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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Открытый урок по английскому языку на тему "Describing places"
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Открытый урок по английскому языку на тему "Describing places"



Theme: Describing places


  • communicative

To enable students to take part in social conversations (describe places with appropriate words); to revise already known adjectives describing places; to present new words and to provide learners with useful expressions to make their speech more diverse

  • developing

To develop ability to work in pairs and in groups, collaborative skills through creative tasks

  • educational

To enlarge pupils` outlook and to enhance their ability to make a decision


  • to have students to match words with their synonyms

  • to read the dialogue and make their own

  • to listen to the video

  • to make a decision using six thinking hats

  • to write the story

Learning outcomes: By the end of the lesson students will be able to

  • Use lots of adjectives to describe places and places in the city

  • Create the model of their own city

  • Explain the meaning of words to each other

Aids: handouts, billboard, pictures, hats and blackboard.

Organizational moment: Good afternoon, students! How are you? (Teacher greets students and takes attendance.) Today we will learn how to describe places, cities and design the model of our own city.


(Revision of what they already learned.)

  1. Write a sentence using the word written in your card and read it. (2 min)

(The students are given cards with a word in them. They have to make up a sentence using their words.)

Words: crowded, beautiful, peaceful, noisy, ancient, modern, beach, city, holiday, touristy, dangerous, fantastic.

  1. Match the words with their synonyms (2min)


Presentation: (4min)



Buildings in the city

Shopping centre museum

Cathedral hospital

Library bank

Swimming pool police station

(The teacher provides students with the most widely used questions and useful expressions for describing places)


What is London like? What do you like?

Какой Лондон город? Что тебе нравится?

Like-adj. похожий Likev. нравиться

Grammar (2 min)

(Teacher asks some questions to check learners` understanding.)

Ex: Do you like ice-cream?

Are you like your mother?

Reading (2min)

Susan: What`s London like?

Jennifer: It`s big and interesting but there are too many people.

Susan: What is the food like?

Jennifer: It`s fantastic. You can buy food from every part of the world. There are Greek, Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Indian restaurants too, but they are all very expensive.

Susan: What are the buildings like?

Jennifer: There are all kinds. Some are very old, like the Tower of London. Some are very modern…


  1. Read the dialogue and make up your own, using the questions and useful expressions. (5 min)

  1. Listening (4 min)

Listen and watch. Answer the questions. (What is the …like?)

  1. What are the buildings like in the city?

  2. What is the weather like today?

  3. What is the food like in the city?

  4. What are the shops like in the city?

  1. Speaking

Six Thinking Hats (13 min)

C:\Users\Кымбат\Desktop\Six_Hats_PCard_1.jpg C:\Users\Кымбат\Desktop\312fcbf6e5a8ba55451cc74d5d95e216.jpg

Task: Students, now we will work in pairs, but we will make a decision reflecting upon it from six different points of view.

You will run your own business via opening a shopping mall in a residential are next to the hotel and department stores. Before coming up with the idea of opening a shopping mall, you had a choice between opening cinema, hotel or shopping mall. Think carefully and decide whether it is the right choice, the right place to open it and think of possible positive and negative sides of opening it.


The students are divided in six. Each pair gets a hat of one of the six colours: white, red, green, yellow, black and blue.

  • White hat: What do we have? How much money will we invest?

Give the general information about the shopping mall we are going to open. (Think up how many floors it will have, what departments there will be, etc.)

  • Red hat: What will be the reaction of people when they see our shopping mall? Think of how to make it amazing, so that it will attract people.

  • Green hat: What will make our shopping mall different from others? What ideas do you have for grandiose opening ceremony?

Devise an original name for our shopping centre and come up with an original idea of how to increase the number of people coming to our shopping mall.

  • Yellow hat: What will be the positive sides of opening the shopping mall next to the hotel? Why is it better than opening hotel or department store?

Think of benefits of the decision to open a shopping mall and value of it.

  • Black hat: What will be the negative sides of opening the shopping mall in a residential area? Why it might not work? What will we do in case people don`t like it?

Think of negative sides and possible negative outcomes.

  • Blue hat: What to do: open or not? How to handle with the negative sides and outcomes?

Try to solve the possible negative outcomes and decide whether to open it or not.

(At the end, the students will decide whether to open the shopping mall)

Writing(5 min)

Work in groups.

Crazy city”

Write about an imagined crazy city. Write about its size, population, food, weather and buildings. Try to make it as crazy and unrealistic as possible.

(The students are divided in 2 groups. Look at the example: ex. 5 p. 166. )


Game “Explain it without naming” (3-4 min)


The teacher gives every student a card, where a word is written or a picture that depicts a wonderful place. Every student should stand in front of the class to explain verbally the word written in his card or the place depicted in the picture but he/she shouldn`t name the word itself.


  1. Draw a model of the city you have designed as a class.

  2. Write a description essay about your favourite city. (50-80 words)

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