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Открытый урок по английскому языку на тему "The place we live in" (5 класс)

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Открытый урок в 6 Классе на тему:

«The place we live in»


Мирошниченко А.В.


2015 г.

Subject: “The place we live in.”

Objectives: to develop pupils’ skills in using lexical units on the topic “Flat” and prepositions of place in speech; to develop pupils’ skills in reading and speaking; to develop creative and inquisitive pupils’.


  1. Org. moment

Good morning pupils’. Seat down please.

  1. What date is it today?

  2. What day of the week is it today?

  3. What season is it?

  4. Do you live in a flat or in a house?

  5. Is your flat comfortable?

  6. How many rooms are there in your flat\house?

  7. What are they? Name them.

Thank you.

Teacher- Boys and girls, you have learned a lot of words on the topic “The place we live in”. What do you think we shall speak about today?

Pupil1- I think we shall speak about flats and houses.

Teacher- Yes, you are right. We shall read the text about a very unusual house, then we shall try to furnish a room and if we have time we shall have a competition game. But first let’s revise the words and prepositions of place on the topic “The place we live in”.

  1. Lexical drill.

  1. Give English equivalents for: старый торшер, яркие занавеси, над камином, прелестные картины, удобное кресло, наверху, книжный шкаф, современный шкаф для посуды, много мебели, книжные полки.

  2. Teacher- Now look at the picture of Helen’s room and fill in proper prepositions.

fill in proper prepositions

  1. A bright carpet is_____the______of the room.

  2. There is a standard lamp______the sofa.

  3. The TV set is_____the cupboard.

  4. The cat is______the carpet ___ ______ _______ the fireplace.

  5. There is a cupboard______ _______ the fireplace.

  6. A big mirror is_______ the fireplace.

  7. Two interesting magazines are_______ the table.

  8. A wonderful flower is _______ the_____ ______room.

  9. A comfortable armchair is_____ the fireplace.

  10. There are no curtains______ the windows.

  11. The bookshelves are_______ the mirror and the pictures.

  1. Teacher-Translate into English.

  1. Мы можем видеть прелестную картину над камином.

  2. Посередине комнаты лежит толстый яркий ковер. Он делает комнату уютной.

  3. Холодильник стоит в углу кухни.

  4. Я собираюсь повесить яркие занавеси на окна.

  5. Мы любим проводить тихие вечера в столовой. Мы сидим вокруг стола, читаем, разговариваем, смотрим ТВ.

  6. На прошлой неделе мы купили новые кресла.

  7. У нас есть большой старый книжный шкаф. В нем много книг.

Thank you.

  1. Reading practice.

Teacher- Now I want you to read the text about Joanne Ussery’s house. It is very unusual. Just look at it. Here’s the text about it. There are some new difficult words for you. Let’s read them.

The lady who lives on a plane.

Jet plane – реактивный самолет.

Cockpit – кабина пилотов.

Emergency exit – запасной выход.

Washing machine.

Dish washer.

Boeing 272.

Joanne Ussery, 54 years old, from Mississippi, lives on a jet plane. Her home is a Boeing 272.

Joanne’s front door is at the top of the plane’s stairs. The are three bedrooms, a living room, a modern kitchen, and a wonderful bathroom. The bathroom is in the cockpit, with a bath under the windows. Next to the bathroom is Joanne’s bedroom in the first class section of the plane. Then there is a living room with four emergency exit doors, which she opens in hot lovely summery evenings. There is a bright sofa with two armchairs, a standard lamp, a TV set, and a table in it. There is a thick red carpet on the floor. It makes the room comfortable. On the wall there is a picture of the plane. There are also four toilets.

The plane is 27 years old and it’s the best home in the world.” says Joanne. “It has all the things you want in a home: a telephone, a cooker, a washing machine, a dish washer, a TV. It’s always very warm and it’s very big, 42 metres long. My grandchildren like to run up and down. Next time I want a Boeing 747, because they have upstairs and downstairs, and I want to go upstairs to bed.”

Teacher- Answer my questions please.

  1. How old is Joanne Ussery?

  2. Where does she live?

  3. How old is her house?

  4. How many toilets are there?

  5. Where is her bedroom/bathroom?

  6. How long is her house?

  7. Why is she going to by a Boeing 747?

  8. Do you like Joannes house?

  9. What do you like about her house?

  10. What do you like best of all?

  11. Do you think she can say:”Home Sweet home”?

  12. What are the proverbs do you know about your home?

  13. What you like to visit such a house?

  14. What would you like to see?

  1. Oral practice (a kind of a project work).

Teacher- Children, you see my cousin Helen is a great friend of Joanne Ussery. Yesterday she got a letter from her. Read it.

6, Leonov Street




Dear Helen,

Thank you for your letter and your quick answer. I am glad that you are getting on well.

I want to tell you that next month I’m going to visit Vladikavkaz. I’d like to see the sights and to go to the mountains. Could you help me and furnish a good room for me?

Lots of love,


Teacher- I think we can help my cousin to furnish the room. Look here. This is a room. It is empty. There is no furniture. Pupil1-I’m going to put bright curtains on the window. There are bright curtains on the window. Teacher- You are welcome.

Teacher- What can you say about the room we have furnished for her? Pupil2- I think the room is very nice and comfortable. Pupil3- I think Joanne will like the room because she will have everything she needs.

Teacher- Children, did you like our lesson and why? Pupil4-Yes I do. We have learned some interesting information about the plane and the woman who lives in it.

Pupil5- As for me, I liked to furnish the room. I have learn some new words and I will have a skill how to write a letter, because I think it will help in future.

Teacher-Our lesson is over. All of you were active, we have revised new words, you have learned some new information. I hope it will be useful for you will need it in future. Thank you for the lesson, write your homework.

  1. Homework.

Write a letter to J.Ussery and describe the room to her.

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