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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Открытый урок по английскому языку на тему "William Shakespeare"
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  • Иностранные языки

Открытый урок по английскому языку на тему "William Shakespeare"


Сабақтың тақырыбы: William Shakespeare

Сабақтың мақсаты:

Әлемнің ең әйгілі драматургтарының бірі Уильям Шекспир жайында іздене отырып жан-жақты мәлімет алады.


- Шетел мәдениетіне деген қызығушылығын арттыра отырып,алған білімін өмірмен ұштастыра біледі. 
- Тақырып бойынша алған жан жақты білімдерін талдап жинақтау арқылы сөйлеу дағдысын дамытады

Сабақтың түрі: Аралас сабақ.

Сабақтың әдісі: Топтастыру, түсіндіру, СТО технологияларының әдістері.

Сабақтың көрнекілігі: Уильям Шекспирге байланысты интернет желісінен алынған деректер, суреттер, түрлі-түсті маркерлер, А-3 форматты қағаз,стикер

Пайдаланылған әдебиет:  Интернет желісі.

Пәнаралық байланыс: әдебиет,тарих.

Procedure of the lesson:

I.Organisation moment

Beginning activities:

Greeting, short conversation with students  on duty.

Good morning, students!

I’m glad to see you!

Thank you, sit down.

Let’s begin our lesson.

Who is on duty today?

Who is absent?

What date/day is it today?  

What is the weather like today?

Good morning, teacher.

We are glad to see you too.

I’m on duty.

Today is….

The weather is….

2 min

II. Divide into groups.

«Топқа бөлу»  -әдісі. 

Dear boys and girls! I’ll divide you into three groups: “Comedy”, “Tragedy” and “Sonnet”. Be ready in groups to discuss and answer my questions.

(30секундық видеоролик арқылы студенттерге ұжымдық жұмыстарына сәттілік тілеу)

1-group “Comedy”

2-group “Tragedy”


Watching the video.

1 slide (video)

1 min

ІІІ.Pre-reading task. Қызығушылықты ояту.

        «William Shakespeare» видеоролигі жүреді, «Ой қозғау» әдісін пайдалана отырып, сұрақтар қою.

At first, I would like you to guess the theme of our today’s lesson.

I think this video helps you to guess.

What’s the name of this tragedy?

Who wrote?

-Do you know the name of this man?

-Who is he?

      As you can guess from the short extract from the film the theme of our lesson today is… (pupil’s answer) Yes? You are right. Today we are going to speak about one of the greatest English writers William Shakespeare, his life and creative work.

Begin to talk about video about William S

.and guessing the theme of the lesson.

Answer the questions .

It is “Romeo and Juliette”

He is William S.

Today we talk about Shakespeare.

2 slide


3 slide

5 min

ІV. New lesson

Мағынаны тану.

 «Джигсо-1»-әдісі арқылы үш топқа ,  3 бөлікке бөлінген мәтін таратылады. Топ мүшелері бірін-бірі оқытуға, сол арқылы ойлануға үйренеді.

I топ- Shakespeare’s childhood and youth. 
II топ-Shakespeare’s life and work in London. 
топ-Shakespeare’s famous works. 

Read the texts and work with poster. I.

10 min

Go to the blackboard

Speaking about William S. and shows presentation

Shakespeare’s childhood and youth. William Shakespeare was born on April, 23, 1564 in the town of Stratford-upon-Avon in the family of John and Mary Shakespeare. His father, John Shakespeare was a glove-maker and a dealer in wool and had several houses in Stratford. He was a respected figure in the town. His mother, Mary Shakespeare was a rich farmer’s daughter. In his childhood William went to the Grammar school, where, besides reading and writing, he was taught Latin, Greek and other subjects. When he had free time he liked to go to the forest and to the river. When actors visited Stratford, William liked to watch them. He was interested in that profession and decided to become an actor himself. In 1582 he married Anne Hathaway. His wife was eight years older then William. He had got three children: a daughter Susanna and twins Judith and Hamnet. 

II. His life and work in London. William lived in Stratford until he was about twenty-one. Then he went to London. We don’t know why he left Stratford-upon-Avon. There is absolutely nothing about his life for the next seven years. There is a story that Shakespeare’s fist job in London was holding rich men’s horses at the theatre door. But nobody can be sure that this story is true. He became a member of the company, known as “Chamberlain’s Men “, which played at the “Theatre”. 
Shakespeare played on its stage and wrote plays for this theatre. He was a good friend to his comrades in the theatre. Shakespeare’s experience as an actor helped him greatly in writing of his plays. His knowledge of the stage and his poetical genius made his plays the most wonderful ones ever written.

      He was a very good actor and an excellent playwright. William Shakespeare lived and worked in London for 25 years. By the end of the 16th century William Shakespeare and his friends had enough money to build their own theatre — the Globe.
III. His famous works. Shakespeare wrote 37 plays. Among them there are deep tragedies, light comedies, historical dramas. The characters in Shakespeare’s plays seem as if they were real people whom we could recognize at once if we met them in ordinary life. In fact, the names of some Shakespeare’s characters, such as Hamlet, Othello, Romeo and many others, are known even to people who have never seen the plays. He wrote 154 sonnets. They tell us the history of love and friendship of the poet, his attitude to society.

