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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Рабочие программы / Открытый урок по английскому языку на тему "Holidays"(8 класс)

Открытый урок по английскому языку на тему "Holidays"(8 класс)

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Theme: Holidays. Form 8

Aims: to develop reading, writing and listening skills by doing exercises, to make

pupils express their knowledge in English.

to develop new theme, to broaden general outlook students will be able

to teach pupils to respect other countries to give them patriotic feeling to

our country.

to develop pupils love and interest in a subject.

Teaching aids: internet materials, photos of holidays, slides.

Type of the lesson: a combined lesson.

I.Org. moment.

1. Greeting

2. Reporting questions.

II. Checking of home task.

Your homework was to preparing poster which connected British holidays.

III. The main part:

To develop pupils into 2 groups with colour stickers.

Brainstorming . (screen 1)

Will now look at the screen: There are many words. Now read it all together after me . So, let is try translate this words: celebrate, presents, decorate, holly and lights, Kazakh ornaments.

What is the theme of our lesson?

Today we will speak about holidays.

4. celebrate - праздновать

rug - ковер

yurt - юрта

move - двигаться

floor - пол

major - важный

keep - хранить

piece - кусок

V. The Text study:

Open you books page 86 . Here is the text “Nauryz”. You must read the text and draw it. You should prepare the poster. I group: Prepare a poster about yurt. II group: Prepare a poster about Kazakh customs and traditions.


VI. Rest time: I see you are tired! Let’s relax! Now I will show you video about holidays. Christmas and Nauryz.

VII. Working on exercises.

a). Comprehension check true (T) or false (F).

I group must write T or F to each sentences.

1. Kazakhstan has many different customs and traditions.

2. Nauryz is the British New Year.

3. Christmas is celebrated in Great Britain.

4. People in every country celebrate holidays.

5. If you enter a yurt on Nauryz you will see that it is decorated with beautiful Kazakh ornaments, rugs and blankets.

b). Put the verbs in present Perfects Passive.

II group must write the verbs in Present Perfect Passive

1. the postcard/send

2. the pencils /count

3. the people /inform /not

4. the meal /write

5. the room / book / not

VIII. Complete the table.

Look at the screen . You can see many words which connected holidays. Pupils complete the table dividing the words into 2 groups : British holidays and Kazakh holidays.

Independents day. Bank holiday , Boxing day, The New Year, Nauryz, Mothers day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, The first Presidents day.

British holidays

Kazakh holidays

IX. Conclusion of the lesson.

Reflection . Pupils write their opinions from the lesson and new theme.

images (2).jpg

X. Giving homework.

Your home task is to collect more information about Kazakh national holidays.

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