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Открытый урок по английскому языку на тему " NUMBERS "

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MESSAGES 1 KZ Version Grade 5

I Term



Grammar structures












Module 1 Facts

Unit 1 What do you remember?


Step 1

English alphabet

Revision: I’m,

I live, I’ve got

Ex: 1,2 p 6 SB

Ex: 3 p 3 WB

Animals: elephant, cat

Food: pizza, apple, banana

Days of the week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Nouns: bag, desk, message, computer, bike, bottle, camera, sea, sport

Verbs: like, understand

Expressions: Hello, Hi, fine, over there,


Ex: 4 a,b p7 SB

Song: “Message in a


Ex: 3 a, b p7 SB

Tell the class about yourself

Ex: 5 p 7 SB

Ex: 2 p 2 WB

Ex: 1,4,5,6 p 2,3 WB


Step 2

Classroom language

He / She …

His / Her …

Modal verb: can

Ex: 4 p 5 WB

Noun: address, band, brother, sister, teacher,

music, nationality, next door to, please, best wishes, south, west, tortoise, university, with, road,

Verbs: ask, (be) called, help, interested in, know, live, say, try, use, guess, write;

Expressions: Pardon?

Don’t panic!

How old are you?

What about you?

it’s from,

Message in a bottle

Ex: 2 p 8 SB

Meet Joe, Sadie, Sam and Jack!

Ex: 3 p 9 SB

Ask and answer questions about you and your friends

Ex: 4 p 9 SB

Ex: 3,5,6

p 5 WB


Step 3


What’s the date today?

Can I….? for permission



Ex: 5 p6 WB

Numbers: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, hundred, thousand. See page 149

Noun: date, dear, double, great, hamster, homework, national, of course, rubber, ruler, today, tomorrow, window

Verbs: close, (I’m) sorry, spell, think,

Expressions: (I’m) all right, How are you? See you tomorrow, Bye, Sorry! Sure, Thanks! That’s OK.

Asking for help

Ex: 6 p 11 SB

Life and culture

Different alphabets

P 13 SB

Write a letter to an English friend

Ex: 7 p 11 SB

Ex: 1,2,4,5 p12 SB


Test (Teacher’s Resource Pack pp 6-9 )

Unite 2 Are you ready?


Step 1

Members of a band

The verb be: affirmative

Wh – questions

Ex; 3,4,5,6 p15 SB

Noun: about (something), all, another, article, band, because, birthday, brilliant, but, by (someone), everyone, exciting,need, favourite, football, friend, group, keyboard, keyboard player, late, lead guitarist, leader, magazine, member, new, next, o’clock, only, other, room, school, singer, student, subject, there, time,

Verbs: ask, come, look at, meet

Expressions: Where are they from?

A new school band

Ex: 1 b p14 SB

It’s called Monsoon

Ex: 2 a,b p14 SB

Read an email

Ex: 7 p15 SB

Write about an imaginary band

My new band”

Ex: 8 p15 SB

Ex: 2,5,6 pp8,9 WB


Step 2

Are they good at sport?

The verb be: negative, questions and short answers

Ex: 2,3 p 16 SB

Ex: 2,3,6 p10 WB

Art, bad, beach, boyfriend, bus stop, capital, car, cooking, cousin, fantastic, game, geography, (I’m) good at, letter, (in the) morning, nice, perfect, photo, quite, reading, science, surfing, survey, swimming, tennis, very, volleyball,

Verb: want

Expressions: Never mind!

What a fantastic beach!

Listen to the conversation between Sadie and Jack

Ex: 1 b, c p 16

A survey Ex: 5p 17 S.B

Describe your interests

My interests”

Ex: 6,7 p 17 S.B.

Ex: 5,9

p11 W.B.


Step 3

Countries and cities

Singular and plural nouns

Ex: 4 p19 S.B.

Ex:1 p 12 W.B.

