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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Открытый урок по анлийскому языку в 9 классе на тему"Путешествие"

Открытый урок по анлийскому языку в 9 классе на тему"Путешествие"

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План конспект урока в 9 классе на тему: « Путешествие»

Тема урока: Путешествие

Цель урока: 

Дидактическая цель: создать условия для применения знаний, умений, навыков и осуществлять предметную компетентность в стандартной и новой ситуации.

Цели по содержанию:

Образовательная:  активизация изученных лексических единиц и речевых образцов, создание условий для применения знаний, умений, навыков в знакомой и новой учебной ситуациях.

Развивающая: развивать учебно-информационные и коммуникативные умения и навыки, развивать память, наблюдательность, логическое мышление.

Воспитательная: формировать интерес к культуре, истории и традициям стран изучаемого языка, воспитывать толерантность к иноязычной культуре.

Практические задачи урока: развивать умения монологической и диалогической речи; развивать навыки чтения; развивать навыки аудирования, развивать лексико-грамматические навыки.

Тип урока: Комбинированный урок

Используемые учебники и учебные пособия:  "Gateway"  by David Spencer

Используемая методическая литература: "Speaking Extra" Mick Gammidge

Используемое оборудование: 

компьютер, мультимедиа проектор

Оборудование: презентации, видеофрагмент http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nc8l0j6djZ0, карточки для аудирования и чтения, письмо.

Ход урока:

1) Организационный момент.

Good morning, dear friends! I am glad to see you, sit down, please! Today is the 26th of November, Thursday, and we have met here to speak about travelling. During the lesson we will recollect the words, listen to the words, listen to the text, do different lexical exercises. You all know that travelling is an important part of modern world. And today we will go to travel around the world too. We begin our lesson with an unusual task.

2) Фонетическая зарядка.

а) Listen to the sounds and try to guess what types of transport you will hear.

(by plane, by train, by bus, by car, on foot, by ship, by motorbike)

b) Teacher: We know that lots of people are fond of travelling. Why do people like to travel? What is the most comfortable way of traveling? What countries would you like to visit and why?

Pupil 1: Travelling is one of the ways to learn about different countries, people’s culture, and interesting places.

Teacher: How can people travel?

Pupil 2: They can travel by car, by plane, by ship, by bus, on foot.

Teacher: Why do people like to travel by plane?

Pupil 5: It’s the quickest means of transport and comfortable.

Teacher: Why do some people like to travel by train?

Pupil 6: Some people think that travelling by train is the most convenient and not very expensive.

T: Before starting our trip we have a lot to do.

T: First of all let’s match the pictures and words about travelling. Look at the words below and try to do the matching between words and try to give definitions.

Baggage reclaim- выдача багажа;

Gates- ворота;

Boarding pass- посадочный талон;

Arrivals- прибытие;

Check-in-desk- стойка регистрации;

Declaration form- Бланк декларации;

Hand luggage- ручная кладь;

c) Well, it is time to pack your suitcases. What will you take?

Choose any things you need.

I need ….by all means.

I will also need….

..are (is) not necessary

-get a visa, buy tickets

-make a hotel reservation

-read leaflets about the country

-take a camera

-don’t forget to take a passport, check the airline schedule

-pack many things

-visit travel agency

-fill in customs declaration.

3) A good traveler must know everything about countries and people.

Ролевая игра“Booking the hotel”

T: Now it’s time to book the hotel. We will work in pairs. Half of the students will be tourists and others will be hotel workers. Hotel workers will talk to all the tourists and choose the most suitable ones for them.  

T: Now we are ready to start our trip. Our first destination is New York, USA.

T: We have just landed in New York airport. Let’s walk around New York and name its sights.

4) T: We will read the text about New York and you should choose the correct variant of the words to fill in the blanks.

Text «New York»

New York is one of the _____cities in the world. Its population is over 11 million people. New York is an industrial and _____center of the country. Most business is centered in Manhattan Island. The whole area is very small, that's why the sky-scrapers ________ in New York and, especially, in Wall Street. Wall Street is a narrow street with big ______, but it is well known all over the world as the ____ street in the USA. People do business there. There are two more world-famous streets — Broadway and Fifth Avenue. Broadway is the center of the theatres and night life. It is known as “The Great White Way” because of the electric signs which turn night into day.






T: The following sentences are a summary of today’s article.

Read the article again and match the sentence halves.

1. New York is an industrial and… a) of the theatres and night life

2. There are two more world-famous streets… b) cultural center of the country

3. Broadway is the center… с) Broadway and Fifth Avenue

4. That's why the sky-scrapers… d) which turn night into day

5. It is known as “The Great White Way” because of the electric signs… e) were invented in New York

5) Работа с видеофрагментом

T: We are moving to far Australia now. Do you know any sights of this English-speaking country?

T: Let’s watch a short tourist guide and choose the right answers for the questions.

Listening «Sky Tower»

  1. Sky Tower is the tallest straight-standing building

а) In the world; b) In the Southern Hemisphere; c) In the Northern Hemisphere;

2. Sky Tower is situated in ….

а) Auckland; b) Sydney; c) London;

3. The building has multiple restaurants and…

а) Big zoo; b) School; c) Observation decks;

4. You can make ….. jump from the Tower deck.

а) 192 meters; b) 190 meters; c) 184 meters;

  1. You can see all the city from the Sky Tower as well as…

а) Other cities ; b) The bay and the ocean ; c) All the world ;

6) Игра«What do you know about London?”

T: Now we are going to London. We have learned a lot about London already. Let’s play a game and check our knowledge. Choose the section and the number of points. If you answer the question, you will get the points.

b) Form as many names of the towns and cities of Great Britain as you know using the following word-parts:







Физминутка. And now let`s have a rest. (Включить музыку морских волн) Please, make yourself more comfortable. So imagine that you are in a big ship. It is very pleasant to feel the deck of the ship under the feet, to see the rise and fall of the waves, to feel the fresh sea wind blowing in the face and hear the cry of the seagulls. You can see a beautiful sea- scape. The weather is fine. The sun is shining brightly. The water is clean and it is easy to swim in the sea. But time passes quickly, I believe that you relax a bit and we start working.

T: It’s time to go back home now. We are landing at Kiev airport.

T: What do you know about Kiev?

T: Can you name any sights of Kiev?

7) Письмо: At the end of our lesson we’ll send postcards to our parents in Ukraine. Take the postcards and fill in the missing words. They are the names of places of interest in the world and your names. (Учащиеся получают готовые открытки с пропущенными словами – названиями достопримечательностей).

Dear Mum and Dad! I’m in _____________ now.

I have already been to _______________________, ____________________________________________.

And ____________________. I’m OK.



8) Итоги урока. Our lesson has come to the end. I think it was useful for you, because you understand that usually people travel to relax and to learn something new. Besides, travelling broadens our mind, gives us life experience, leaves unforgettable impressions, helps us explore the world, and allows us to understand other people better.

Рефлексия: Did you like the lesson? What have we done today? I think that everybody have a good journey. Can you describe your impressions using different adjectives (both positive and negative.) The words in the box can help you.

Awful (ужасный)






Amazing (изумительный)



Dazzling (поразительный)



Домашнее задание:Your home task will be to write a story about our travelling.

Оценки: You worked well. I liked your answers today. Your marks are:

Окончание урока: Our lesson is over. You may be free.

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