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Открытый урок по английскому языку на тему "Schools in our country''

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Theme: “Schools in our country”


  • Educational: to practice using new words on their speech and reading to theme

  • Development: to develop oral speech and enlarge pupils’ vocabulary

  • Upbringing: to bring up attention and curiosity, interest to the learning of the English language.

Visual aids: pictures, cards, counters to the games “ Find the rhyme”, “ Hi, Five”.

Equipments: computer, interactive board, slides reflecting new theme and set of pictures, didactic materials, slides to the game “ Mysterious pictures”

The procedure of the lesson:

I. Organization moment:

  • Good morning, boys and girls! ( Good morning!)

  • I’m glad to seу you! ( We are glad to see you too.)

  • How are you? ( We are fine, thanks. And how are you?)

  • I’m fine. Thank you! Who is absent today? ( All are present.)

  • I’ll divide you into 2 groups. You will compete with each other. You need collect the counters. At the end of the lesson we’ll count your points and define the winner group

II. Warm-up

  • Let’s play an interesting game. It helps us to develop our speech. Be active and try to remember as many English words as you can.

The game “Find the rhyme”

Teacher says the word and students will find the rhyme to that word. For every right word will given one point.

  • Reach. ( Teach.)

  • Wood. (Good.)

  • Bob. ( Job.)

  • Ben. (Pen.)

  • Grass. (Class.)

  • Form. ( Uniform.)

  • Bright. ( Write.)

  • Wool. ( Write.)

  • Need. ( Read.)

II. The game “ Hi Five!”

  • What was your home task for today?

  • To learn the new words at home.

  • Ok. Now let’s play a game “Hi Five!” in order to review and check up our home work.

At first I’ll say translation of the words in Kazakh you will find English variant and say “ Hi, Five”. For every right I will give you one point.


  • Very good! You were so active. Now open your copybooks and write down our new theme.

III. New theme

  • Our new theme is called “Schools in our country”. We shall learn to read some English words. Open your books on page 113, exercise VIII. Listen to the words and read them aloud. Repeat after me all together.

Infant [‘infənt] сәби, нәресте

junior [ dзu: njə] бастауыш

private [ praivit] жеке меншік

uniform [‘ju:nifo:m] форма

attend [ə’ tend] назар аудару, қамын жеу, қатысу

strange [‘streindз] бөтен, таныс емес, біртүрлі

science [‘saiəns] ғылым

infant schools [ ‘infənt sku:l] 3-тен 7- жасқа дейінгі балалар мектебі

modern school [‘modən sku:l] осы заманғы мектеп

grammar school [græmə] грамматикалық мектеп

comprehensive school [,kompri’hensiv] кеңауқымды мектеп

core [ko:] ортасы

blazer [‘bleizə] ашық түсті спорт күртешесі

IV. Development of lexical drill to the theme “Schools in our country”

  • I’d like you to open your book on page 112, exercise II. Who will read the task? You will complete the sentences.

  1. Our school is__________ far from the centre of the town.

  2. If you come to our school you will see a ___________school yard around it and a sports __________ behind it.

  3. Our school has got three __________ .

  4. The primary classes are located _________.

  5. Our home __________ in Maths and English were very difficult.

  6. If you look around the library hall you will see many _________of __________writers and actors.

  7. the pupils like to go_________ because they like sports games.

  8. The class rooms for __________forms and ___________- rooms for all pupils are located on ___________ and ___________ floors.

  9. English is the most ___________ in the world.


  1. located

  2. wide, ground

  3. floors

  4. on the ground floor

  5. assignment

  6. portraits, famous

  7. gymnasium

  8. secondary, computer rooms, the first, the second

  9. widespread

  • Every day a lot of pupils go to school to study. They learn many new things there. Let’s talk about your school. I’ll give you the cards with questions.

Exemplary tasks on the cards:

Answer the questions.

  1. Is your school large or small? Where is your school located?

  2. Is your sports ground near your school?

  3. How many floors has your school got?

  4. Are there class-rooms for the primary forms in your school?

  5. Is there a cloak-rooms on the ground floor?

  6. Why do you go to the library?

V. The game “Mysterious pictures”

  • I’ll show you a secret picture with school supplies you will find it. In general one picture consists of 30 points. If I open one cover you will lose one point. Pay attention to the slides. Be attentively and try to collect more points.


Book, calculator, backpack, ruler, stapler, scissors, pen, glue, pencil box, pencil

VI. Sum-up

- Do you like our lesson today? Now we know which group winner is. Show me your counter and I’ll evaluate you. The winner is …. I want you to be good pupils and study well. Thank you for your work. I’m sure that our lesson was interesting and useful for you.

VII. Home work

- Your home task will be the exercises III, V on page 113.

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