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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Открытый урок по английскому языку на тему: "Sport and games"

Открытый урок по английскому языку на тему: "Sport and games"

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"Sport and games"


  • Закрепление пройденного лексико-грамматического материала;

  • Совершенствование навыков монологической  и диалогической речи;

  • Развитие навыков чтения и письма;

  • Формирование принципов здорового образа жизни.

Оборудование: раздаточный материал, интерактивная доска, учебное пособие, картинки по лексике.

Ход урока

1. Организационный момент

Задача: мобилизовать учащихся на активную деятельность на уроке.

Good morning boys and girls! I'm glad to see you! (Good morning teacher! We are glad to see too!). Happy? (We are happy!)
Today we are going to speak about sport and game

2. Речевая зарядка (вопросно-ответная работа)

- The topic of our lesson is “Sport and Games” and I d like you to answer several questions on it/

- What do you think why sport is so popular?

- What sport and games are very popular in our school?

- Are there good footballers (tennis player, basketballers) among your classmates?

- What season is the best for sport and games?

- What games do children like to play?

- What ball games do you know?

- What is your favorite game?

3. Обучение диалогической речи

a) – Let s remember several dialogues we ve learnt about sport (2-3 пары учащихся рассказывают наизусть диалоги – “What s your favourite sport, Dick?”, “Did you go to the football match on Saturday?”, “Let’ play hockey!”)

At the Stadium

-Hello, Dick.

-Hello, Henry.

-Which team do you back?

-I’m a great fan of the home team.

-Well, what do you think of the game?

-It’s rather interesting. Bur last Sunday the game ended with the score 3 to 1 in favour of the visiting team.

-I’m not much of a sportsman, but I’m fond of watching sporting events.

-Oh, I see. What sport do you go in for?

Speaking About the Championship

-Did you watch the championship on TV yesterday?

-Yes, I did, and I think our teams ran wonderfully.

-What were the results?

-Well, our teams won gold medals for the 100 metres and 1000 metres races; silver medals for the 800 metres race and the 400 metres, and a bronze medal for the 200 metres race.

-What about the jumping?

-In the high jump we won first and third places, and in the long jump second and third places.

-Were there any other events?

-Oh, yes, there were many other events, but I did not watch them all. I like running and jumping, and our sportsmen won many medals in those events.

Winter Sports

-Which winter sports do you like?

-I like skating. We have a skating-rink in our yard every winter, and I skate there every day after school. And which sports do you like in winter?

-Well, I like skiing very much. Every Sunday my father and I take our skis and go skiing in the country all day.

-Isn’t it very cold to go skiing all day?

-No, I enjoy it greatly. You are very warm when you go skiing in cold weather.

-Don’t you like ice hockey?

-I like to watch ice hockey matches, but I don’t play. I only have skis.

-Do you watch hockey matches on TV?

-Oh, yes, of course. Our hockey team is splendid, isn’t it? It has won the world hockey cup and the Olympic championship many times.

-I think that is because a lot of boys play hockey.

b)- And now try to make up your own Dialogues about sport. On the blackboard there are several sentences which will help you to ask questions. (На доске: Ask your classmates : 1) what their favourite sport are and why they like them; 2) what sport they are good at or would like to be good at; 3) where they usually play sports.

(Учащиеся составляют свои диалоги)

c) (Затем включаю аудио запись) – Can you guess what sport or games the children are speaking about?

1)- We didn’t t win because the ice was bad

- No, nothing was wrong with the ice, we didn’t t play well enough to win. (hockey)

2)- The field at this stadium is very good, don t you think so?

- Oh, I like to play here. Are you a good player? (football)

3)- They have only tall player; it was easier for them to win the match

- Yes, we had a hard game today, but we did our best. (basketball)

4. Обучение пересказу (текст “The Olympic Games”)

a)- I think that s enough for dialogues. Now let s remember the text “The Olympic Games”. But first, look at the words we need while working on the text .

(Учащиеся хором, затем индивидуально читают и переводят слова, написанные на карточках - festival-праздник; празднество; gold-золотой; silver-серебряный; bronze-бронзовый

Olympic Games

The first Olympic Games took place in Greece more than two thousand and seven hundred years ago. Every year there was no war for five days and sports competitions took place.*The Games were organized for more than six hundred years.*Then, for one thousand and five hundred years nothing more was heard of them.*The modern Olympic Games began again in 1896. They take place every four years. They cannot take place in a country which is at war, and during the two world wars there were no Olympic Games.*During the Olympic Games there are competitions in many kinds of sport. They are, for example, running, jumping, athletics, swimming, boxing, basketball, football and others.*Winter Olympic Games first took place in 1924, and now they also take place every four years. At the Winter Olympic Games, many countries take part in competitions in skiing, skating, ice hockey and other winter sports.*The Games have taken place in many countries. The 22nd Olympic Games of 1980 were held in Moscow. For the first time in history, the Olympic Games were held in our country. It was a festival of sport and of friendship.*The sportsmen who take first place in the Olympic Games receive gold medals, those who come second receive silver medals, and those who finish third receive bronze medals.*The Olympic Games are very popular in the world. They help world peace and friendship.

b) Fill in the world (На доске написаны следующие предложения : “The Greeks were fond of all kinds of…” (exercises). “All the cities sent their …(athletes) to take part in the …(competition). “We are proud of our sportsmen who show good…

(results) in the competitions” “The Moscow Olympic Games were a… (festival) of sport and friendship”.

c) – The next task on the will be to complete the sentences:

The Olympic Games have a very (long history)”

They began more than (two thousand years ado)”

The famous Games at Olympia took place (every 4 years)”

The strongest athletes came together (to run, jump, wrestle, throw discus, box)”

It became a tradition even (to stop wars for the time of the Olympic Games)”

The competitions lasted (five days)”

The winner in each, kind of sport got (an olive wreath) which was (the highest honour)”

In the summer of 1980 Moscow (became the 17-th city to host the Olympic Games)”

Moscow made the 22 nd (Olympic Games a bright, beautiful and exciting festival of sport)”

d) – And now answer some questions on the text, please.

- When and where did the Olympic Games begin?

- What kinds of sports were popular among the ancient Greeks?

- Were the competitions in Olympia friendly?

- How many days did the ancient Olympic Games last?

- How did the Greeks show that the victories of their champions were dear to their hearts?

- How often in the modern world do the Olympic Games take place?

- What results have our athletes always shown at the Olympic Games?

e) – And now, I think, it s time to retell the text

(проверка домашнего задания)

8. Развитие навыков монологической речи

Say everything you can about sport! (Рассказы учащихся о спорте).

9. Тренировка навыков устной речи

Look at the pictures and say what these children can do! (описание учащимися картин о спорте).

10. Закрепление грамматического и лексического материала

Now put these words in the correct order!
Like, I, play, in the park, leapfrog, to.
Like, I, play, hide-and-seek, to, my, with friends.

11. Совершенствование навыков чтения и перевода

Read the text and put in the missing words!

I like to go in for sport. I like to play … very well, but I don't like to play …. I can … and … well.
I want to … with my friends. My mother likes to play …, but she doesn't like to play …. My father likes to play …, and we like to play … very well. My friends and I like to play … in summer and we can play it very well. We also like to play … in winter and we can do it well. I like to go to the … to play … My friends and I usually go to the … to play ….

5. Подведение итогов.

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