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Открытый урок по английскому языку по теме "Развлечения молодежи" 10 класс


План урока


УМК: Spotlight “Английский в фокусе” для 10 класса общеобразовательных учреждений, Москва, Express Publishing – “Просвещение”, 2010

Тема урока: Entertainment (Module 7a, StB., pp.122-123)

Цель урока: реализация коммуникативной компетенции учащихся в проектно-тематической деятельности.

Задачи урока:


  • Активизация в речи грамматико-лексических способов выражения вкусов и предпочтений,

  • Развитие навыка просмотрового чтения и чтения с детальным пониманием,

  • Расширение лексики по теме “Развлечения” с применением словарей Longman и Macmillan,

  • Актуализация лексики в практической проектной деятельности,


  • Стимуляция вхождения в зону ближайшего развития при самостоятельном завершении тематического проекта и его презентации,


  • Развитие навыков сотрудничества при командной работе над тематическими проектами в форме постера и ограниченном лимите времени,

  • Поддержка высокой личностной оценки и самооценки подростков, помощь в личностном самоопределении учащихся,


  • PC и мультимедийный проектор ,

  • УМК Spotlight 10 (Student Book и аудиозапись), презентация в Power Point;

  • словари Longman и Macmillan и дидактический раздаточный материал;

  • ватман, клей, ножницы, фломастеры и фотографии для изготовления постеров.

Ход урока.

  1. Greeting and specifying the theme (Teens’ Entertainment) and learning aims of the lesson (by the end of the lesson the students should present and speak on the theme project Teen’s Entertainment in Russia).

  2. Warm up. Power Point presentation (slides 1 – 11) Ss recollect and name the leisure activities:

Forms of teenagers’ entertainment in Russia:

Playing computer games

Watching TV

Hanging out with friends

Playing and watching sports games

Going to the cinema or theatre

Listening to music


Visiting museums and exhibitions (school trips)

Going to malls with parents

Going shopping or window-shopping

(Ss are welcome to add their examples as well)

Ss express their attitude (positive, negative or neutral) towards the forms of entertainment

(slides12-13 ):


  • I enjoy ….

  • I prefer …

  • I am keen on …

  • I am fond of …

  • I am a bit of a computer game addict…

  • I find it/them …….

  • Gripping

  • Relaxing

  • Exciting

  • Interesting

  • Educational

  • Entertaining

  • Sociable


  • I dislike…

  • is not my pair of shoes.

  • I’m not fond of …

  • I’m not keen on …

  • I find it/them

  • Pointless

  • Boring

  • Dull

  • Useless

  • Uninteresting

  • Tiring


  • I don’t mind … but I prefer….

  • I’m not against …

  1. Pre-reading exercises. Ss look at the picture at page 122 to anticipate the contents of the text ‘A Square-Eyed Generation’.

T’s questions:

  • What does the term ‘square-eyed generation’ mean?

  • Does this picture describe today’s teens?

  • Have a look at the first sentence in each paragraph. What do you think this article is about? Ss’ answers.

  1. Reading for understanding topic sentences. Listening to the recording.

Ss listen (CD 3, #1 - 4’20), read and check if their predictions were right… So, the text is about teen’s entertainment.

  1. Reading for detailed understanding (‘A Square-Eyed Generation’) and choosing the answers (ex. 2 p. …) Ss should spend on reading and matching 5 minutes.

Answer Key: 1.Sanjit.

2. Suzy

3. Yoko

4. Maria

5. Anya

  1. After-reading exercises. Vocabulary. Matching the definitions. Checking the definitions. (Slides 14-15)

Ss are given dictionaries to find the definitions to the words from the text ‘A Square-Eyed Generation’. T can divide them into groups of three or four and then let Ss share the information.

Entries from the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English:

Couch potato someone who spends a lot of time sitting and watching TV

Entertainment - things such as films, TV, performances that are

intended to amuse or interest people

Anti-social – 1. … behavior is violent or harmful to other people,

or shows that you do not care about other people.

2. Someone who is ………. does not enjoy meeting or

being with other people.

You can’t beat the atmosphere – more enjoyable than anything else

The music is blaring – the music is playing very loudly

Unwind to relax and stop feeling anxious.

Mallsshopping center with cinemas and cafes

Unfair – not right

Catchy melody, catchy song – easy to remember

Sing alongto sing with someone else who is already singing

It’s such a good laugh it’s so fun

I can take it or leave itit doesn’t matter, you are indifferent to it

Predictable - you know what will happen or they will do

I have to admitto agree unwillingly that something is true or that someone

else is right

Addict – 1. someone who is unable to stop taking drugs

2. someone who is very interested in something and spends

a lot of time doing it:

TV addict/sports addict/video game addict

Incredible extremely good, large or great, = unbelievable

  1. Relaxation. Song ‘Superstar’ (CD3, #31 - 2’18 ) – Song Sheets (SS4). Ss read the lyrics aloud, listen to the song and sing along. Then in pairs they have a brief talk about their attitude to fame. (Slides 16-17) They also give some Russian equivalents to the proverbs.


  • The sun shines upon all alike.

  • Life is made up of little things.

  • He is rich who is satisfied.

  • All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

  1. Starting a theme project. T. provides Ss with scissors, paper, pencils (you may ask some of the Ss to prepare the headlines beforehand ). Ss’ teams make their theme projects (posters) “Teens’ entertainment in Russia” using their own pictures.

(Slide18) Poster team members:

  1. Time watcher

  2. Designer

  3. Presenter

  4. Assistants

(Slides 19- 24)

  1. Presenting projects.

Suggested answers:

I would like to present our theme project about the teen’s forms of entertainment in Russia. We are sure that most of boys are crazy about computer games and spend much time playing them. On the other hand, we don’t agree

to be labeled as A Square-Eyed Generation’ because so many boys play football or other sports games at school and as after-school activities. In warm seasons we love hanging out with friends, but in the winter our socializing is limited. We chat online, though. We like school trips to museums, they are educational, of course, and we have much fun while on the bus and no school on those days. Watching TV is gripping for boys only when there is an important sports event like The Olympics or some exciting football matches, so we are not couch potatoes.

We don’t earn money, so we depend on our parents when we need or want to buy something. Besides, all the malls are quite far from our place and they can’t make a form of entertainment for teens like us.

Thank you for your attention.

Our theme project presents the teen’s forms of entertainment in Russia. We believe that girls are fond of listening to music as nothing can beat a catchy song! We like to sing along, but we are not karaoke fans like Japanese teenagers. Our parents don’t worry so much about computer games: we can take it or leave it. There are not many game addicts among girls. We like to unwind with a good DVD or watch a new film on TV. Girls like dancing and we are looking forward to school parties when we can change a boring uniform to a party dress and wear some make up! Sometimes when we get our pocket money we can afford a shopping spree at the malls. School sports clubs help socializing and on holidays we like hanging out with friends.

So, our theme project proves that the definition ‘A Square-Eyed Generation’ is not about my peers!

Thank you for listening.

  1. (Slide 25) Appreciation and conclusion. Setting Homework: Personal presentation of the theme project.

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