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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Открытый урок по теме "Animals "
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  • Иностранные языки

Открытый урок по теме "Animals "


«Animals» 6 form

The objectives of the lesson:

The educational objectives: to practice using vocabulary of module “Animals”, to practice them in pupils speech, to practice using object pronouns;

The development objectives: to develop pupils abilities in speaking, reading skills and grammar lexical habits;

The bringing-up objectives: to faster their love for animals and protect the nature.

Type: the mixed lesson.

Visual aids: pictures, posters, book, CDs, cards.

Methods: individual work, group work.

Stages of the lesson.

1.Organization moment

Good morning, children! I’m glad to see you. Let’s begin our lesson.

Today we are speaking about animals. Our planet is home to a vast and varied collection of animals. They live everywhere. We must take care of the animals.

2.Phonetic drill

I have a dog. His name is Pat.

He can do this, he can do that.

Look at my dog!

Tricks he can do.

I love my dog, he loves me too!

3..Grammar materialobject pronouns :

1.Object pronouns - me, you, her, him, it, us, you, them.

Look at the board. Let’s pronounce them. Repeat after me. And now the task for you is to complete with object pronouns:

2.Choose the correct word to complete the description


We’ve got two cats and a dog at home. My/Me mum and dad love their/them. My favourite is the dog – Cleopatra. I take her/she out in the evenings. The cats sleep in my/me bedroom and they/them go out at night. Cleopatra doesn’t like they/them! In the garden, we’ve got a rabbit. The cats and Cleopatra want to eat it/its but it just looks at they/them.

4.Practice in speaking

1. I would like to ask you some questions. Listen and be attentive. First think then speak.

- Do you like animals?

- What is your favourite animal?

- Have you got any pets?

- What do you know about wild animals? Name some of them.

- What do you know about domestic animals?

- What kind of domestic animal do you know?

2. I’ll read the riddles about animals and you give me your answers. Write the names of animals on the board.

  • I am red and I have a fine tail, I live in the forest, I like meat.

  • A very funny animal which runs very quickly. It can hang by its tail.

  • I am very big and I am grey. I live in the jungle. I don’t like meat, I like vegetables, fruit and grass.

  • I can go without food and water for a long time.

  • It is green and big, it lives in the water and likes meat.

  • It is small and lives in the forest and can run fast. It is afraid of everything.

  • It looks like big cat, it lives in Africa, it can run very fast and it has a very long tail.

  • My long , thin legs are good and fast, I like to gallop and to run.

  • It gives us milk and butter too. It’s very kind and likes to moo.

  • It looks like a big dog, it’s grey and it has got big teeth.

  • It has got a long neck and long legs and eats leaves from the trees.

5.Practice in reading

Today we’ll take the text “The Puma”. There are some new words and I want to check up these words. Look at the board and repeat after me.

To hunt- охотиться

Female- самка

Puma- ягуар

1.Read the text one by one.

The Puma

Pumas are from North and South America. They live in the forests and mountains. They are big cats. They have got small heads and small ears. They are brown or yellow. They have got long legs and can jump 10 metres. Pumas live to 12 years old in the wild but they live to 19 years old in zoos. Pumas eat big animals. They hunt them in the day or night. Female pumas have one to five babies. They live with their mother for two years. Now pumas are very rare in many areas of America


1.What do pumas eat?

2.How many babies do they have?

3.Where do they live?

4.Are they common?

5.Are they big or small?

3.Who wants to retell the text?


Children we had a very good time at the lesson. You have done many tasks. Thank you very much for your activity. I would like to say that animals are our friends. We should take care of them.


Your marks for today are …

8.Giving the home task.

Let’s look at the board and write down the home work: describe your favourite animal add a photo or drawing.

Thank you. The lesson is over. Goodbye!

Listen to the text and read the text one by one

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