was born in November in 1835. He was a Kazakh scientist, ethnographer and a historian.

Shokan spent his childhood in his father’s traditional yurt. His father sent him to a small private school in 1842 when he was six. He moved to his grandmother’s home. Ualikhanov entered the military academy in Omsk in 1847. He read a lot of books in Russian. He travelled in Central Asia in the late 1850s.

In 1856 he went to the region of Issyq Kul where he had his first successful expedition. In 1857 he went to Russia to report about the results of the expedition and there he became the member of the Russsian Geographical Society.

He died on April 10, 1865 at the age of 29. His works are still popular.

The first task for every team is “Answer the questions”

1.What was Chokan’s full name?

2.Who gave him his nickname?

3.Where did he spend his childhood?

4.Where did he study?

5. What was his successful expedition?

IV. Claster.





Mediterranean Sea

;Christopher Columb

Chokan Ualikhanov

Opened shop

1506, May

Read a book (Marco polo)



1847, Omsk Academy

Read Russian books

V. Синквейн .

- You must write in this type

1. noun

2. 2 verbs

3. 3 adjectives

4. 2 words

5. noun (synonym)

2. The second task for every team is “Interesting words”. 

Choose from the three words given below the word, which is best. Say the sentence using the correct word:

The 1-st group.

1.(On-at-in) 1858, Valikhanov made a trip to Kashgaria.

2.He made a very important work (at-of-by) studying the geography, history, culture and life of that country.

3.In July 1960, (after-on-by) the order (in-on-of) Russian Tsar Alexander, Chokan was sent (in-by-to) Petersburg.

4.(After-in-on) the spring of 1861 because (by-of-on) a serious disease, he returned to Omsk.

5.Educated Russian officers and scientists stimulated the boy’s interest (of-in-for) art and literature.

The 2-nd group.

1.Christopher Columbus discovered America (to-of-in) 1492.

2.In 1492 the King and Queen (of-on-by) Spain gave him money to go (to-out-from) India.

3.(After-to-by) sailing 4000 miles he reached some land.

4.Pilgrims wanted to start a new life and to have no religious problems they had (in-on-under)

5.Accompanied (to-on-by) his followers, Columbus made several other voyages (for-in-after) search (for-of-to)

3. The third task for every team is   “Who? When? What? Which? Whom? ”

Read the sentences aloud, filling the empty places with who, where, whom, which, what, that.

1. It was Chokan’s grandmother … told the little boy beautiful Kazakh legends.

2.From early childhood Chokan was fond of Kazakh folk songs … he heard from people around him.

3.It was Valikhanov … the Tsar decided to send to China.

 Read the sentences aloud, filling the empty places with who, where, whom, which, what, that.

1. Up to that time three parts … are called Europe, Asia and Africa were known in the world.

2. The name America … was at first applied to Brazil, later to South America was given to the whole of the New World.

3.Columbus, … has been at sea for a long time, called the first people he saw “Indians”.

VI. Conclusion. Vienn Diagramm.




VII. Marking.

VIII. Giving homework.

- Your homework write down the essay about “If you want to be a traveler”

IX. Ending of the lesson.

  • The lesson is over

  • Goodbye, children.

West Kazakhstan region. Zhanibek. School№1

Prepared by: Esmurzina B.B.


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