Beat (n), city, country, feet, footballer, hand, hill, lake, mountain, (radio/TV) programme, ready, right, river, volcano,

Verbs: clap, stamp,

Expressions: Well done! Wrong! Yes, please

A radio quiz

Ex 5 p19

A quiz Ex:6 p 19 S.B.

Life and culture

The geography of Kazakhstan p21 S.B.

Talk about cities and countries

Ex:3 p18 S.B.

Ex: 2,3 p12 W.B.


Review Study skills: Your coursebook How’s it going?: Progress check Coursework 1: Facts about me

Project p 25

All about me


Module 1 Test (Teacher’s Resource Pack pp 47-52 )


Module 2 Things and people

Unit 3 What have you got?


Step 1

Everyday things

Have got + a/an or some/any

Ex: 3,4,7,8 p29 S.B

Ex:2,3,4,5p14 W.B

Key, CD player, watch, badges, tennis racket, crisps, anorak, tissues, umbrella, pencil case, calculator, peanuts, cinema, mobile phone, now, park, pocket, shop, skateboard, sock, trainers, T-shirt, TV, useful, Here you are,

Wait a minute,

What’s the matter?

What’s the time?

Verb: watch,

Rhythm drill: Plural nouns [s] [z] [iz]

Have you got any peanuts?

Ex: 2p28 S.B.

Talk about possessions and things you use at school.

My school shop”

Ex: 9 p29 S.B

Ex: 1,2,4 p S.B

Ex: 6,7 p15W.B


Step 2

That’s Joe’s lunchbox


Possessive adjectives

This/these, that/those

Ex: 2,3,4,5 p31 S.B

Ex: 1,2,3,5 pp16,17 W.B.

Father, dad, mum, parents, famous, for, house, (in a) hurry, Hurry up! Come on! kitchen, (on the) left, lunch, lunchbox, place, sandwich, surname, telephone, too(=also),

Verbs: eat, hear,

That’s Joe’s lunchbox

Ex: 1 p 30 S.B

Two famous sisters

Ex:6 p31 S.B.

Say who something belongs to

My things”

Ex: 7 p31 S.B.

Ex: 4,6 p17 W.B.


p 35 S.B


Step 3



Announce, aunt, baby,

birth, child (pl. children), daughter, son, family, husband, wife,grandmother, grandfather,uncle, here, hospital, horse, nurce, phone, Be careful!

Nice to see you! Pleased to meet you!

Verb: phone,

A new baby

Ex: 2 p 32 S.B

Chapter 1 Two messages for Sophie

P 33 S.B.

Write a description of a family

My family”

Ex: 3 P 32 S.B

Ex: 3, 5 P 34 S.B

Ex: 1,3 P 18 W.B


Module 2 Test (Teacher’s Resource Pack pp 54-59)

Unit 4 Descriptions


Step 1

My favourite things

Adjectives, Position of adjectives,

Ex 2 ,3,4p 36 SB

WB: ex 1, 3 p 20

Body: arm, leg,

big, book, boring, can(n), dancer, dangerous, difficult, easy, (for) example, film, funny, good, graphics, happiness, happy, instructions, lemonade, mix, noisy, old, person, quite, reader, really, recipe, red, sad, same, serious, silver, small, sound(n), sunny, a lot of, aged, awful, television, video, week, What’s it like?

Verbs: talk, enjoy,

My favourite things

Ex: 1 , 2c p36

Mark’s “Happiness Recipe”

Ex: 6 p 37 S.B.

Ask about and describe things

ex 5p 36 SB

my happiness recipe

ex 7 p 37

Ex 3 p 42

WB: ex 4, 5 p 21


Step 2

Appearance and personality

Has got

Ex 4,5p 39

WB: ex 2,4 p 22

Become, curly, cruel, dark, different, doctor, face, fair, glasses, hair, heart, height, honest, kind, long, man, nose, personality, potion, scared (of), scientist, short, straight, tall, Your turn

He’s got a cruel face

Ex 1 p 38

What about you?

