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Открытый урок по английскому языку на тему : “ Health freak”

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The plan of the demonstrative lesson

The theme: “ Health freak”

The aims of the lesson:

Educational: Talking about the ways of keeping fit, discussing, exchanging ideas.

Introducing with the new words. Reading the text : “Health freak”

Discussing of some strange behavior of Harold. Interviewing.

Developing : developing the pupils’ speaking, reading, writing and thinking abilities.

Bring-up objectives: teaching pupils to be healthy, to care of their health and to

solve to be or not to be a health freak.

Visual aids: interactive board, , slides, pictures.

hello_html_m4b523788.gifhello_html_73585292.gifhello_html_195efa50.gifThe plan of the lesson: Time

  1. Ohello_html_73585292.gifrganization moment Phonetic drill 2 min

  2. Thello_html_18dbfe5d.gifalking about good, bad health habits 5 min

  3. Chello_html_1f3169ec.gifhecking the home task 3 min

  4. New lesson. “Health freak”

  1. Pre- reading tasks 3 min

  2. Reading the text . JIGSAW reading 6 min

  3. hello_html_5f9bb1e5.gifPost – reading tasks 16 min

  1. hello_html_m3ef2278.gifTop Ten Signs you are a health freak. 3 min

  2. Chello_html_3eb57ff7.gifonclusion. Do you want to be a health freak? 3 min

  3. Hhello_html_1e03583f.gifome task 2 min

  4. Ghello_html_m56cef7e1.gifiving marks and end of the lesson. 2 min

The procedure of the lesson: 45 min

  1. Organization moment

T: Good morning dear guests and pupils. I’m glad to see you at my lesson. You are welcome! Who is on duty today? Who is absent? What date and day is it today?

T: At the beginning of my lesson I want to show how I like my pupils. That’s

why let’s read this poem.

The night is beautiful

So the faces of my pupils

The stars are beautiful

So the eyes of my pupils

Beautiful also is the sun

Beautiful also are the souls of my pupils

T: My dear boys and girls ,you are the most beautiful and the most intelligent

and I like you. Thank you . let’s begin our lesson.

  1. Talking about good, bad health habits

T: We all want to be healthy and to live long, but we have good and bad health habits .Now we’ll speak about them. Let’s write good and bad health habits

on association. What kind of good and bad health habits do you know?

Do you know what is personal hygiene? Is it good or bad health habit ?

P: I think it’s a good health habit if we comply it.

T: What must you do in order to comply personal hygiene? Let’s write them.

  1. Checking the home task.

T: Now let’s begin our lesson with checking the home task.

What was your home work?

P 1: To write a short essay about the healthy ways to be fit.

T: Who wants to read your essay?

(One or two pupils read their essays)

T: Thank you. I see that you have written about your healthy ways of life and now I want to know if your good health habits useful for you.

P1: Of course good health habits keep us healthy and also attract the attention of the people in our surroundings.

P 2: It helps us in maintaining a good reputation and rapport with our teachers, friends, seniors. It makes a good citizen of our country.

P3: If anyone keep all good habits ,they’ll have a good life and live happily and prosper.

T: I think that all of you will only good health habits and always be healthy and wealthy. Thank you for your sharing your opinions and now

Today we’ll speak about health freak .

IV . New lesson. “Health freak”

a) Pre- reading tasks

b) Reading the text . JIGSAW reading

c) Post – reading tasks

T: And now our new lesson . the theme is “Health freak”

T: Do you know who is the health freak?

Health freak” - a person who thinks only of his/ her health.

a) Pre- reading tasks:

Before reading the text you can ask questions health freak about what you

want to know about him or her. Please your questions.

F/e questions:

P1: Do you go in for sports?

P2: What food do you eat?

P3: When do you get up and go to bed?

P4: How often do you go to doctors?

P5: Do you like to watch TV?

T: Good I see that you want to know much about him. Then let’s introduce with the new words of the text.

New words:

  • Health freak - тек денсаулығын ғана ойлайтын адам

  • To lift dumb – bell- гантель көтеру

  • Raw- шикі

  • Garlic- честнок

  • Disgusting- өте жаман, дәмсіз

  • To protect- қорғау

  • Seed- дән

  • Firm- фирма

  • Provide- қамтамасыз ету

  • To rush - ұмтылу

  • To damage зиян келтіру

  • Germ- микроб

  • Tent- шатыр

b) Reading the text.

T: You introduced with the new words and now I want you to divide you into two groups. Please name two fruits that helps you to be healthy.

P: Apples , Oranges.

T: That’s right . First group will be apples and the second group will be

oranges. Please take your parts of the text, read attentively try to understand and then you’ll read and translate . I’ll give you some time.

c)Post – reading tasks:

1.Drawing pictures to the text and speaking.

T: If you understand the text, please draw pictures to the text and then try to

speak about them. I’ll give you some time.

If you are ready let’s protect your work.

( Two groups draw their pictures and speak about them )

2. Filling the text

T: Thank you very much. I like your paintings Now your next task , I’ll give

the text without some words , you must fill them in a group.

First group:

  1. Harold is a … manager. He’s a health … .He … … for 30 minutes. For breakfast he eats a raw … with … . He never goes by … . He walks with a … everywhere. At the office he washes his … ten times. He eats 15 … … .

  1. After work he rushes home to water the … . He thinks the plants provide … . He sometimes listen to the … , but never … He rarely goes to the … or the … -there are too many … . He goes to … early. In summer he sleeps in a … . Every month he sees the … .

  1. Work with the pictures . ( True or False )

T: And now look at the board to the pictures and say if they are true or

false. If it’s false correct it.

  1. Acting out the text.

T: I see that you understood the text and the last task for you to act out

this text. Who wants to be Harold? You can ask questions or say their

may be your wishes to him . Please be active.

P1: I want to know why do you eat raw eggs , I think it’s not good for your


H: As far as I know raw eggs keep more vitamins than fried or boiled eggs ,

that’s why I think those vitamins are useful for me.

P2: I wonder, how you never use public transport or cars. Do you always go

on food?

H: No doubt. I think transport is very dangerous , but sometime I can use bike

but never transport. I like to go on foot.

P3: To my mind you are always hungry because eat only sunflower seeds and

onion for lunch , it’s incredibly funny.

H: I quite disagree with you , because I eat only light food I don’t feel


V. Top Ten Signs you are a health freak.

1. You are vegetarian .
2. Everything is Green.
3.You’re an encyclopedia of health terms and foods.

4. You never skip gym.

5.Brown bread

6.Essential nutrients!

7.Shopping for food is a thorough activity.

8.No fat.

9.You’re always up to date on health matters.

10. You are green person

T: These are Top Ten Signs you are a health freak. Do you have any of them? May be you have some of them , but it doesn’t mean that you are a health freak, it must be decided by yourself.

VI. Conclusion. Do you want to be a health freak?

T: At our lesson we have talked much about health freak and at the end of

Our lesson I want to know if you want to be a health freak.

Do you want to be a health freak?

P1: No, I don’t to be a health freak , because I think they are some strange

people , I can’t eat only raw eggs or sunflower seeds , then I’ll be hungry.

P2: I agree with my friend, because their behavior are really funny , for

example to wear always masks or not to use public transport , I want to

live as a normal person.

P3: I don’t fully agree with my friends because I like some his actions.

F/e: growing plants, doing exercises, sleeping in a fresh air. But I don’t

want to be as Harold.

  1. Home task

To write an essay on theme : Do you want to be a health freak?

VIII. Giving marks and end of the lesson.

I satisfied with your work . You all were active today. Your marks ……..

The lesson is over . Good bye!




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