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Открытый урок по английскому языку на тему (5 класс)

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My family.

The aims:

1. To expose concepts "family" and "happy family", to reduce her features.

2. To develop speech, attention, thinking, memory. To create a comfort situation for the

creative self-expression of students, display of their activity.

3.To bring up respect to the family members, people of senior generation, aesthetic taste. To assist rallying and development of class collective.

Type of lesson: mixed.

Visual aids: pictures, books, cards, a computer.

The procedure of the lesson:



-Good afternoon my dear boys and girls.

-Good afternoon teacher.

-How are you?

-We are OK!

-What month is it now?

-It is October.

-What season is it now?

-It is autumn.

OK. Do you like autumn ?

-Yes, we do.

Can you say the colors of the autumn’s leaves.(yellow,green,orange)

OK. I’ll ask you to choose colors which you want. Divide into two groups with your colors. I wish you good mood in this whole lesson.

-To name the groups. The first group’s name is “Sun” and the second group’s name is “Rain”

I have a question to the first group.

-How are you?

I’m OK. I’m so-so. I’m not bad. I’m fine. I am very well.

I wish you good luck.

I wish you only five. I wish you smile. I wish you success. I wish you

happiness. I wish you health. I wish you good luck. I wish you good mood.

-What was your home task for today?

-Our home task was for today to write essay about my family.

"Tree achievements"
  Pay attention to our lonely tree. Each of you have a different colored leaves. I ask you to take one of them (of any color) and help our tree covered with multicolored foliage.
That who has chosen green leaf, will succeed in today's lesson.
Red leaf - want to communicate.
Yellow leaf - show activity.
Blue - be persistent.
Remember that the beauty of the tree depends on you, your aspirations and expectations.

Now, I'll show you, how I am going to mark you today.

I’ll mark active pupils with trees

Read the words from the blackboard. Listen and repeat.











11. family

-Pupils, remember these words, please.

I. The song competition . ABC

II. Numbers

-Do you now the alphabet and numbers? Let’s sing The alphabet song?


Match the words and the sentences.C:\Users\User\Documents\2.jpeg

Оpen your exercise-book and write down.

Ex 1b on p 32

III. Guess the word: Who are these people?

1. My mother’s father is my ………(Grandfather)

2. My father’s mother is my ……… (Grandmother)

3. My mother’s brother is my ……… (Uncle)

4. My father’s sister is my ……….. (Aunt)

1.My brother’s mother is my …….. (My mother)

2.My grandmother’s son is my ………. (My father)

3. My mother’s son is my ……….. (Brother)

4. My father’s daughter is my ……. (Sister)

OK. Are you tired. Let’s sing a song.

III. Read the text. . Listen, read and translate the text.

IV. Make the words.

The participants of commands should find the right word from mixed letters and translate.


cunsio ( cousin )

borhter ( brother)

nos ( son )


mtroher ( mother)

srtsei ( sister)

atnu ( aunt)

Sing a song.

Now, children, guess the words from the crossword.


Can we wish our hot words for our parents? Let’s hang on our wishes to this beautiful tree.

1. that we live all together.

2. that parents do not quarrel.

3. that we’ll go to have rest with all family .

4. I wish that my family always be happy.

5. that all be healthy.

6. that my family always be friendly.


- the lesson is over. During this time, has grown an amazing tree, which means that each of you can show favor or uselessness of our lesson.

If a lesson for you passed successfully, and you were satisfied - attach to the tree fruit - apples.

If the lesson was good but could have been better - attach the flowers.
If the lesson is not different from previous lessons, and did not bring anything new - green leaves.

And if at all in vain spent time in the classroom, then - yellow, stunted leaf.
Teacher: Dear children, I’m glad with your answers. Thank you very much. It was a real pleasure to work with you. I want to give the following marks… I with you and the members of your families love and happiness. Be healthy and lucky. The lesson is over, you may be free. Goodbye

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