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Открытый урок по теме "Американские теле семьи"

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Good morning boys and girls! Let`s look at the screen! Do you know these characters? Who are they?

It is a popular cartoon family “The Simpsons”(ответ класса)

How clever of you!

Open your books at page 61! Do you like this characters ? Yes. It is my favourite cartoon

What do you know about them? They are very funny

Can you describe each of them? Today we are going to learn how to describe your favourite cartoon character, using such aspects as name, age, appearance, personal qualities.

But at first we need to review all the vocabulary and grammar we know

You know that people in the family are united by family ties. How can we express it? For expressing possessions we use “`s”. For example Nancy is Jack`s mother.

And now try to define the relations between the - members in “The Simpsons” family

Homer is Liza`s father

Bart is Liza`s brother

Margie is Homer`s wife/

Good for you

You know that all the people look like different. Everybody has got its own appearance. And now we try to choose the correct description of every member of the family together.

One of them come to the blackboard and the others should write down the description in your list which everybody has got on your tables.

Let`s name 4 items for describing appearance



Facial features


Слайд с Гомером

He is short and slim

He is tall and fat

Слайд с Мардж

She is tall and slim

She is short and plump

Слайд с Лизой

He is short and thin

He is medium and plump

Слайд с Бартом

He has got big eyes and small ears

He has got small nose and eyes

Слайд с Мэгги

He has got big eyes and small nose

He has got small eyes and big ears

Now you can describe person`s appearance on your own/

Each man has its own personal qualities, that describe their personality. How do you think what are The Simpsons like? Let`s guess

You know that animals have its own special character too. And sometimes we can compare people with different animals, because they have their own features comparable to animals. Let`s listen to the song and try to compare our characters with animals.

Учащиеся слушают песню LenkaEverything at once” и вписывают слова

So now we sum up all the material and now you we achieve the main aim of uor today`s lesson

Lets describe one of the family members and then you do it on your own

Описание Гомера Симпсона

Homer Simpson is the

father of the family. He is 39 years old and is tall

and fat. He likes eating

and drinking very much. He is not very clever, but he's funny.

So now you using your knowledge and the information in your textbooks describes all the characters

Каждый ученик отдельно описывает каждого члена семьи

Today we`ve tried work together and help each other to correct the mistake/ Everybody had a different task, some of the were very easy, but the other were a bit difficult. I believe we worked cohesively and product. What have you learnt today?

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