Ex 3 p 39

Ex 6 p 39

Ex 8 p 39

Guess Who


Ex 1 p 42



Step 3

Your body

Adjectives describing how you feel

Have got + a headache/ a cold

Ex 1,2

Body, ear, empty,

( I’ve got a) cold, fed up, foot, head, ( I’ve got a) headache, ( I’ve got a) stomach ache, heavy, mood, mouth,

Song: The So sad Blues

ex 4 p 40

Ex 3 p 40

Chapter 2

Sophie’s dream

Ex 1 p 42


Extra reading p 43



Control work



Module 2 p 44,45

II Term



Grammar structures












Module 3 Daily Life

Unit 5 My world


Step 1

Things you do

Present simple: affirmative and negative

Ex 3,4 p 51 SB

Ex 2,3, 4, 6 p27 WB

Noun: Addict, adult, both, foreign, guitar, history, love, maths, musical instrument, piano, way

Sport: basketball, judo

Meals and drinks: coffee, chips, drink, tomato, ketchup

I go to a judo club

Ex 2 (a,b,c) p 50 SB

British teenagers

Ex 7(a,b) p 51 SB

What about you?

Ex 6 (a,b) p 51 SB

Ex 8 p 51 SB


Step 2

Do you like heights?

Present simple: questions and short answers

Ex 2,3 (a,b) p 52 SB

Ex 1,2,3 (a,b,c)p 28 WB

Noun: Above, across, alien, attack, bat, comic, fate, floor, ghost, girl, glass, ground, heights, holiday, hot, insect, , metre, north, pillow, rat, shark, spider, terrified, thunder, town, too, tremble, UFO, vampire, walk (n, v), year, tourist, tower

Verb: believe, make, walk, visit

Ex 5 p 53 SB

Ex 4 p 29 WB

Do you like heights?

Ex 1 (a,b,c) p 52SB

Song: Scared!

Ex 6 (a,b,c) p 53 SB

Ex 5,6 p 29 WB

A questionnaire

Ex 7 p 53 SB

Ex 7 p 29WB


Step 3

Where do you come from?

Present simple: Wh- questions

Ex 2,3 p 54SB

Ex 1 p 30 WB

Noun: flat, power, tree, wood,

Verb: Drink

Adjectives: expensive, perhaps,

What sort of…?

Stress and intonation in questions

Ex 4 p 54 SB

Story the silent


Chapter 3

The house in the trees p 55 SB

An interview

Ex 5 p 54 SB

Ex 2 p 30 WB


Check yourself (extra exercises) p 56 SB


Life and culture “Schools of The UK, Kazakhstan, The USA

Project work


Resources Unit 5 (TRP p 30,31)

Unite 6 I’m usually late!


Step 1

Snakes never blink

Present Simple + frequency adverbs

Ex 2,3 (a,b,c)p 58

Ex 2,3 p 32 WB

Noun: About, always, bear, dolphin, evening,, set some exercises, giraffe, gorilla, , house work, internet, tarantula, tongue, water, education, snake.

Adjectives: bored ,clean, helpful, well- organized, , hole, usually, intelligent, lazy, never, open, physical,

Verb: choose, get home, kill, sleep.

A questionnaire

Who is it for?

Ex 4(a,b) p 59 SB

Describe your habits

My habits”

Ex 6 p 59

Ex 4(c), 5 (a,b)p 59 SB

Ex 1,4,5,6 p 33 WB


Step 2

Food and Drinks

The verb have + a meal etc.

Ex: 3 p 34 W.B.

