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Открытый урок по английскому языку на тему "How well do you know England"

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Открытый урок в 8 Классе на


«How well do you know England?»

Учитель: Кибизов А. Ю.

г.Владикавказ 2014 г.

Subject: “How well do you know England?’

Objectives: to develop pupils’ skills in oral speech, on the topic “England”; to develop pupils’ skills in reading and speaking; to develop creative and inquisitive pupils; to maintain pupils interest to the subject’.

  1. Org. moment



Teacher- Good afternoon boys and girls! Let’s begin our lesson. On the blackboard of Great Britain its flags and emblems. You have learned a lot of words, describing the landscape. Now you know more English cities. What do you think we shall do today?

Pupil1- I think we shall describe England.

Teacher- Yes, you are right. Our lesson is devoted to England. I hope you remember everything connected with England.


  1. Phonetic drill.

Teacher- First of all I want you to repeat same sounds and words; [æ] Flat, valley, attract, character

[aiə] Fire, admire, empire

[ɔ ] Monarch, politics, Oxford, shock


  1. Give Russian equivalent.

    1. A highly populated region

    2. Important historical cities

    3. The main passenger ports

    4. Attractive country side

    5. Farming region

    6. Dairy products

    7. The principal cities

    8. Rich in coal

    9. University cities

    10. World famous resorts

  1. Grammar drill

Insert proper prepositions:

  1. The County of Kent is known the garden of London.

  2. The Southwest used to be known its pirates.

  3. Oxford is famous its oldest University.

  4. The North of England is rich coal.

  5. Oliver Cromwell was East Anglia.

  6. Hadrian’s Wall was built Romans.

5. Revision of the country study material.

Teacher- Now I want to play with you a game: “Do you know England?”. How shall we do it?

Pupil1- I think we can make some teams and see who knows England best of all.

Teacher- I agree. Let’s make 3 groups. I will give you the same task and the same time. Let the jury judge who is the best.

  1. Geography.hello_html_m75fb6446.jpg

    1. The British Isles lie

      1. to the west of the continent of Europe

      2. to the east of the continent.

      3. to the south of the continent.

    2. The western coast of Great Britain is washed by

      1. The Irish sea

      2. The North sea

      3. The Baltic sea

    3. The U.K. consist of:

      1. 2 parts

      2. 3 parts

      3. 4 parts

    4. The biggest part of the U.K. is:

      1. Scotland

      2. England

      3. Northern Ireland

      4. Wales

    5. The rose is the national emblem of:

      1. Scotland

      2. England

      3. Northern Ireland

      4. Wales

    6. The most famous university cities are:

a) Liverpool b)Oxford

  1. Cambridge

  2. Dorchester

(Жюри подводит итоги конкурса).

  1. Famous people. hello_html_m5628972a.jpg


  1. Where was Shakespeare born?

  2. What English writer wrote 75 detective stories?

  3. What was D. Defoe’s book that made him famous?

  4. That is the name of the present English Queen now? How old is she?

  5. Who will be the next king of Great Britain?

  6. Where was the famous English general and politician Oliver Cromwell from?


(Жюри подводит итоги конкурса).

  1. The sightseeing of London
    1. What is the official residence of the Britain Queen?

    2. What is the tower of London now? What was it in the past?

    3. Where can the people see the collections of pictures?

    4. What clock tower is the symbol of London?

    5. What the name of the royal church in London?

    6. Why is the Square of London called Trafalgar Square?

    7. Where can you see the monument to admiral Nelson who had defeated the Spanish Armada?

    8. How many houses are there in the British Parliament? (Жюри подводит итоги конкурса, викторины и говорит результаты).

  2. Royal London


    1. What is the official residence of Elizabeth 2?

    2. What street ids usually used for the royal processions?

    3. Where are British monarchs crowned?

    4. How many royal parks are in and around London? Can you name any of them?

    5. Who ruled the longest period in the English history?

    6. What places in London are connected with Queen Victoria?

(Жюри подводит итоги конкурса)hello_html_2b2ac093.jpg


6. Conclusion:

Teacher- Pupils, did you like the lesson?

Pupil1-Yes, it was very interesting

Pupil2- I think this knowledge about Great Britain will help me in future. But I’d like to know about Great Britain, its culture and history.

Teacher- Today we have repeated the material about England. We can see that Helen, Mike and Marat have worked very well. They know many facts about England and London. Roma has taken the first place. Thank you.

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