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Открытый урок по теме Прошлое и современность села Хохлома


МБОУ « Хохломская средняя школа» Ковернинского муниципального района Нижегородской области

Автор урока: учитель английского языка высшей квалификационной категории Столетова Надежда Константиновна

Виртуальная экскурсия

Проектирование занятия по теме: «Прошлое и современность села Хохлома »

Цель занятия: формирование функциональной и информационной культурной грамотности учащихся.

Задачи занятия:

- расширение кругозора учащихся;

-совершенствование языковых возможностей школьников;

- создание положительной мотивации учения;

- активизация познавательно- поисковой деятельности;

Личностные результаты

-приобщение учащихся к духовной культуре края;

- воспитание культурной идентичности;

-патриотическое воспитание учащихся, формирование их гражданской позиции;

Метапредметные результаты

- реализация межпредметных связей;

-смысловое чтение и аудирование

Предметные результаты

- интеркультурное развитие личности;

-совершенствование языковых возможностей школьников

Рефлексивное задание

« Житель Лондона приезжает к вам в гости. Он очень интересуется Родиной народного ремесла хохломы. Что вы можете рассказать ему об этом ».

Форма занятия: «Экскурсия в село Хохлома»

An Excursion to the village of Khokhloma

1. Welcome to Khokhloma.

2. Our aims and objectives ( цели и задачи урока)

- to widen students’ outlook ;

-to explore English as a foreign language;

-to improve English;

-to get a lot of information about village’s present and past;

- to motivate students interest in research work

Pre- listening activity

Quiz for the students.

How much do you know about the village of Khokhloma?

1.Where is the village of Khokhloma situated?

2.Is it far from Nizhny Novgorod?

3. How can we get to the village ?

4 .When was it founded?

5. What is the village famous for?

6. Do you know How many people live in the village?

7 Do you like to travel? Why? Why not?

Teacher : Now let’s go on a tour of the village of Khokhloma. I will tell you a few words about its past and present.

3. The village of Khokhloma is the Motherland of Khokhlomskaya rospis.

4. Khokhloma is a small village in the north of Nizhegorodsky region. It is situated in Koverninian district (120 km away from Nizhny Novgorod). 2193 people live here and its surroundings(окрестностях).

Students in choir ( хором) What a wonderful panorama!

5.The village was founded in the 16 century during the reign of Ivan the Terrible ( Иван Грозный). The village is more than 4 hundred years. . People came to this place for religious freedom.

Students in choir ( хором) How interesting!

6. The word “Khokhloma “ consists of two words :”Khokh” means “ birch” ( берёза ) and “ loma” means( означает ) “lake” ( озеро) . So, the word Khokhloma “ means “ a birch lake” (берёзовое озеро) and is of Finnish origin . People came to this place for religious freedom.

Students in choir ( хором) It’s really very interesting!

7 .The life in Khokhloma and its surroundings in the 16 century was a hard one .The first settlers had to survive. The soil ( почва)there was very poor ( плохая, бедная) and was not good for farming. It had bad agricultural conditions. That is why the people had to make wooden tableware and sell it.

8. The village of Khokhloma was the centre of trade.

9.Through the village flows a narrow clear river. It is called Khokhlomka.

10 Nowadays it is not navigable but it was before the 17- th century.

Task for the students

  1. Say if the statements are true or false. If they are false give the right variant.

  1. Khokhloma is a small village in the south of Nizhegorodsky region.

  2. . It is situated in Gorodetsky district (60 km away from Nizhny Novgorod).

  3. 3,000 people live in Khokhloma.

  1. Answer the questions .

1.When was the village founded?

2.What does the word “ Khokhloma” mean ?

  1. Why did people in the village of Khokhloma begin to do wooden tableware( деревянная посуда)?

Teacher : Let’s continue our trip. Take a look around.

11. Craftsmen ( ремесленники) from nearby(близлежащих) villages: Novopokrovskoe, Mytushyno,Syomino and others brought (привозили) their handicraft wares(ручные изделия) there for sale(продажа).

12. On the bank of the river Khokhlomka they sold( продавали) their painted wooden tableware( расписная посуда).

Students in choir ( хором) How interesting!

13. Merchants ( купцы)from many places went there to buy goods ( товары), then they sold them all over Russia and abroad. That was why people started to associate (ассоциировать) painted wooden tableware with the name of the village. .

14. The GoldenKhokhloma is a bright phenomenon of Russian folk arts.The sunny , joyful art of '' Khokhlomskaya Rospis ‘ has no world analogues.Splendid ,breathtaking ,second to none painted wooden tableware attract tourists attention. It is exotic, charming and picturesque.

Students in choir ( хором) How wonderful!

15. We say with great pride that Boris Kustodiev, an outstanding Russian painter, visited Khokhloma twice in 1903 and 1912 .He glorified the village in some of his works .

He did enjoy the cats of Khokhloma and painted them in some of his works.

16. He painted the Russian bazaar in Khokhloma and beautiful women drinking tea from samovars.

He was amazed by the welcoming atmosphere of our fairs.

Students in choir ( хором) That’s fantastic

Task for the students

Complete the sentences.

1. On the bank of the river Khokhlomka……..

2.The GoldenKhokhloma is…………….

3. Boris Kustodiev, an outstanding Russian painter, visited Khokhloma twice …….

4.Boris Kustodiev painted the Russian ………………..

17. Khokhloma today.

18, 19. The church, the sport’s centre ,the monument to the unknown soldier , the secondary school, the kindergarten , the hospital, the pharmacy , the office where our authorities work are the village’s remarkable places.

20. The highlight of the year is St Peter’s Day which takes place in early July.

21. It is just a merry holiday nowadays.

22.They say that this festival was a religious one several centuries ago. The people prayed for wealth and happiness.

23. The monument of the unknown soldier. .It was built in 1965 to commemorate the greatest victory of our Soviet Army during the Great Patriotic War. 450 soldiers born in Khokhloma were killed during the Second World War. Glory to all of them: dead

24. and alive

Task for the students

Try to translate this poem:

25. For the Fallen. Those who died in battles have been remembered ever since in these words:” They shall grow(расти) not old ,as we that are left(оставаться) grow old : age shall not weary( утомлённый) them, nor the years condemn(осуждать , приговаривать, выносить приговор) .At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them”.

Laurence Binyon ( 1869-1943)

26 . Speaking of Khokhloma one may not omit mentioning its beautiful church. The church built on the high bank of the river Khokhlomka in1928 is a wonderful piece of Russian art.

27 .I am sure it is the main attraction of Khokhloma. Unfortunately the name of its creater has been lost . The church has no cupola. It was badly damaged in 1956. In 1997 the restoration of the church began. The restoration of an old building is challenging It needs a lot of money. That is why it has not finished yet . But we hope that someday it will be finished . We always remember the Latin words “ Dum Spiro – Spero”. “While I breath –I hope”.

28. . Khokhloma is an ideal place for relaxing away from noisy ,busy and overcrowded streets of the cities.

29. A famous Russian writer Sergei Aphonshin adore Khokhloma immensely. He associated it with Lermontovskoe Tarkhany.

30. Khokhloma is a unique place for rest and for work .Come and see it for yourself . It will be one of your brightest memories. Welcome.

Task for the students

How much do you know now?

A foreigner comes to you from London. He wants to know about the Motherland of khokhlomskaya rospis. What can you say him about the village of Khokhloma.

You can use the text.

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