At home, bread, breakfast, butter, canteen, cereal, cheese, chicken, curry, dinner, egg, free, fruit, fruit juce, ham, milk, pasta, popular, salad, seat, snack, spaghetti, tea, toast, town centre, yoghurt, Verb: have(=eat),

Expressions: Excuse me, Thank you, That’s all, You’re welcome

Vowel sounds

Ex: 2a,b p60 S.B

A survey about food

Ex: 3 a, b p61 SB

Tamiko’s report

Ex: 4 p61 SB

The school canteen

Ex 2 p34 SB

Food in my country

Ex5,6 p61 SB

Ex 4,5,6 p35 WB


Step 3

The time

Noun: champion, light, mission, nativity play, quarter,

(to have a) shower,

Verbs: leave, train ,win

Daily routines

Ex: 1 a,b p62 SB

Ex: 2 a,b p62 SB

Kitty’s Day

Ex:3 a,b p62 SB

Ex 1,2 p36 WB

Ex 4 p62

Ex: 3 p36 WB

Chapter 4

The White Lady p63 SB


Review Study skills: How do you learn? How’s it going?: Progress check Coursework: A day in my life

Ex: 4,5,6 p64 SB


Check yourself ( Resources Unit 6 TRP p 32 )


Module 3 Test


Options Coursework 3 All about me

P69 SB


Optional lessons ( Modules 1-3 )


III Term



Grammar structures












Module 4 Inside and outside

Unit 7 At home


Step 1


There is/There are

Ex:3, 4 a, b p73 SB

Noun: apartment, bathroom, dream, gym, houseboat,

(the third) floor, living room, mushroom, office, president, tennis court, toilet

Pre"">Verb: look at, dream,

Ex: 1 p 72 SB

Ex: 5 p 73 SB

Ex: 1,2 p 72 SB

Ex: 2 a,b p38 WB

Ex: 3 p 39 WB

Ex: 5 p 73 SB

Ex: 1,4,5 p39 WB


Step 2

Is there any juice?

Is/Are there…?

+ short answers

Uncountable nouns

Ex: 5,6, p75

Ex:2,3, p74 S.B

Ex:1,2 p 40 W.B

Noun: anyway, disgusting, fancy,ice-cream, milkshake, most, omelette, onion, paper, pepper, perfect, poster, radio, sardine, shopping, shopping list, supermarket, tomato, trolley

Verb: come in, sit down

Expressions: Let’s see,

Ex:1 a,b,c,d p74 SB

Ex:4 a,b,c p75 SB

Ex: 7 a,b, p 75 SB

Ex: 8 p75 SB

Ex: 3,4 ,5

p 41 WB


Step 3

Things in a room


Ex 2p 76SB

Ex 3 p 76 SB

Behind, chair,, chest of drawers,, clock, (in the) corner, in front of, lamp, next to, opposite, (on the) right, rug, shelf, (shelves), table, wardrobe

Ex 1 p 76 SB

Story: The silent power

Chapter 5 SB p 77

Ex 4 p 76 SB

My room”

Ex 1,2,3 p 42 WB


Check yourself. Extra exercises p 78 SB

Unite 8 Having fun


Step 1


Can/ can’t

Ex 4 p 80 SB

Ex 5 p 81SB

Ex 2 p 44 WB

Ex 1 p 80 SB

Bird, coast, competition, competitor, cook, crazy, dance, dive, draw, fly (n), frog, get (= to obtain), information, international, Move, mosquito, plane, sing, ski, stand, swim, translate, website, wing, outside, shopping centre, sports centre, (railway) station, street, traffic, train, view, wake up, bus station, go bowling

Ex 7 (a,b,c) p 89 SB

Ex 3 p 45WB

Unit 8 The song:

I can’t dance

Ex 6 (a,b) p 81 SB

Ex 1 p 44 WB

Ex 4,5 p 45 WB

Ex 8 p 81 SB


Step 2

Places in a town

Can for possibility can+ see

Ex 3 p 82 SB

Ex 4 p 83(a,b) SB

Ex 6,7 p 83 SB

Ex 1 (a,b) p 82 SB

Amazing, aquarium, begin, building, café, church, cupboard, go for a walk/ swim, interesting, map, museum, outside

