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Открытый урок по английскому языку по теме " Профессия"

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The theme of the lesson: Professions

The aim of the lesson:

  1. Educational: To consolidate lexical stock, to teach to express own opinions, to enrich pupils vocabulary, to teach Grammar.

  2. Developing: To develop the pupils habits of reading, writing, speaking and listening.

  3. Bringing – up: To bring up them to respect the opinions of their classmates about the professions.

The type of the lesson: a lesson of teaching vocabulary and teaching Grammar.

The form of the lesson: a show of lesson:

The methods of working: warm – up, group work, role plays, a crossword, running dictation.

Inter subject connection: Kazakh, Russian, Music.

The visual aids: an interactive board, thematically pictures, Grammar tables.

Objectives: at the end of the lesson the pupils will be able to:

  • talk about the professions .

  • use thematically vocabulary in oral speech.

  • develop their speaking and listening skills.

  • evaluate their own participation at the lesson.

  • use the Present Simple tense in their speech.

The outline of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment

Good morning, children!

Who is on duty today?

I am on duty today.

Who is absent today?

All are present today.

What season is it now?

It’s winter.

What date is it today?

Today is the 12 th of December.

What month is it?

It’s December.

What day is it today?

Today is Monday.

What is the name our country?

Our country is what?

When Kazakhstan was named an independent country?

What is our national language?

Look at the blackboard

The correct choice of profession is a good way of live

E.F Zeer

Who to trust in your power that will reach your goals

N.A Nazarbaev

Task 1. Fill in the blanks

1 My sister________ a nurse 6 Tome and John ____ pilots

2 You _______ a baker 7 He _____ good farmer

3 They _______ engineers 8 We _____ students

4 I ______ a fireman 9 His father ______ policeman

5 My parents ______ doctors 10 I ____ a clown

Task 2 Now children guss different professions. I will give your text and we must guess what profession in this text and translate

I group

II group

b) мәтінмен жұмыс

Now let’s read the texts about bodyguards and vets to revise the main idea of these texts.


The world we live in can be a dangerous one. Some people need to have a bodyguard to protect them and their families. Politicians in almost all countries are guarded by bodyguards. The President of the USA never goes anywhere without Secret Service agents. Important business people or rock stars may also have bodyguards to protect them. A bodyguard is a dangerous job. Good bodyguards are prepared to risk their own lives to protect their clients. Some bodyguards were bullet-proof vests.

Bodyguards also teach their clients how to avoid dangerous situation. The bodyguards usually stay with their clients everywhere they go. They can protect their clients’ homes and offices.


Animals are very important to people. We keep dogs and cats as pets. Some farmers have sheep and cows to produce meat and milk. We ride horses. We watch lions and tigers at the circus.

For people who love animals, working as a veterinarian is an ideal job. Veterinarians, or vets, treat many kinds of animals such as dogs, cats, guinea pigs, cows and horses. Some vets even treat zoo animals such as tigers and giraffes. Vets have to be careful when they treat sick animals. The sick animal can bite, kick or scratch them. They have to learn about different diseases that animals get and how to treat them. Vets also learn how to treat animals so that neither the vet nor the animal gets hurt.

Let’s answer the questions:


  1. Who usually needs a bodyguard?

  2. A bodyguard is a dangerous job, isn’t it? Why?

  3. What do bodyguards do?

  4. Would you like to have a bodyguard? Why?

  5. Can a woman be a bodyguard?

  6. Would you like to be a bodyguard? Why?


  1. A vet is a dangerous job, isn’t it? Why?

  2. Who can become a vet?

  3. Would you like to be a vet?

  4. What do vets have to learn about?

  5. Do you know any vets? Who helps your sick pets?

Task 3 Match the words and the sentences

  1. a teacher a. He bakes bread

  2. a doctor b. He works in a circus

  3. a policeman c. He takes care of our teeth

  4. a clown d. He fights fires

  5. a postman e. She studies at school

  6. a dancer f. He delivers letter

  7. a fireman g. She gives pupils homework

  8. a dentist h. He helps sick People

  9. a pupil i. He protects people

  10. a baker j. She work in a theatre

Warm up. Peopls song

Task 4 Fill in the gap with words in the box

Fight, driver, work, help, bakes, brings ,flies, protect, play, take care off

  1. Clowns _______ tricks in the circus

  2. A policeman _______ people

  3. A fireman________ fires

  4. My mother _______ cakes well

  5. His father _______ a car

  6. I ______ my teeth

  7. An astronaunt _____ in a spaceship

  8. Teachers _______ at school

  9. A vet _____ sick animal

Task 5 Make up a dialogue

Task 6 Proverbs an saying into three language

He works best no gains

He that will not work master of none

A bad workman who knows his trade

Jack of all trades shall not eat

No pains blames his tools

Task 7 Do the crossword Find the professions (doctor, writer, pupil, teacher, pilot, singer, dancer, officer, engineer, worker, housewife)

профессии на английском Верещагина белая


Home task.

1. to learn the new words

2. Ex: 2, p.82.(reading)


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