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Открытый урок по английскому языку"Education systems in Kazakhstan and the Great Britain"

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Grade: 7

The theme:
The aims:

- introduce the systems of education in Kazakhstan and the UK
-to explain them useful information about Education

- to develop pupil’s vocabulary and making up sentences ability
- to compare education in UK,USA and Kazakhstan
- to learn new words about Education
- doing different levels exercises which to use grammar structures in a right form
What must they learn:
- to speak useful information about education in oral speech
- to develop speaking habits which is describing own country’s school in English and doing practical work

I. Organization moment:
a) Good afternoon, children.
b) Duties report.
I.Awaking starge
The procedure of the lesson:
1. Greeting
Asking about the date, absents, etc.
Who is on duty today?
Who is absent?
What date is it today?
What is the weather like today?
How are you today?
Checking – up the home task
«Schools in GB»
«The school » (to learn by heart)

Warm – up Brainstorming
What kind of education do you know?
primary secondary
  private junior grammar college gumnasium

Today our lesson is devoted to education in Great Britain and Kazakhstan. We are going to compare these two systems of education and talk about them.



State school мемлекеттік мектеп

Private school жекеменшік мектеп

Compulsory міндетті

Junior school бастауыш мектеп

Infant school балалар мектепбі (5-7 жас)

Uniform мектеп формасы

Attend көңіл аудару

Age жас

Modern school жаңа заманауи мектеп

Grammar school грамматика мектебі

Comprehensive жан-жақты

Core өте маңызды

II.Realization of meaning
Education in Kazakhstan.
The educational system in Kazakhstan is presented in two Languages: Kazakh and Russian. Compulsory education begins in our country at the age of 6. when children go primary school. This is the firs stage of their schooling and lasts four years. The children learn to read to write and to count. They also have Drawing, Music and Physical Training classes
Secondary education is the most developed in the stat’s education system. Pupils receive their secondary education in schools of three different levels: primary (1 - 4grade) middle(5 - 9grade) and junior (10 - 11grade).
Secondary stage begins from the 5th from where children have a lot of new subjects such as Literature, History, Physical, and Algebra, a Foreign Language and other. Examinations are taken at the end 9th grade. After finishing the 9th grade children continue education in high school, in technical – professional instates or in special schools. There are also Art, Music, Ballet and sport schools for gifted children. Recently Kazakhstan has also developed selves new types of school with greater specialization such as gymnasia, technical lyceums and private schools. Education it free there expect those which work on a commercial basis.

In Great Britain children start going to school when they are five and continue studying until they are 16 or older. Compulsary education begins at the age of five when children go to primary school. Primary education lasts for six years. First they attend the infant school from five to seven.
In infant schools children don’t have the real classes. They get acquainted with the class - room, desks, play the learn through playing. They learn numbers and how to add them.

Education in Kazakhstan

Education in UK


  • What kind of schools are there in England?

  • What does a primary school consist of?

  • How many years do English pupil study at secondary school?

  • What kind of schools are there in USA?

  • What does A level mean?

  • What school subjects have you got at your school ?

  • What kind of schools are there in Kazakhstan?

  • How many year of study are compulsory in our Republic?

  • What holiday do you have every year?

  • How long does every lesson last?


    a) Ex:1 Writing
    Names of subjects
    Literature English Chemistry History
    Kazakh Russian Geography Biology
    Math Physics Computer Algebra
    Geometry Physical training Art

    Сөйлем құрастырыңдар:
    I’m good at – мен......жақсымын
    I’m bad at –
    мен........нашар үлгеремін
    I’m interested in –
    мені .......қызықтырады
    I’m bored with –
    мені .........жалықтырады
    I’m keen on –

    b) Speaking about school

  • c) Complete the semantic map

d) Insert.

Hometask. Complete the diagram

Primary Secondary Both Primary Secondary
Education in Education in

Proverbs about Knowledge
1.”Knowledge is power” -
Күш білімде
.”Never late to learn” - Оқу ешқашан кеш емес
.Live and learn – Оқусыз білім жоқ,білімсіз күнің жоқ.

Stand up all of you.Thank you for attention,participation.The lesson is over. Good-bye children!

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