Ex 2 p 82 (a,b) SB

Ex 8 p 83 SB

Ex 4 p 47 WB

Ex 5,5,7 p 47 WB

Ex 9 p 83 SB

Ex 1

,2,3 p 46 WB


Step 3

You mustn’t agree

Must/ mustn’t

Ex 2,3 p 84 SB

Ex 1 p 48 WB

After, argue, polite, reed, (that’s) enough, finish, mess, poem, wash

Ex 1 p 84 (a,b) SB

Ex 4 (a,b) p 84 SB

Story: The silent powers

Chapter 6 p 85 SB

Ex 5 p 84

My poem” S.B.

Ex2,3 p 48 W.B.


Check yourself. Extra exercises p 86 SB

Extra reading Fun in Almaty p 87 SB


Review. Module 4

Study skills


Test . resources unit 8 p 36 (TRB)

Module 5 Today and Tomorrow

Unit 9 At the moment


Step 1

And it’s a goal

Present Continuous: Wh- questions; affirmative

Ex 2 p 95

Ex 4 (a,b) p 95 SB

Ex 1,2 p 30 WB

All over, as usual, as sleep, divided, final, goal, hang on a minute, match, score, sit, work, ring, scarf, time, zone

Ex 1(a,b) p 94 S.B.

Ex 2 (a,b) p 95 SB

Ex 2 p 50 WB

Ex 5 (a,b) p 95 S.B

Ex 6 p 95 SB

Ex 3,4,5 p 51 WB


Step 2

Are you listening?

Present Continuous: negative questions and short answers

Ex 2,3 p 96SB.

Ex 12 p 52 WB

Again, ball, chemistry, dream, fan, find, horrible, listen to, melon, mystery, pen, photographer, shoe, shoat, smile, sake (a photo), test, towards, true, wave

Ex 1 (a,b) p 96 SB

Ex 5 p 97 SB

Ex 6 (a,b) p 97 SB

Ex 3 p 53 WB

Ex 4 p 96 S.B.

Ex 4,5,6 p 53 W.B.


Step 3


Object pronouns

Ex 7,8 p 97 SB

Ex 1 p 98 SB

Carry, change, clothes, gloves, jacket, jeans, raincoat, sandals, shorts, shirt, stadium, sunglasses, trouses

Ex 2 (a,b) p 98 SB

Chapter 7

Pictures in the water” p 99 SB

Ex 9 p 97 SB

Ex 4 p 98 SB

Ex 1,2,3p 54 WB


Check yourself. Extra exercises p 100 SB

Extra reading

Clothes for sport p 102 SB

Unit 10 Plans


Step 1

Time expressions

Present Continuous: used for future

Ex 3,4(a,b) p 103 SB

Ex 2,3 p 56 WB


Ex 6 p 103 SB

Ex 4 p 57 WB

Ex 1 (a,b) p 102 SB

Busy, dentist, goal, luck, happen, lesson, panty, month

Ex 2 (a,b) p 102SB

Ex 1 (b) p 102 SB

Ex 5 (a,b) p 103 SB

Ex 8 p 103 SB

Ex 9 Messages p 103


Ex 5,6 p 57 WB


Step 2

What are you going to do?

The future with: going to

Ex 2 p 104 SB

Ex 1,2 p 58 WB

Brochure, cup, dinosaur, entrance, hall, fizzy, fossil, idea, job, mineral, water, money, natural, history, plastic, postcard, whole

Ex 1 (a,b,c) p 104 SB

Ex 4 (a,b) p 105 SB

Ex 5 p 105

Sony “Leaving” p 150 SB

Ex 7 My resolutions p 105 SB

Ex 3,5,6 p 59



Step 3

The weather

Ex 2 p 106 SB

Afternoon, balcony, cloudy, cold, (I’ve got) a cold, snow, windy, foggy, , concert

Ex 7 p 106 SB (a,b,c)