     His famous works are: “Romeo and Juliet”, “Hamlet”, “Othello”, “King Lear”, “Macbeth”, “All’s Well That Ends Well”, “Twelfth Night”, “Much Ado About Nothing”, “Richard I”, “Henry IV”. 
     Shakespeare spent the last years of his life at Stratford where he died in 23rd of April, 1616.      He was buried in the church of Stratford. A monument was erected to the memory of the great playwright in the  Poet's Corner  in Westminster  Abbey.





8-10 slide


15 min


Let’s have a rest

Do some exercises


1 min

Let’s do exercises True or False
1. Shakespeare was born in the 17th century.
2. His father was a poet.
3. His wife was Anne Hathaway.
4. William Shakespeare had three children.
5. He died in Stratford-on-Avon, on April 23

( Find out are these sentences true or false) 


2 min

Who can tell me?

What does it mean? 
- 1564
- Playwright

- Stratford-on-Avon –

- 1616
- Globe Theatre

(He was born in 1564.) 

(He was a famous English playwright.) 

(S. was born in Stratford-on-Avon.) 
(He produced 37 plays.)
(He died in 1616.)

(Most of his plays were performed in the new Globe Theatre) 


2 min

Complete the sentences. 
1) W. Shakespeare is one of the …

2) He decided to become …
3) S. was both …

4) His plays were staged

5) The writer’s most famous plays are 6) His plays are still
7) S. died …

(greatest and most famous writers in the world.) 
(an actor).

 (an actor and a playwright) 
… (in many theatres).
… (“Othello”, “King Lear”, “Hamlet” and “Romeo and Juliet”).
… (popular and millions of people admire them.) (in 1616).


2 min

Round-off activities:

Sink vein

To make sink vein .

3 min


Blob’s tree

1 min

Giving marks.

Your marks for today…

1 min


Your homework is to make test about William S.

Saying good bye!

Thank you for your attention. Our lesson is over. See you the next lesson, good — bye!

Good bye!

1 Зеренді орта мектебі

Ағылшын тілі пәнінен ашық сабақ.

Тақырыбы: «William Shakespeare»

Өткізген: Кайиржан А.Ж.

2015-2016 о.ж.

2015-2016 о.ж.

T: Now let me check up your home task. Your home task is “Charles Dickens”. And now I`m sure that you are ready to do a task and check the information we`ve repeat together about Charles Dickens.


«Миға шабуыл» –әдісі. Өткен сабақта берілген тақырып бойынша сұраққа жауап береді. Студенттердің  сөздік қоры, ауызекі сөйлеуі дамиды.

1.      Where did Charles Dickens live?
2.      Where did his father work?
3.      When did his family go to London?
4.      Why did Charles have to work?
5.      What novel did Charles Dickens publish in 1837?
6.      What do his books tell us about?
7.      What did Charles Dickens show in his books?

8.      What was his first job?


«Уақыт шкаласы»-әдісі. Жазушының  өмірі  мен  шығармашылығы  туралы    кесте  толтыру арқылы білім алушылардың  есте  сақтау  қабілеті  дамиды.


«Дөңгелек үстел» әдісі бойынша студенттер өтілген тақырып бойынша бір сөйлем айтып, көршісі жалғастырады.


ІІІ. Қызығушылықты ояту.

        «William Shakespeare» видеоролигі жүреді, «Ой қозғау» әдісін пайдалана отырып, сұрақтар қою:

Teacher: Good morning, dear students!

ІV. Мағынаны тану.

 «Джигсо-1»-әдісі арқылы үш топқа ,  3 бөлікке бөлінген мәтін таратылады. Топ мүшелері бірін-бірі оқытуға, сол арқылы ойлануға үйренеді.

I топ- Shakespeare’s childhood and youth. 
II топ-Shakespeare’s life and work in London. 
топ-Shakespeare’s famous works. 


 V. Ой толғау.

«Жедел тест»-әдісі.

1. In what year was Shakespeare born?

A.    1564

B.     1616

C.     1558

D.    1592

2. What town or city was Shakespeare born in?

A.    London

B.     Stratford-upon-Avon

C.     Snitterfield

D.    Oxford

3. The names of Shakespeare's father and mother were:

A.    Abraham and Sara

B.     William and Anne

C.     John and Mary

4. Who did Shakespeare marry?

A.    Judith Sadler

B.     Susanna Hall

C.     Anne Hathaway

D.    MaryQueenofScots

5. How old was Shakespeare when he got married?

A.    17

B.     18

C.     19

D.    20  

6. Shakespeare was the father of how many children?

A.    3

B.     2

C.     7

D.    1

7. Shakespeare left his home town of Stratford because:

A.    He was caught poaching on the lands of Sir Thomas Lucy and fled to avoid prosecution.

B.     He was apprenticed to his father who was a butcher. He hated the work and ran away to London.

C.     He took a job as a school teacher in the country, and left to pursue this career.

D.    It is not known for sure how or why he left.

8. In what year did Shakespeare die?

A.    1599

B.     1616

C.     1623

D.    1642

9. How much did Shakespeare write?

A.    1 play, 38 sonnets and 154 epic narrative poems

B.     54 plays, 5 sonnets, and 38 epic narrative plays


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