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Открытый урок по теме "Канада"

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  • Иностранные языки

Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Theme: CanadaThe 10th form

Aims: - guess the meaning of the theme, work with some proper names

-to develop their skills in reading, speaking, making questions about text

-to make INSERT, mind map

-to develop interest and respect for the country

Procedure of the lesson

  1. Introduction

  2. Brainstorming

T: Students, please guess the theme of our lesson with a multiply table!




































1 * 2

4 * 3

6 * 5

8 * 5

10* 3

4 * 9

  1. Phonetic activity

T: Let’s work with some proper names. Listen and repeat.

Canada The Mackenzie

North America The Pacific ocean

Great lakes The Atlantic ocean

Niagara Falls The Rocky Mountains

Big Bear lake Ottawa

  1. Speaking

T: Students tell me please what do you know about Canada?

P1: Canada situated in the North American continent.

P2: The capital of Canada is Ottawa.

P3: Canada has two official languages.

P4: The head of the state is queen.

P5: The main symbol is a Maple leaf.

  1. Group works (Dividing into two groups- provincesand cities)

  2. Working with the text “Canada”

Canada is the second largest country of the world.Canada is situated in the northern part of the North-American continent.Canada is washed by the Pacific Ocean and by the Atlantic Ocean. It borders the USA. Canada consists of ten provinces and three territories. Each province has its own government.

Formally, the head of the country is the Queen or the King of Great Britain.

The largest mountainchain of the country is the Rocky Mountains. Canada is the country of lakes. There are five Great lakes between Canada and the USA and others, for example: Great Bear Lake, Great Slave Lake and LakeWinnipeg. Canada also has large rivers: the Mackenzie, the Yukon, the St. Lawrence River.

The Niagara Falls on the Niagara River are one of the most splendid sights in the world.The population of the country is about 29 million people.

People of different nationalities live in Canada. There are two official languages of the country: English and French.

The climate is different in different regions of the country.The capital of the country is Ottawa. Other large important cities of Canada are Montreal, Toronto,Vancouver, Edmonton, Hamilton, Winnipeg and Quebec.

Canada is rich in mineral recourses, such as oil, natural gas and others.

Machine-building, ship-building, paper-making andfishing industries are highly developed. There is a verylarge hydro-electric station at the Niagara Falls.

Canada produces wheat, vegetables and meat.

There are a lot of interesting places in Canada, for example, theatres, libraries, buildings and national parks.

  1. Relaxation

  2. INSERT technique

    V”-(tick) Information is known

    +”-(plus)New information

    -” -(minus)You don’t think so

  3. Making mind map

  4. Reflection

  1. Making a cinquain

  2. Making questions

  1. Final test

  2. Conclussion. Home task: retell the text

Final test

  1. What is the capital of Canada?

  1. Ottawa bSydney) c) Columbia d) Washington

  1. What is the symbol of Canada?

  1. Sun b) Leaves c) Bear d) Maple leaf

  1. Who is the head of the state?

  1. King b) Queen c) President d)Prime-minister

  1. What is the territory of the country?

  1. about 5 mln. b) about 7 mln. c) about 10 mln. d) about 9 mln.

  1. What is the biggest waterfall in the world?

  1. Victoria Falls b) Angel Falls c) Iguazu Falls d) Niagara Falls

  1. What languages are official in Canada?

  1. English-German b) English-French

c) English-Spanish d) Spanish-French

  1. What sport is national in Canada?

  1. Ice-hockey b) Baseball c) basketball d) football

  1. In what continent Canada is situated?

  1. In North-America b) in Europe c) in Africa d) in South America

  1. What are official colours of Canada?

  1. Red and blue b) white and red c) red and gold d) green and red

10.What the Great lakes are there in Canada?

  1. Michigan b) Baikal c) Balkhash d) Como

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