Chapter 8

The meeting”

p 107 SB

Ex 3 p 106 SB

A holiday postcard

Ex 1,2, 3 p 60 WB


Check yourself. Extra exercises p 10 SB

Life and culture

An international school” p 109 SB


Control work. Resources Unit 10

Study skils. Crossword

Ex 5 p 112, 114 SB


Review. Module 5

Ex 4,5 p 115 SB

Active vocabulary

IV Term



Grammar structures












Module 6 Looking back

Unit 11 About the past


Step 1


Past Simple: (be) was / were

Ex 3,4(a,b,c) p 117 SB

Ex 2,3 p 62 WB

Actor, actress, be (born), explorer, space, spaceship, writer, painter

Ex 1 p 62 WB

Ex 1 p 116 SB

Ex 2 p 116 SB

Ex 5 p 63 WB

Ex 6 p 117 SB

Ex 4,6 p 63 WB


Step 2

Z is for Zoo

Past Simple: regular verbs

Ex 3,4 p 119 SB

Ex 1 p 64 WB

Accept, ambition, arrive, at first, binoculars, chimpanzee, forest, learn, penguin, restaurant, save(money), study, teach, ticket, tiger, travel, wild, zoologist

Ex 5 (a,b) p 119 SB

Key pronouns: [d],[t], [id]

Ex 1 (a,b) p 118 SB

Ex 2 (a,b) p 118 SB

Ex 6 p 119 SB

A famous zoologist”

Ex 2 p 64 WB

Ex 3,4,5 p 65 WB


Step 3

What did you like?

Past Simple:

Wh- questions

Ex 2,3 p 120 SB

Ex 1,2 p 66 WB

Airplane, appear, cartoon, childhood, hate, library, pilot, start.

Ex 1 (a,b,c,d) p 120 SB

Chapter 9

The silent powers

Ex 4 p 120 SB

Ex 3 p 66WB

Chapter 9

P 121 SB


Check yourself. Extra exercises p 122 SB

Extra reading

Project work p 123 SB


Project work “The sky of my childhood”


Review. Resources Unit 11 p 42 TRP


Optional lesson

Unit 12 Heroes


Step 1

They didn’t say hello

Past Simple:

Questions and short answers, negative

Ex 2,3,4 p 125 SB

Ex 2 p 68 WB

Ex 3 p 69 WB

Angry, autograph, care, even, night, jump, last night, pop concert, rain, second, teeth, yesterday, theatre

Ex 1 (a,b,c) p 124 SB

Ex 8 p 125 SB

An angry letter”

Ex 1 p 68 WB

Ex 4,5 p 69 WB


Step 2

I went to America

Past Simple: irregular and regular verbs,


ex 2 p 126 SB

ex 3,4 p 127 SB

ex 1,2 p 70 WB

At last, beginning, dairy, die, corn, during, hero, east, ill, life, local, (the) penguin, fathers, ship, winter, young, survive

Ex 1 p 126 SB

I went to America”

Ex 3p 71 WB

Jack’s holiday’

Ex 6,8 p 127 SB

Ex 4,5 p 71 WB


Step 3

Jet line OZ

Ex 2 p 72 WB

Go along, book (v), box, cost, everywhere, sall, get out, noise, pack (a bag), price, rich, wind

Reading “Jet line OZ”

Ex 1 (a,b) p 128 SB

Song : “Australia”

Ex 2 (a,b,c) p 128 SB

Chapter 10

A horse for the King’s men” p 129 SB

Ex 14 p 128 SB

Talk about school year

Ex 1,3 p 72



Check yourself. Extra exercises p 130 SB

Project work “Kazakhstan”


Project work “Kazakhstan”


Review. Module 6


Final test p 89-94 TRP


Optional lesson (p 134 SB). Course work 6



Кембридж баспасы “Messages 1” Diana Goody, Noel Goody авторларының оқу әдістемелік құралына


Messages 1” орта буынының 5 сыныбына арналған оқу құралы. Бұл оқу құралы Қазақстан балалары үшін жайдан күрделіге қарай оқыту принципі бойынша аптасына 2 рет жылына жалпы 68 сағатты қамтиды.

