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Открытый урок по английскому языку на тему "The Fisherman and the Fish"

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Открытый урок во 2-м классе. hello_html_m17b4439a.jpg

Учитель: Голубева Н.А.

Тема: Сказка “ The Fisherman and the Fish”

Цели: Обучение чтению , творческой активности , привитие интереса к чтению на английском языке.

Оборудование: Учебник “ Starlight “ 2 класс. Авторы : Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley, Ksenia Baranova- Victoria Kopylova , Radislav Millroom .

S.B. p. 106-107 Module 4, DVD ,CD, computer , pictures.


  1. Greetings

T.- “ Good morning , children, I am glad to see you”

Ps.- “ Good morning, dear teacher , we are glad to see you too”

T. – (Appoints a “newcomer”, who goes out of the classroom. )

T.- “ Who is a absent today?”

P1.- “Nobody is”

( The “newcomer” knocks at the door)

  1. T.- “ Who’s that? Ah, a “newcomer”. Come in, please!

Newcomer.- “ I am sorry . I am late.

T.- “ Let’s get acquainted with the “ newcomer”

Ask her/ him questions


What is your name?

Where are you from?

How old are you?

How are you?

Is your family big?

Have you got a pet?

What is it?

What can it do?

Can you play football ( volleyball, tennis, badminton…)?

Can you sing (dance, ride a bike, swim, jump high, run fast, dive deep…)?

Can you play the piano ( recorder, drum…)?

T.-“ Thank you. You are welcome to our class.


T.- “ Today we are going to learn to read our favourite fairy tale

The Fisherman and the Fish” “

  1. T.-“ Let’s begin with phonetic drill. ( in chorus, individually)

[ I ] [æ ]

Still happy

Rich angry

Fish sad

Swim stamp

Fisherman can

Live glad


  1. New words ( CD #70)

  1. T.- “ Open your SB p. 106. Listen and show the pictures.

  2. Read the words in chain.

  1. Pre-text questions hello_html_m5727ea6.jpg

T-Ps. What is the name of the tale?

Who are the characters of the tale?

Is the fisherman happy? ( No, he is sad)

Is the old woman happy? ( No, she is angry)

Do you like the fairy tale.

  1. Let’s watch the next part of the tale ( videofilm # 40)

  2. Read the text in pairs ( to each other)

  3. Read the text aloud ( the author, the fisherman, his wife and the fish)

  4. Complete the sentences ( in chorus ) in groups.

T.- (Showing the pictures.) I want to be…

Class.- Richhello_html_129c5d5f.jpg

T.- Please, don’t be angry, dear…

C.- Fish.

T.- You can have your…

C.- wish

T.- she sends him to live in the…

C.- Stable

3) In pairs choose the correct word ( Ex. 1, p. 107 ) and read

Let’s listen to the song, dramatize and dance ( Ex. 4, p. 108) CD #72)

  1. Let’s do the project: colour the characters of the tale in groups and describe your character. Teacher’s comments and marks.

  2. Home work : SB.p.107-108.


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