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Открытый урок по английскому языку на тему "Healthy life"

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Коммунальное государственное учреждение

Березовская средняя школа

Разработка урока-викторины по английскому языку

в 9 классе


Разработала: Панченко Анастасия Владимировна,

учитель английского языка

С. Березовка

2015 год

Урок-викторина разработан на основе изученного материала по теме «Health habits. To be or not to be a vegetarian», 9 класс, УМК English 9 Т.Аяпова, З.Абильдаева, Ж.Тутбаева-Алматы, Мектеп 2013

Тема урока: “A Healthy Life”.

Цель урока: систематизировать и обобщить знания учащихся по теме «Health habits. To be or not to be a vegetarian».

Задачи урока:


- совершенствовать умения и навыки практического владения английским языком;

- обобщить лексический материал по теме «Health» и изучить новый в игровой форме;

- обобщить грамматический материала (Present Simple; Present Perfect Continuous Tense);

- обучать навыкам работы в мультимедийной среде;

- расширять кругозор учащихся по выбранной теме;


- познакомить учащихся с основными витаминами и их функциями;

- познакомить учащихся с рекомендациями по ЗОЖ.


- развивать коммуникативные умения и навыки говорения, , чтения и письма по теме;

- развивать творческие способности учащихся;

- развивать память, внимание и мышление;

- развивать умения высказывать свое мнение и делать выводы;

- развивать навыки взаимопонимания и сотрудничества.


- воспитывать привычку к здоровому образу жизни:

- воспитывать умения внимательно слушать и уважать мнения одноклассников;

- стимулировать интерес к изучению английского языка, вовлекая их в коллективную творческую деятельность.

Форма урока: урок-викторина.

Оборудование: компьютер, мультимедийный проектор, раздаточный материал, призы.


  1. Warming up.

T. Today our meeting is devoted to a very important problem. As you know some people are healthy, some people are unhealthy. Health is the most precious thing in people’s life. We can’t buy health, but we can do a lot to keep it. In order to be healthy we should follow some special rules. The series of pictures on the screen will help you to guess what we are going to discuss today.

  • What can you see in the first picture?

  • What can you see in the second picture?

  • What can you see in the third picture?

  • Now look at all these pictures at once. What do they represent? Can you guess what we are going to speak about?

P. I think we are going to speak about health.

T. Right you are. So today we are going to talk about our health, about what we should do to be healthy

T. Thank you. Good for you. And let’s have a competition. So you should divide into two teams. Name your teams, please.

PP. We are “_____” and “_______s”

  1. So this is your task. There are some categoryson the blackboard and your task is to choose one of them, answer the question. If the question is write I will give you a point, if not, the opposite command may ask the question and earn the point. Is it clear? Ok let’s go. Let’s cast lots to decide who will be the first.

  1. Ok the first is……

T. Thank you. Good for you.. Our next competition will consist of different contests. For each contest your team will get some points. The team that gets more points at the end of the competition wins. Are the rules clear to you? I wish you success and good luck.

3. A magic flower.

We have learned much about health, vitamins, healthy food and healthy way of life. And in the conclusion I think the magic flower will help us to see what have you really learned . I will give each of you a colored petal and you will fill in it writing what you do to keep fit. And then you’ll come up to the blackboard and fix your petal round the centre.

T. I’m glad to see that our magic flower is so beautiful and you take care of your health and do a lot to keep fit.

4. Conclusion.

T. Our lesson has come to an end. I see that you know much about the main rules of keeping fit. And I hope that you will continue to take care of your health in everyday life in future. Thank you for your work. You were very active today. And now let’s see which team is the winner of our competition. Please, count your points. How many points do you have?

- So our competition ends in a draw. Friendship always wins! My congratulations! You all deserve excellent marks!

Section Vocabulary

Translate the words



Junk food


Finish the sentence

A vegetarian does not eat…….they eat….

Name the popular ways to lose weight

Complete the sentences

  1. Ann became a vegetarian because…

  2. Luara thinks it’s healthier to eat meat because….

Name the reasons for being a vegetarian/ reasons for not being a vegetarian

Section Idioms

Translate the idiom

My exam was a piece of cake

Name the idiom

To drink too much alcohol

To dislike something

Make up sentences using these idioms

Smell a rat

Like a fish out of water

A piece of cake

hello_html_6259f6aa.pnghello_html_m483b2856.pnghello_html_m470b07af.pngName the idioms

Translate the sentences from Russian into English

Асем была любимчиком учителя

Я настолько голодна, что готова съесть слона

Артур не может усидеть на одном месте

Section Translation

Translate the sentence

I gave up meat because I think it’s wrong to kill animals

Make the proverb about health and give the translation of it

1. wealth is good above health

2. a day apple an away keeps doctor a

Translate the sentences

1. Early to bed and early to rise makes a man

healthy, wealthy and wise.

2. A sound mind in a sound body

Translate from Russian into English

Я себя чувствую прекрасно и думаю что вегетарианство самый здоровый образ жизни

Translate the phrases

People became more health-conscious

Now buying only organic and healthy food, eating more fruits and vegetables, as well as going in for sports and keeping fit are in.

Section Grammar

 Поставьте глагол в следующем предложении в утвердительную, вопросительную и отрицательную формы Present Simple.

 He (to eat) fresh apples.

Translate into English

Она вегетарианка

Она ест мясо?

Он не ест овощи

Раскройте скобки, используя Present Perfect Continuous.

All these days he _________ (talk) about his new plan.
You ___________ (watch) TV too long.

Answer the question using Present Perfect Continuous Tense

How long have you been eating vegetables?

How long have you been taking vitamins?

Раскройте скобки, предварительно поставив глаголы в форму Present Perfect Continuous.

Greg:    Molly! Call our waiter again! Molly:   I___________ (try) to call him. Greg:    Molly!  We_____________ (sit) here for twenty-five minutes... and I’m not going to wait any more! Molly:   I’m sorry, dear... but he’s again talking to that nice girl. Greg:    Yes, he ____________ (talk) to her since we came in.

Section Creative task

Make a list of healthy food

Draw the poster “Healthy way of life”

and present it to the class

Make the conversation.

Student A- do not eat meat. He(she)is vegetarian

Student B- eat meat and think it is normally

Continue the dialog

-          What`s the matter with you? 
-          I feel bad. I have a high temperature



You have won the prize 50 points


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