Оқулықтың мақсаты:

  • Оқушылардың білім білік дағдыларын қалыптастыра отырып, ауызекі тілде еркін сөйлеуге үйрету.

  • Шетел тіліне деген қызығушылықтарын арттыру.

  • Жаңа тақырыптарды бекіту мақсатында әр-түрлі ойындар арқылы, ойлау, сөйлеу, жазу, оқу, тыңдап түсіну қабілеттерін дамыту.

ОӘҚ кіреді:

  • Оқулық ( Student’s Book )

  • Жұмыс дәптері CD ROM мен бірге ( Work Book with Audio CD/CD ROM )

  • Мұғалімге арналған әдістемелік құрал ( Teacher’s Book )

  • Мұғалімге арналған қосымша әдістемелік құрал ( Teacher’s Resource Pack )

  • Аудио таспалар ( Class Audio CDs (2)), видео кассета және DVD 1 және 2 деңгейіне арналған (DVD Level 1 and 2)

Оқулық ( Student’s Book ):

Оқулық алты модульден, әр модуль екі тараудан, әр тарау, үш сабақтан тұрады. Әр тараудың үшінші сабағында “The Silent Powers” атты әңгіме жалғасып отырады. Әр тараудың үшінші сабағында Қазақстанның географиясы, мәдениеті, ел басы Нұрсұлтан Әбішұлы Назарбаев жайында, Алматы қаласы туралы қосымша оқуға арналған мәтін енгізілген.Әр модульдің соңында грамматиканы, лексиканы пысықтауға арналған жаттығулар қайталауға берілген.

Жұмыс дәптері CD ROM мен бірге ( Work Book with Audio CD/CD ROM )

Оқулықтағы өткен материалдарды пысықтау үшін, өз бетінше жұмыс жасауға арналған арнайы жаттығулар, мәтін, кроссворд құрастырылған. Сонымен қатар қосымша жұмыс дәптерінде CD ROM бар.

Мұғалімге арналған әдістемелік құрал ( Teacher’s Book )

Деңгейлеп оқытуға байланысты жайдан күрделіге қарай өту нұсқауы. Оқулық ( Student’s Book ) пен жұмыс дәптеріндегі жаттығулардың жауаптары, мәтінге түсініктеме және қосымша хабарламалар берілген.

Мұғалімге арналған қосымша әдістемелік құрал ( Teacher’s Resource Pack )

Бастапқы , әр тарауға арналған, модульдық, қорытынды тест жұмыстары берілген. Ескертулер мен жауаптарды қамтиды.

Краткое описание документа:

План-конспект урока английского языка "Funny numbers"

Цели урока:


закрепить лексику предыдущего урока по теме «Цифры» через систему упражнений в парах, индивидуальную работу, игры;

ввеcти Present Continuous через объяснение новой темы «Let`s do sports»;

научить говорить о себе используя лексику двух уроков.


развитие навыков аудирования, чтения, письма, диалогической речи, монологической речи.


воспитать интерес к культуре активного и ЗОЖ;

воспитать интерес к вычислению, математике

воспитать чувство ответственности, внимательности

воспитать интерес к английской поэзии через разучивание стихотворений.

Ход урока:

I. Оргмомент.

Речевая разминка.

T: Good morning , pupils and our guests.

Ps: Good morning , Anna Nikolaevna

T: Sit down, please. Boys and girls, how are you?

Ps: O`k and you?

T: I`m o`k too, thank you.

Введение в тему.

T: Today we`ll visit two countries: Mathematics and English. We should remember our numbers, funny numbers (Слайд 1).

Please, tell me, what`s the day today?

P1: It`s Thursday.

T: What`s the date today?

P2: It`s October, the 21st

T: Представим, что сегодня мог бы быть другой день. So, Yulya, ask questions.

Yulya: What`s the date today?

P1, 2, 3, …It`s … the… (отвечают. 5 вариантов разных дат) (Слайд 2 ).

II. Повторение пройденного материала

1) Развитие аудитивных навыков.

Т: Итак, на прошлом уроке мы изучали цифры. Now, let`s count. Мы будем сегодня считать, но по - волшебному (Слайд 3). У каждого звука есть свое число, соответствующее этому звуку. У вас получится пример. Я его проверю и посмотрю, кто лучше всех знает звуки.

2 - 3 примера:

T: 1) brother, window, twenty, day (8+5+1+6=20)

2) fifty, mother, Helen, snake (10+9+2+4=25)

2) Игра с мячом «Fizz» (от 1 до 50)

T: Please, play a game with a ball.

Ps: Дети считают по цепочке. Слово, в котором встречается цифра 5 заменяют на «Fizz» (передавая друг другу)

3) Игра «Draw a circle»

T: А теперь давайте вспомним цифры от 50 до 100. Now children, come to the board and draw a circle round the correct number (Слайд 4).

Ps: выходят и обводят ту цифру, которую услышали.

4) Работа с карточками. Игра «Do sums»

T: Now children, let`s remember Mathematics. Look at these sums and do them.

Ps: получают карточки, решают примеры. 35+16=51: thirty - five plus sixteen is fifty - one (Слайд 5).

5) The English poem

T: Let`s remember the English poem with numbers.

Lera: I`m eleven,

My sister is seven,

My mother is thirty,

My father is forty,

My granny is seventy - two,

How old are you?

T: I`m 25. How old are you?

Ps 1, 2, 3…: отвечают.

T: спрашивает у мальчика.

P1 : I`m ten.

T: He`s ten. (хором повторяют)

T: спрашивает у девочки.

P1 : I`m ten.

T: She`s ten. (хором повторяют)

6) Работа с учебником.

T: So, we can speak about our age. Now, let`s remember how we speak about people`s age and their names. Вызывает 2 человек к доске (HE и SHE).

His name`s Roma. He`s 10. (хором)

Her name`s Natasha. She`s 10. (хором)

So, what`s his/her name? / отвечают. (Слайд 6, 7)

How old is he/she? / отвечают.

EX. 8, P. 4. (работают в парах)

P1: How old is he?

P2: He`s 26…

7) Игра «Цепочка»

Учащиеся по очереди говорят друг о друге. Her name`s Lera. She`s ten. His name`s Roma. He`s ten.

III. Введение нового материала. Let`s do sports.

T: Мы научились говорить, сколько ему и ей лет, научились называть имена, а теперь посмотрим, что он или она могут делать в свободное время.

EX. 2, P. 6 (новые лексические единицы)

1)Ps: listen and repeat.

2) Read one by one.

3)T: (показывает и поговаривает) I`m running / I`m jumping / I`m swimming

- Что я делаю? Правильно, я делаю это сейчас, в настоящий момент.

4) T: просит показать любое движение мальчика. He`s running – он бежит сейчас

просит показать любое движение девочку. She`s running – она бежит сейчас

IV. Тренировка Л. Е.

Дети показывают движение.

T: What`s he/she doing?

Ps: He`s/ She`s +Ving. (Слайд 8)

V. Закрепление Л. Е. Аудирование.

EX. 3, P. 6

T: You are very good pupils. You`ve learned all the words. Please sing the song

7) Writing

T: do you want to now how you`ve learned the words? You`ll get some papers. Please, write down these sentences in English. (Cлайд 9)

And now check your answers. (Cлайд 10)

VI. Заключительная часть. Подведение итогов. Объявление д/з

T: Now please speak about you. Show your work.

Ps : рассказывают по слайду 11.

T: So you have worked very hard. Your marks are …

Please, write down your homework: P 5 - 6 (WB).

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